Summer 2013: “The Beautiful Beach Life”

Your beach house isn't a "2nd home"; it should be a beautiful place to live.
Your beach house isn’t a “2nd home”; it should be a beautiful place to live. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

There’s no such thing as a “second home”. Any place where you and your family spend time is sacred – whether it’s for 10 months or just a few weekends each year.

Your vacation home deserves the same love, care and attention as your permanent home. More than ever, savvy homeowners are turning to design firms to refresh and recover outmoded beach homes, transforming these spaces into amazing, invigorating getaway destinations that still have the charm and comfort of home.

Welcome to the Summer 2013 cycle of the official blog of Peter Salerno, Inc.. In it, you will find a variety of articles, interviews and lifestyle pieces to help you bring a bold, fresh design to your summer.

We’ll be sharing some of our design tips for summer homes, beach houses and vacation homes, helping you create a stunning new space inside the framework of your existing home. You can also read about some of our award-winning kitchen designs, and our inspirations for their creation.

Our Summer 2013 cycle also features a great interview with Ren Miller, the Editor-in-Chief of Design NJ magazine (available at In it, Ren discusses his take on fresh beach and vacation home design, his interaction with Peter Salerno and his company, and what’s on the horizon for his groundbreaking magazine.

Keep checking back throughout the summer (and the months to follow) for valuable articles, updated office and industry news, design advice, beautiful photography (courtesy of Peter Rymwid), and much, much more. In the meantime, we welcome you to the beautiful beach life.

For more information on this article and other designs, please visit our website: Peter Salerno, Inc.

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