Peter Salerno: Official HGTV Pro Network Designer

View Peter's Designs on HGTV!

Did you know that Peter Salerno (and Peter Salerno Inc.) has been honored by HGTV as an official Pro Network Designer?

The badge you see above represents HGTV’s belief and support of the work, dedication and outstanding designs created by Peter Salerno and his outstanding staff. It’s a point of pride for Peter and his company, knowing that an outstanding network like HGTV would place its seal of approval on Peter Salerno Inc. – which represents not only his designs, but his work ethic, his family history, and his valued clients.

We invite you to click on either the logo above or the link below to view Peter Salerno’s official HGTV Pro Network Designer page, and share in our joy. Thanks to HGTV – and to you!

Click Here to View Peter Salerno’s Official HGTV Pro Network Designer Page!

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