Presenting the Miele Generation 6000 Knock2Open Dishwasher [VIDEO]

Presenting the Miele Generation 6000 Knock2Open Dishwasher [VIDEO]

Miele Dishwasher Technology Revolutionizes The Transitional Kitchen

The Miele Generation 6000 dishwasher with "knock2open" technology.
The Miele Generation 6000 dishwasher with “knock2open” technology.

Sometimes, technology is so cool that it turns legend into reality. Remember “Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves” and the famous line, “Open Sesame”? The Miele Generation 6000 line of dishwashers has turned that classic story into reality.

Knock twice, and your new Miele dishwasher opens automatically. (Seriously.) This allows your dishwasher to integrate seamlessly into your kitchen design, perfect for the modern, transitional kitchen design of your dreams.

Don’t believe it? Watch the video and see for yourself:

Now, this incredible technology can be part of your kitchen through Peter Salerno Inc.!

The Miele Generation 6000 dishwasher line utilizes “Knock2Open” technology, which not only allows for seamless integration in your transitional kitchen design, but also creates a perfect aesthetic flow between the dishwasher and your other Generation 6000 Miele appliances.

From the official Miele USA press release:

Particularly striking designs, including the slender stainless-steel trim along the upper edge of the door, represent a signature feature which seamlessly ties in the new dishwashers with Miele’s other built-in appliances.. Depending on individual models, the front panels are available in CleanTouch™ Steel, white, black or custom panel ready.

When it comes to cleaning performance, Miele leads the field, all the while achieving top energy efficiency ratings through the combination of an electronically controlled commercial-grade pump and spray arm alternation. This feeds water alternatingly to the middle or the top and bottom spray arms respectively using varying pressure levels. This not only saves water, it also ensures the thorough and gentle cleaning of dishware.

Smart features such as the FlexiTimer allow users the convenience to decide when to start or finish a program cycle. Extra economical and extra dry options go a long way toward meeting individual cleaning and finishing needs. Users will value features like BrilliantLight, the 3D cutlery tray and sound emissions as low as 38 dBa (‘Extra quiet’ program).

Want the perfect blend of cutting-edge technology, precision cleaning power, and seamless transitional kitchen design? The Miele Generation 6000 dishwasher is your perfect solution.

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