Happy Birthday Harper! Our Office Puppy Turns 1 [PHOTOS]

Happy Birthday Harper! Our Office Puppy Turns 1 [PHOTOS]

Adorable Puppy Birthday Photos from Peter Salerno Inc.

It’s been a busy year for Peter Salerno Inc., full of gratifying design experiences, awards and hard work. It’s a year that welcomed Peter Salerno’s first grandchild, 30 national design awards, a new showroom design vignette with Miele, partnerships with some of the top designers, appliance craftsmen and names in the design business…

Happy 1st birthday to our adorable Peter Salerno office puppy, Harper!
Happy 1st birthday to our adorable Peter Salerno office puppy, Harper!

But hey, our office puppy Harper just had a birthday! (Of course, this means everything stops for an afternoon – Peter’s daughter and office manager Gabrielle wouldn’t have it any other way!)

We first introduced you to adorable little Harper late last year, and since then the office has fallen in love with her. 3 parts adorable, 2 parts troublemaker and all parts love-bug, Harper makes Peter Salerno’s already cheerful office that much brighter!

Leave your birthday wishes for Harper in the comments, and leave pictures of your favorite office pets as well – we’d love to see them!

Staying active indoors is a great way to keep warm - exercise with your favorite 'toys'! Harper, the Peter Salerno Inc. puppy, snuggles up for a warm winter's nap. Meet Harper, the unofficial Peter Salerno Inc. mascot! (Elliot the Elf is a little jealous of our puppy...)

There’s a lot of wonderful, fulfilling custom kitchen and bath design work to be done before 2015 is over. But for a moment, let’s all take time out to wish Harper a happy birthday!


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