Peter Salerno Participates in 2015 Covenant House Sleep Out NYC

Peter Salerno Participates in 2015 Covenant House Sleep Out NYC

Raising Awareness for NYC’s Homeless Population



This November, Peter Salerno participated in the 2015 Covenant House Sleep Out NYC, which is conducted to raise awareness for the homeless population in NYC and around the country. Much has been made of America’s homeless population of late, especially the issue of homeless veterans. This issue is of particular concern to Peter Salerno, who is a veteran of the U.S. Navy himself.

As part of the Covenant House Sleep Out, Peter Salerno slept on the streets of NYC on November 19, 2015. Peter is proud to announce that his group raised $20,000 through the event, and that Covenant House as a whole raised $1.4 million in their efforts.


Peter Salerno was joined in the cause at Sleep Out NYC by friends, dignitaries and more. Peter’s group included Howard Roberts (owner of Liquidscapes), Joe McNeill (executive of iTec), and Cassandra Hadel.


Peter also had the opportunity to meet notable, wonderful people, such as New York Yankees GM Brian Cashman and Kevin Ryan, director of Covenant House.


This Thanksgiving season, take a moment to think of America’s homeless. If you are so moved, do what you can to volunteer, donate or help fight the epidemic of homelessness in the United States.


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