Peter Salerno’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipe: “The Lover” From HGTV

Peter Salerno’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipe: “The Lover” From HGTV

Try Our Favorite Valentine’s Day Cocktail, Courtesy of HGTV

It’s an all-year love affair between Peter Salerno Inc. and HGTV! Peter and his team are blessed to be featured designers on HGTV’s official website, and were honored with a prestigious 2016 HGTV People’s Choice Award at this year’s KBIS convention.

So when it comes to finding the perfect Valentine’s Day cocktail recipe for 2016, it makes complete sense that Peter Salerno’s favorite comes directly from HGTV!

Enjoy this Valentine's Day 2016 cocktail recipe from HGTV!
Enjoy this Valentine’s Day 2016 cocktail recipe from HGTV!

“The Lover” is a Mediterranean-inspired aperitif featuring a blend of fresh Italian tastes – including Prosecco and Limoncello. Add in Cointreau, vodka and a splash of grenadine, and this fiery red cocktail will certainly spark the inspiration of love inside of you this Valentine’s Day!

On its official website, HGTV’s Stephen Phillips says the following about “The Lover” cocktail: “Channel the erotic spirit, passion and lust of Casanova with an amorous aperitif from the coast of Amalfi.”

Consider us sold!

Thank you to Stephen Phillips and the wonderful people at HGTV for this Valentine’s Day cocktail recipe. For all things Valentine’s Day 2016, be sure to check out!

Peter Salerno’s Favorite Valentine’s Day Cocktail Recipe

“The Lover” (Courtesy of HGTV)


1 bottle chilled Prosecco
1/2 oz. Limoncello
1/2 oz. vodka
1/2 oz. Cointreau
Dash of grenadine, for color
Maraschino cherry


In a shaker of ice, pour Limoncello, vodka and Cointreau and shake for 20 seconds. Pour this medley into a tall fluted glass. Fill the rest of the glass with Prosecco. Add a touch of grenadine and stir gently, and drop a maraschino cherry into the glass.

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