HUGE NEWS is Coming Soon from Peter Salerno Inc. (Are We Expanding?)

HUGE NEWS is Coming Soon from Peter Salerno Inc. (Are We Expanding?)

Peter Salerno Inc. Set to Announce Huge Expansion News

We may have already said too much… oh well, you loyal readers of the official Peter Salerno Inc. blog deserve to hear it first! (Well, as much as we can tell you!)

The Salerno family celebrates the new transitional kitchen showroom vignette.

This spring, Peter Salerno Inc. is set to announce some huge news. How huge? We can’t say too much, but we can say this. You all know that Peter Salerno’s award-winning innovative design showroom in Wyckoff, New Jersey, is the place to see some of Peter Salerno Inc.’s nationally awarded custom kitchen and bath designs.

As of Spring 2016, it won’t be the only place you can go…

Peter Salerno Inc. and his team are hard at work behind the scenes on expansion plans, which are almost complete. Once finished and public, you’ll have more than one place to visit Peter Salerno Inc. in person!

The La Cornue kitchen in Peter Salerno Inc.'s NJ showroom. (Photo: {Peter Rymwid)

As the demand for Peter Salerno’s custom kitchen and bath designs grows based on the recommendation of his wonderful clients (and his 34 national design awards since 2002), so too does the demand for physical space for Peter Salerno Inc.

In just a few short weeks, Peter Salerno and his team will author a press release outlining the details of this exciting expansion news, complete with location information, hours, showroom details and how to visit!

Peter Salerno with the KBIS Innovative Showroom Award - 1st Place, Independent Small Showroom.
Peter Salerno with the KBIS Innovative Showroom Award – 1st Place, Independent Small Showroom.

Don’t worry though – the state-of-the-art, award-winning Peter Salerno Inc. showroom at 511 Goffle Road in Wyckoff, New Jersey, isn’t going anywhere! You can visit the Wyckoff, NJ, Peter Salerno Inc. showroom during normal business hours as usual, along with the wonderful people at Stratta, the Tile Boutique, and Oberg & Lindquist Fine Appliances.

We can’t wait to share our exciting news with you! Stay tuned for more…

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