We Love Epicurious’ Spring Brunch Cocktails! [RECIPES]

We Love Epicurious’ Spring Brunch Cocktails! [RECIPES]

See Our Favorite Epicurious Brunch Cocktails for Spring

Avid readers of this blog will know the long love affair that the staff of Peter Salerno Inc. has with the staff of Epicurious. For years, Epicurious has been a go-to source for inspiration for Peter Salerno and his team; after all, nothing complements a world-class kitchen design better than world-class food and drink recipes.

Epicurious' spring 2016 cocktail recipes are sure to satisfy! (Photo: Wiki Commons)
Epicurious’ spring 2016 cocktail recipes are sure to satisfy! (Photo: Wiki Commons)

With spring finally in the air after a long cold snap in the Northeast, nothing seemed more appropriate than to find some fresh cocktail recipes for springtime. Wouldn’t you know it – Epicurious was the place to turn!

“Spring Cocktails Perfect For Brunch” by Carolina Santos-Neves is a delicious walk-through of some of the most unique, delectable cocktail recipes for Spring 2016. One thing’s for sure – these are NOT your run-of-the-mill cocktail recipes. We absolutely love the novelty and creative spirit behind Carolina’s article and the recipes put forth by Epicurious.

The slideshow of recipes and beautiful photography begins with recipes for Rhubarb Collins and Peach Prosecco. After those two cocktails take you on a journey from tart to sweet fruit, the cocktail tour continues with the sugary citrus blend of Rabbit Punch (submitted by Harvard & Stone in Los Angeles).

Our personal favorite recipe on the list is the freshly-named Dandy Lion, a cucumber-muddled spin on the classic gin & tonic recipe that will leave any spring cocktail party guest begging for another round! The gin and sage combination in The Buckley (from Bar 308 in Nashville) is a savory way to wrap up this short-but-brilliant tour of new spring cocktail recipes.

Whether you love sweet or tart, fruity or savory, this masterful list of spring cocktail recipes from Carolina Santos-Neves and Epicurious is sure to satisfy!

Thank you to Epicurious and the author, Carolina Santos-Neves, for their article “Spring Cocktails Perfect For Brunch”. All credit for these recipes goes to the original source.

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