July 2016: Celebrate National Grilling Month in Style! [PART 2]

July is National Grilling Month: Our Favorite BBQ Recipe

In case you missed Part 1 of this feature July 2016 is National Grilling Month!

As we told you in Part 1, barbecue and style CAN go hand-in-hand if you have the right approach! Last time, we told you about some of our favorite grill cutlery and accessories to step up from amateur to grill master.

BBQ in style - July 2016 is National Grilling Month! (Photo: Gyfjonas via Wiki Commons)
BBQ in style – July 2016 is National Grilling Month! (Photo: Gyfjonas via Wiki Commons)

Now that you have your one-of-a-kind piece of EDGES custom cutlery and your GrillBot handy, it’s time to get to the best part of National Grilling Month – firing up the charcoal or the gas burners and making the best meal of your summer!

From traditional BBQ favorites to new, intriguing sides and entrees for grilling, there are hundreds of ways to make your BBQ menu unique. But if you want that one perfect entree to make your meal a perfect 10, we’ve got you covered in this installment of our National Grilling Month 2016 special. So get ready to loosen up your belt a notch (or 3), and let’s cover some of our favorite all-time barbecue recipes!

A special thanks and congratulations to the unbelievable team at AmazingRibs for creating our favorite recipe of Summer 2016, and the perfect centerpiece for National Grilling Month. Let’s give you a sneak peek at this awesome recipe – then head over to AmazingRibs to check out the full article!

National Grilling Month 2016: Our Favorite Recipe

BBQ Beef Brisket (from AmazingRibs)

The great thing about recipes from AmazingRibs is that you’re guided, step-by-step, through the often complicated process of creating delicious barbecue. In this case, their Texas Barbecue Brisket recipe has it all covered: recipes for homemade sauce and rub, exactly what to look for when buying brisket, how to prepare and slice the brisket, and exactly how much prep and resting time your brisket will need. Even the most inexperienced BBQ cook will look like a grill master!

This recipe for BBQ beef brisket is one of Peter Salerno's favorites. (Credit AmazingRibs)
This recipe for BBQ beef brisket is one of Peter Salerno’s favorites. (Credit AmazingRibs)

There’s no way we can convey all this brisket recipe material without giving due credit, so we’re posting the most pertinent details to get you started. Once you’re ready, make sure you check out the full recipe, instructions and guide at AmazingRibs to achieve the perfect Texas BBQ beef brisket recipe and results.
Texas BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe Essentials (from AmazingRibs.com)

1 grill or smoker with lots of fuel
6 feet of heavy-duty aluminum foil
16 ounces by weight of hard wood chunks, chips, or pellets for smoking
1 digital meat thermometer
1 digital oven thermometer
1 plastic beer cooler bigger than the brisket (not styrofoam, which could melt)
1 towel or blanket
1 long, thin, sharp knife
Cooking log

The Meat
1/2 cup Big Bad Beef Rub (check out AmazingRibs for this recipe!)
1 whole packer brisket about 12 pounds, untrimmed, USDA Choice grade or higher
1/8 cup of beef broth per pound of raw meat for injecting
1/2 cup of beef broth for use in the Texas Crutch

The Sauce
2 cups of Texas Barbecue Mop-Sauce (check out AmazingRibs for this recipe!) for a packer, or 1 cup for a HOF

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