Design Tips For Beautiful Summer Kitchens

Expert Tips For Summer Kitchen Designs

While discussing how to “Design Your Lifestyle” for the Summer of 2016, we’ve already covered some expert design tips for creating a dream summer kitchen for you, your family and your guests. But once you’ve consulted with design experts (like those at Peter Salerno Inc.) and created that beautiful kitchen space, what do you do next?

Adding a bit of your own style, beautiful decor, and “summery” elements to your kitchen will only help make the space more appealing and personal. Utilizing lots of ambient light is important, but you should also find other ways to make your summer kitchen bright. Most importantly, make sure the space is one that you can truly call your own.

Here are a few more design tips (from one of the world’s foremost custom kitchen and bath designers) to help create a beautiful summer kitchen!

Tip #1: Lots of light.

A beautiful summer kitchen in Lavallette designed by Peter Salerno. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
A beautiful summer kitchen in Lavallette designed by Peter Salerno. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

In the beautiful Lavallette, NJ, summer kitchen above (designed by Peter Salerno), you’ll notice the utilization of several highly unique hanging lamps and lanterns. There’s plenty of ambient light permeating the room, but adding bold, stylish lighting fixtures throughout your kitchen space ensures that it appears sunny at all times.

Think of ways you can include fresh lighting ideas into your summer kitchen. If you don’t have the proper ceiling space to do so, perhaps wall-mounted or floor-based lighting is the answer. Talk to your expert kitchen design consultants for inspiration, and cheer up your cooking space!

Tip #2: A bit of garden freshness.

Add fresh colors to your kitchen design for Summer 2016!
Add fresh colors to your kitchen design for Summer 2016!

This summer kitchen is constantly adorned by fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as lush plants. Our friends at Houzz explain more in this quote:

“Even if you don’t have the space, time, or energy to have a summer garden, there are still plenty of easy and beautiful ways to incorporate plants into your home. A container garden is a perfect way to benefit from the beautiful flowers and herbs that flourish in the summer…If you’re short on floor space, a few hanging plants can add a brilliant pop of green to a room.”

Don’t know if you want to go “all in” on including plants inside your summer kitchen? That’s fine! You can still achieve the same effect by incorporating freshly cut flowers, leafy vegetables, and vibrantly-colored fruit on your countertops and table space.

Tip #3: Add splashes of color… in your own unique style!

Look at the Lavallette, NJ, kitchen above a bit more closely, and you’ll notice some unique home decor items that add splashes of color to an already sunny room. (For example, how great is that turquoise big-mouthed fish on the shelf above the stainless steel microwave?)

Pick 1 or 2 complementary colors and see what you can do with them. As Ren Miller, editor-in-chief of Design New Jersey magazine said in a past interview with our blog:

“People are trying to make their beach homes more like their regular homes, just with a bit more color…Navy blue and white is a popular combination, but rather traditional; in the past few years we’ve seen combinations of two shades of blue – navy blue and aqua, for example. It provides freshness. Navy and orange is a bold combination as well. Be creative with patterns and colors – area rugs, throw pillows.”

Of course, the design team at Peter Salerno Inc. is always here to help you achieve the ultimate summer kitchen for you, your family and your unique space. Visit their website for even more information, or give them a call at 201.251.6608.

4 thoughts on “Design Tips For Beautiful Summer Kitchens

  • I love the idea of putting fresh flowers in my kitchen. That would be a very nice splash of color, and freshness to my kitchen. I will have to look for some really nice vases. My husband and I are getting our kitchen redone right now. I am sure I can find some vases and flowers that will go with our new kitchen.

  • These are effective ideas if you want to increase the value of your house. Adding a new lighting for your kitchen is best options. You will surely be amazed on how beautiful your house will be upon applying these tips.

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