Summer 2016 Recipe: Homemade Melon and Pepper Salsa

Summer 2016 Recipe: Homemade Melon and Pepper Salsa

Let’s be honest – not everyone loves “flaming hot” salsa. Sometimes, a fresh, homemade salsa with a blend of sweet and savory flavors is the perfect way to liven up your summer dining table – and we’re here to help!

Direct from the kitchen of Anthony and Eve Salerno comes this wildly popular homemade salsa recipe. Like most families, some of the Salernos aren’t able to eat overly spicy foods, so Anthony & Eve developed this fantastic recipe which blends traditional salsa flavors like bell peppers, onions and cilantro with interesting, fresh twists like white beans, black beans and fresh watermelon.

The result is a fresh, homemade salsa that everyone is sure to love, with just the right blend of sweet and tangy. Enjoy our homemade salsa recipe with corn chips, tortilla chips, toasted Italian bread or as a garnish over chicken or salmon.

Want a fresh take on a summer classic? Try our melon & pepper salsa recipe!
Want a fresh take on a summer classic? Try our melon & pepper salsa recipe!

Summer 2016 Fresh Recipe: Homemade Melon & Pepper Salsa


* 1 green, yellow and red pepper diced
* 1 1/2 red onion
* 3 tbsps fresh cilantro
* 2 tomatoes diced
* 1 can each of white and black beans
* 1 can sweet corn
* 3 tbsps crushed garlic
* 4 tbsps olive oil
* a little brown sugar
* salt and pepper to taste
* 1/2 bottle roasted garlic rice vinegar
* diced watermelon (amount varies based on your taste!)


* Dice peppers and onion and place finished, diced vegetables into a large serving bowl.

* Chop fresh cilantro finely and add to bowl with diced tomatoes, white and black beans, sweet corn, crushed garlic.

* Dice watermelon based on your personal taste. Personally, we prefer small chunks no bigger than the pieces of diced pepper. Add as much watermelon as you’d like; again, personally, we prefer an equal watermelon-to-pepper ratio.

* Add olive oil, a dash of brown sugar, roasted garlic rice vinegar to bowl. Stir until ingredients are well-coated.

* Add salt and pepper to taste.

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