2016 Kitchen Design is All About Personalized Luxury

2016 Kitchen Design Review: Make Your Luxury Kitchen Personal

When the 2016 year in kitchen design (and home design in general) comes to a close, there will be several hallmark features that define the design year.

2016 kitchen design is all about personalized luxury - like this custom tin range hood from Peter Salerno Inc. (Credit Peter Rymwid)
2016 kitchen design is all about personalized luxury – like this custom tin range hood from Peter Salerno Inc. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

Undoubtedly, one of 2016’s major design trends – primarily in kitchen design – is “personalized luxury”. Simply put, master craftsmen and custom kitchen designers in today’s market feel that no matter how luxurious or opulent the kitchen design, it should always include a touch personal to its owner.

Industry thought leaders and taste makers, from the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA) to online publications like Home Fashion Forecast, stress the importance of making your updated kitchen design not just posh, but personal.

From the Home Fashion Forecast website (referencing an NKBA report):

The trend toward personalized luxury in kitchens, which the report defines as features that are meaningful to the owner and contribute to lifestyle enjoyment rather than future resale, is leading to fewer trophy kitchens, more unique looks and an emphasis on quality materials over mere showiness, according to NKBA members who participated in the annual study.

(By the way, we can’t let the free mention go by – the gorgeous white kitchen photo at the top of that article is a Peter Salerno Inc. design. The design was created Peter Ross Salerno, CMKBD, and Kimberly C. Hill, CKD, CBD, of Peter Salerno Inc., as well as the homeowner, Julie Ferrara. The photo was taken by Peter Rymwid.)

Peter Salerno Inc. 2015 2nd place, Best Large Kitchen, NKBA. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Fall 2016 kitchen design trends are all about personalized luxury. (Photo: Peter Rymwid, Peter Salerno Inc.)

Hiring a world-class custom kitchen and bath designer like Peter Salerno is a great way to ensure your home kitchen design is both elegant and personally distinctive. The “new” 2016 trend of personalizing luxury kitchen design is a staple of Peter Salerno Inc.’s vision since 1997. Peter’s own home kitchen is even adorned with hand-painted floral arrangements on each of his custom cabinets – one to signify the birth month of each of his family members.

If you’d like suggestions, input or tips on how to personalize your own high-end kitchen design and truly “design your lifestyle”, fill out the contact form below. We’d love to answer your questions, engage in conversation, and offer advice!

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