Fall 2016’s Top Home Decor Trends From HGTV

Trust HGTV With Your Fall 2016 Home Decor Ideas

Neutral color design, curated home decor pieces, and mixing rich colors on neutral/white vignettes are some of Fall 2016’s hottest home decor trends. According to a great recent article from HGTV (where Peter Salerno Inc. is proud to be a featured designer), Fall 2016’s home decor trends are some of the most diverse, vibrant ideas in recent seasons.

Expanding on the official Pantone color report for Fall 2016, HGTV’s trusted team of design bloggers compiled an expert list of over 30 Fall 2016 home decor trends and ideas guaranteed to fit everyone’s home design and personal style.

You can find the full HGTV home decor article here, with a stunning visual gallery of ideas, tips and tricks to make your home design fresh and fun for fall. We’ve selected a handful of our favorite Fall 2016 home decor recommendations from HGTV’s expert design bloggers, so scroll through and see what inspires you!

Our Favorite Fall 2016 Home Decor Trends from HGTV

1. Neutral color design with bold textures and accents.

We’ve already outlined Warm Taupe as an essential shade in the Fall 2016 Pantone color palette. HGTV’s decor trend takes it a step further, giving you the decor design freedom to make taupe and other neutrals the fundamental element in your room decor.

A gorgeous transitional kitchen design from Peter Salerno's TRANSITIONS™ line. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
A Peter Salerno Inc. transitional kitchen where neutral tones are augmented by rich, varied textures and hues. (Credit: Peter Salerno Inc. Peter Rymwid photography)

According to HGTV, texture and shape can substitute for color variety in a Fall 2016 home decor. In the photo above (a Peter Salerno Inc. transitional kitchen design photographed by Peter Rymwid), a majority of the kitchen’s design and decor is based on brown and taupe colors. It is the variety of textures, colors, and finishes (the matte tile and walls against the rich brown custom cabinetry, for example) that makes the design truly “pop”.

2. The “Curated Look”: collect and display the things you love.

Another huge Fall 2016 home design trend is “Personalized Luxury“, and HGTV blogger Brian Patrick Flynn brings an added decor element to the table as it pertains to the trend. The “Curated Look” is a sophisticated name for a simple idea – collect and display the things you love.

It’s not about the price tag on pieces of your home decor in the “curated” mindset. Rather, it’s about assembling a group of items (generally with a common theme, color, etc.) that have personal meaning or interest to you. Whether it’s maps of places you’ve visited, antiques and “knick-knacks” from the places you used to live, or anything else your heart holds dear, the curated look is all about making the personal into a home decor statement.

3. Incorporate multiple bright colors in your decor accessories.

Pillows, throws, area rugs, artwork, and design pieces – go nuts with bright color in this Fall 2016 design trend! Since neutrals as base colors are so trendy in current home design, splash up that color scheme with your decor! An idea taken straight off the runways of New York Fashion Week for Fall 2016, “bright-on-neutral” is a page straight out of the Pantone Fall 2016 color trends playbook.

Bright, bold colors accent this Peter Salerno inc. custom kitchen design. (Credit Peter Rymwid)
Bright, bold colors accent this Peter Salerno inc. custom kitchen design. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

As you can see in the Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design above, the color doesn’t come in the overall design elements – it’s all in the decor! The blue jewel tones in the chandelier play off the sky blue antique chairs (much like Airy Blue from this season’s Pantone color palette). Fresh flowers provide sprays of green, purple and lavender, while bottles of sparkling water and wine add blushes of red, green and blue.

4. Create high contrast by adding dark walls or large design elements.

This Fall 2016 home decor trend comes with a caveat – don’t suck all the color out of your room! Rather, use choice dark or black walls or large design elements to contrast the bright hues in your design.

Bergen Magazine Fall 2016 edition, featuring Peter Salerno Inc. transitional kitchen design photos.
Bergen Magazine Fall 2016 edition, featuring Peter Salerno Inc. transitional kitchen design photos.

We recently profiled another Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design that uses this trend to dramatic effect. Smoked glass panes were installed on the refrigerator in the kitchen design above, which created stunning contrast from the ambient light outside as well as the bright blue and white elements in the design (valances, custom cabinetry, island countertop, etc.).

For the rest of HGTV’s amazing list of Fall 2016 home decor ideas and trends, read their full article, “Design Bloggers on Fall’s Top Trends”, here. For more on this article’s featured custom kitchen and bath designer, Peter Salerno Inc., visit their official website.

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