7 Pinterest Kitchen Designs That Reflect 2017 Style Trends

7 Pinterest Kitchen Designs That Reflect 2017 Style Trends

Note: Thank you to Peter Salerno Inc. for all 7 kitchen designs featured in this article. Since 2002, Peter Salerno Inc. is the most award-winning custom kitchen and bath design company in North America. For more information on Peter Salerno and his team, please visit their official website.

1. 2017 Kitchen Design Trends: White Design, Statement Lighting, Blue

This “country fresh” kitchen design features many of the 2017 design trends making their way into the trendiest kitchens. The gorgeous Provence Blue La Cornue range reflects the Pantone Spring 2017 shade of Lapis Blue and the overall trend towards vibrant blues in 2017 design.

The light-grain floor feeds into the custom-crafted Maestro Rosolino cabinetry and backsplash, reflecting the trend of heavy doses of fresh white into 2017 kitchen designs. Top the design off with statement island lighting and a gorgeous custom Rangecraft tin hood, and you have a masterpiece with staying power that also reflects the “here and now” of 2017 design trends. 
Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design, 2017 design trends

2. 2017 Kitchen Design Trends: White Design, Statement Lighting, Green, Unique Island

The twin chandeliers are drool-worthy, aren’t they? As with kitchen design #1, the fresh white of the chandeliers’ light bounces beautifully off the white custom cabinetry, island counter, and “grand piano” custom range hood.

The dark-grain island provides wonderful juxtaposition to the ornate white backsplash and cabinetry, and its construction is certainly a conversation starter. Beyond just being intriguing, the island is also highly functional, as its design provides plenty of usage options (space for the family pet, storage, or leg room for kitchen island seating).
Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design, 2017 design trends

3. 2017 Kitchen Design Trends: Smoked Glass, Fresh Florals, Light Blue, Rustic Flooring

As 2017 moves forward, look for smoked glass features to gain prominence in home design. In this case, Peter Salerno Inc. utilizes smoked glass on refrigerator and custom cabinetry space to “open up” the size of the room. The smoked glass plays well against the dark-grain of the kitchen island and the rustic dark flooring (which isn’t wood – a “faux material” trend we’ll discuss later).

Add in a pop of fresh florals, three understated unique lighting fixtures, and the light blue wall paint (which reflects Niagara in Pantone’s Spring 2017 color palette), and you have a fresh, open floor plan for a functional and beautiful kitchen design.Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design, 2017 design trends

4. 2017 Kitchen Design Trends: Mixed Media, Statement Lighting, Neutral Tones

This recessed ceiling above a kitchen island manages to be at once sedate and dazzling. The warm neutral of its base is reflective of Hazelnut in Pantone’s Spring 2017 color trends, but the additional of gorgeous Swarovski crystal gives it a “pop” that will leave your visitors, friends and family in awe.

The twin statement lighting fixtures hanging from this hexagonal recessed ceiling are the perfect hue to reflect the neutral tone of the ceiling above. Add in a gold white border with prominent trim, and you have the perfect example of how to utilize whites and neutrals in a 2017 kitchen design that truly dazzles.Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design, 2017 design trends

5. 2017 Kitchen Design Trends: Green Design, Unique Islands, Mixed Media

This audacious kitchen design is a few years old, but was certainly ahead of its time in terms of 2017 kitchen design trends. The stained glass recessed ceiling provides muted light and is infused with beautiful greens and blues, reflecting 2017’s “return to nature” in design.

The kitchen isn’t “staged”, by the way! The homeowners love adorning their kitchen design with fresh foliage, plants, fruis and vegetables to reflect the stained glass ceiling piece. The unique kitchen island features one convex end, perfect for displaying valuables, keepsakes and DIY pieces.
Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design, 2017 design trends

6. 2017 Kitchen Design Trends: Mixed Media, “Faux” Design/Materials

What if I told you this stunning “wood block” countertop was actually made from concrete? The result is a stunning piece that is as durable as it is fresh. Designing counters with unique new materials saves you some of the headaches that come with maintaining wood, marble or granite surfaces.

We also love the mixed media involved in this kitchen design – the twin tile arch features, the jagged stone work behind the faucet, and the ornate tin panel work on the refrigerator doors.Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design, 2017 design trends

7. 2017 Kitchen Design Trends: White Design, Neutrals, Statement Lighting

As stated in an earlier article, white design is a bold design trend for 2017. This kitchen provides stately and sturdy durability while giving off a feeling of soft linens. From the cool urns on the kitchen island to the ceiling and cabinetry design, the island and table surfaces to the furniture, the trend of “all white design” is utilized to great effect by Peter Salerno Inc.

Couple the heavy doses of white design with a mix of light taupes and dark browns, and the result is a kitchen that catches the eye without using any “statement” colors. As a result, this kitchen design will remain timeless while staying trendy in the moment – the perfect balance of present and future design.

Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design, 2017 design trends

Which of these Pinterest 2017 kitchen designs is your favorite? Leave a comment and tell us why!


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