HGTV Home Design Tips: 2017’s Hottest Prints and Patterns

HGTV Home Design Tips: 2017’s Hottest Prints and Patterns

Since Peter Salerno, the owner of our parent company, is an HGTV Featured Designer, we at Design Your Lifestyle always turn to HGTV and its staff for the latest in tips, trends and design ideas.

HGTV has been particularly on point in 2017, with great articles about Summer 2017 home design trends and “runway-to-home” design transitions.

But one of their latest articles, regarding the hottest prints, patterns and textures in home design for 2017, might be our favorite of the recent bunch.

Make a Statement: Print, Pattern and Finishes Trends” by HGTV’s Felicia Feaster may as well be your 2017 Design Primer when it comes to home creation and renovation. In the article, Felicia guides you through the “trendsetting fabrics, wallcoverings, patterns and finishes that define great style in 2017”.

Here are a few of our favorite selections from the article. Read them through, and then head over to HGTV to read the full article and see all the trends!

HGTV’s 2017 Top Prints, Patterns and Finishes

1. Creative Transitions.

Transitional design is all the rage (especially in transitional kitchens). In this case, Felicia Feaster is referring to mixed media and materials when it comes to major design elements like flooring.

“[A] thoughtful mix of wood and other surfaces to create flooring juxtapositions,” explains Felicia. This also pertains to surprising materials or “faux” materials, like in the Peter Salerno Inc. transitional kitchen design below. The “wood grain flooring” you see is actually durable porcelain wood tile. Coupling the gorgeous aesthetic of dark, weathered wood with the durability of porcelain tile ensures that the floor will look great AND hold strong. It’s the perfect way to get that transitional kitchen flooring “feel” while making sure it can withstand the toll of kids, guests and the family dog.

Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design, 2017 design trends

2. Scenic Landscapes.

Wall prints, designs and frescoes are a great way to transport the mind and body while remaining in the comfort of your home. In the Peter Salerno Inc. bathroom design below, a gorgeous painted wall features the countryside and seaside of Italy, allowing the occupant’s imagination to soar and wander.

This Peter Salerno Inc. bathroom design features a scenic wall fresco.
This Peter Salerno Inc. bathroom design features a scenic wall fresco.

3. Liquid Metal.

Metallic tones aren’t just for small fixtures anymore. Copper, silver, platinum and gold are everywhere, making standout appearances against neutral, white and black design elements.

Be bold in your approach to metallic and mineral tones (more on that in the full HGTV article). Much like whites and neutrals, they’re not just complementary to your design strategy in 2017 – they can be the feature!

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