| Top 5 Kitchen Designs for Chefs | Top 5 Kitchen Designs for Chefs

Laura Adams Stiansen of recently ranked the “Top 5 New Jersey Kitchens Designed for a Chef (or chef at heart)” – and we love her list!

Laura’s list of featured designers is a high-class “Who’s Who” of kitchen designers and kitchen design firms. From Peter Salerno Inc. to Ulrich, Kitchen Kaboodle to Anthony Albert Studios and Kuche+Cucina, these design firms (and their kitchen designs) have left both professional chefs and enthusiastic, serious home cooks in awe.

The contractors featured on these designs, in no order, are Kuche+Cucina, Anthony Vero, Ulrich, Jim Van Orden, and Ulrich.

Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design featured by (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design featured by (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

Laura Adams Stiansen’s list of kitchen designs piqued our interest due to its attention to detail and appeal to multiple types of consumers, chefs and families. Her featured kitchen designs include “For a growing family”, “for a rising culinary creator”, and “for the master chef”.

From Laura’s introduction to this article:

Whether your family is growing from four to five or if your new hobby is creating innovative dishes with the ingredients you have on hand — having the right tools in your kitchen is important. Space, shelving and high-end appliances are all pieces that need to fit together to create the perfect kitchen.

The designers of these world-class chef’s kitchen designs were happy to speak regarding their creations.

“The best part of this project was the collaboration with the owners,” Peter Salerno stated to the author. “They are artistic, and were not afraid to go with something edgy. They listened to my ideas and asked how we could bring it up a notch.”

“I feel it’s always best that we get involved before construction begins to be certain all the client’s wants and needs can be met,” Anthony Passanante of Anthony Albert Studios added.

For more on these amazing kitchen designs created with chefs and avid cooks in mind, please check out the full article on!

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