Your La Cornue Range and Rotisserie Are Waiting

Your La Cornue Range and Rotisserie Are Waiting

Peter Salerno Inc.: A World-Class Partner of La Cornue

LaCornue creates world-class French ovens and cooking ranges, like the one in this Peter Salerno design. (Credit Peter Rymwid)
LaCornue creates world-class French ovens and cooking ranges, like the one in this Peter Salerno design. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

The design professionals at Peter Salerno Inc. know that it isn’t just the unmatched quality of our designs and cabinetry that create an incredible kitchen; the appliances matter too. While refrigeration is an easy solution with Sub Zero or Miele’s fully integrated models, ranges can sometimes be a difficult decision – especially for an Old World kitchen.

La Cornue has created a simple solution: Create a classic looking range that even the most experienced professional chefs will enjoy cooking with. They mix different materials such as stainless steel, copper, and brass with fired porcelain bodies in a wide variety of colors. Because of their performance and timeless appearance they are a common feature in Peter Salerno Inc.’s Tesoro ™ Collection kitchens.

The official Peter Salerno Inc. blog has been touting the luxury and ingenuity of La Cornue ranges for years. An excerpt from a past article:

Ever since Albert Dupuy invented the first La Cornue oven over a century ago, the company has stood at the forefront of cooking design, craftsmanship and innovation. As such, La Cornue has developed a reputation as one of its industry’s leaders, and one of the world’s most luxurious brand names in the world of kitchen design.

Peter Salerno Inc. is proud to not only offer La Cornue’s outstanding line of cooking range products, but to display four La Cornue pieces in our beautiful showroom – a CornuFé range, a CornuFé 1908, a Flamberge Rotisserie, and an absolutely stunning Château range. Much of our partnership with La Cornue is thanks to the tireless work of our business ally and friend Craig Kmiecik, the East Coast Territory Manager for La Cornue at Purcell Murray Company. For over 30 years, Purcell Murray has personified culinary passion and provided the most exquisite brands of appliances, including La Cornue ovens.

A stunning ivory white CornuFé range.
A stunning ivory white CornuFé range. (Credit: La Cornue, 2013. All rights reserved.)

Peter Salerno Inc. not only sells every appliance that La Cornue offers and have a CornuFé 110 on display, but their award-winning showroom in Wyckoff, New Jersey, also features a live Flamberge Rôtisserie and Chateau 120.

For more information about purchasing options and orders of La Cornue ranges and rotisseries through Peter Salerno Inc., please call (201) 251-6608.

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