Pantone Promises a Bright, Colorful 2019: A Sneak Peek at Spring Colors

Pantone Promises a Bright, Colorful 2019: A Sneak Peek at Spring Colors

My goodness, do we love the Pantone Spring 2019 color collection. Bright, colorful and cheerful, Pantone’s selections for spring (and summer) 2019 signal warmth, optimism, and the invitation to be good to others.

Pantone Spring 2019 colors are bright and beautiful.
Pantone Spring 2019 colors are bright and beautiful.

Led by the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year, Living Coral, this collection is all about a sunny disposition. (Living Coral itself has been described as “a big hug”.) The entire Pantone Spring 2019 collection consists of 12 core colors and a neutral palette, but we’ve narrowed our ‘sneak peek’ down to our 5 favorites.

We attempted to provide a cross-section of warm, cool and neutral tones that all bring something unique to the table – especially in terms of their utility in kitchen design and bath design. Enjoy!

Our Favorite Pantone Spring 2019 Colors: A Sneak Peek

1. Living Coral (Pantone 2019 Color of the Year)
We’ve already covered Living Coral, the Pantone 2019 Color of the Year. This reddish-orange tone reminds us (of course) of ocean coral, but also of the brightest peach in a farmer’s market. Rich, crisp and forward, Living Coral is an energetic boost to the 2019 color palette.

Living Coral, Pantone 16-1546, Pantone Color of the Year

2. Mango Mojito (Pantone 15-0960)

Mango Mojito is the perfect marriage of spicy orange and bright yellow. The result is a color that’s not “too hot” for kitchen design. Used sparingly, Mango Mojito instantly livens up any room’s decor, accessories and wall color schemes.

Mango Mojito, Pantone 15-0960

3. Princess Blue (Pantone 19-4150)

Princess Blue is strong. And that’s a wonderful thing. Perfect as a ‘leading’ shade in vivid color schemes, nautical themes, and paired with cool neutrals, Princess Blue is a bold, beautiful winner.

Princess Blue, Pantone 19-4150

4. Pepper Stem (Pantone 17-0542)

An energetic green, Pepper Stem follows in the footsteps of Greenery, the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year. We love the leafy, natural feel of Pepper Stem. It’s a “garden” green; use it in areas where you plan to incorporate floral arrangements, succulents, hanging plants or neutral browns.

Pepper Stem, Pantone 17-0542

5. Soybean (Pantone 13-0919)

Our Pantone Spring 2019 Neutrals selection, Soybean, is the warmest neutral you’re going to find. We’re instantly attracted to Soybean’s rich, creamy tone, and how complimentary it can be in almost any color scheme imaginable for your kitchen design or bath design. Use Soybean to ‘warm up’ cooler blues and greens, or as a neutral that’s bold enough to match hot colors.

Soybean, Pantone 03-0919

Which of these five Pantone Spring 2019 colors is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments below – let’s start a conversation!

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