5 Great Reasons to Attend KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas

5 Great Reasons to Attend KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas

We don’t need to tell you that KBIS is the pre-eminent home design conference and convention of the year. Each year, the NKBA’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Showcase (KBIS) shatters expectations – and attendance records – for the kitchen and bath design industry, raising the bar of ingenuity, inventiveness and innovation to new heights.

The NKBA presents KBIS 2020: the Kitchen and Bath Industry Showcase from Las Vegas.

This year, KBIS 2020 will take place from January 21-23, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada. KBIS 2020’s theme, “Where Design Is Moving”, is to be taken as a statement and an invitation – after all, KBIS is the best place to watch the design industry in motion as it rockets into the future.

You already know KBIS 2020 brings together world-class design innovation, an unparalleled floor of exhibitors, tremendous entertainment and seminars with kitchen and bath design experts. But why should you attend THIS year’s KBIS 2020? What makes this incarnation of the design conference so special?

Here are 5 spectacular reasons to attend KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas.

KBIS 2020 takes place from January 21-23, 2020, in Las Vegas.

5 Reasons to Attend KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas

1. The 1st Ever NKBA Renovation Angel Luxury Recycling Kitchen Awards.

Ingenuity and environmentalism collide as KBIS 2020 hosts the first-ever NKBA Renovation Angel Luxury Recycling Kitchen Awards. In October 2019, the NKBA and Renovation Angel announced the awards:

NKBA is proud to introduce the Luxury Kitchen Recycling Awards, in partnership with  Renovation Angel, a luxury kitchen recycling company, to recognize these efforts in the kitchen universe. The inaugural awards will be presented at KBIS 2020, on the KBIS NeXT Stage, Jan. 22 in Las Vegas.

The awards will acknowledge kitchen designers, architects, interior designers, showrooms and manufacturers who have rescued one or more kitchens for recycling, reuse and resale or donation.

It’s a wonderful step taken by all parties involved. The Awards will be given out January 22, 2020, at 11:00 a.m.

2. The Stellar 2020 State of the Industry Panel.

What a lineup KBIS has compiled for the KBIS 2020 State of the Industry. The panel will be moderated by Fox Business anchor Melissa Francis and cover critical industry topics, ranging from skilled labor to tariffs to economic shifts. Joining Melissa Francis will be some of the industry’s pre-eminent voices:

  • Adam Sandow, Chairman and CEO of Sandow Media;
  • Katty Pien, CMO of LIXIL Americas;
  • Randy Warner, President of Dacor; and
  • Mikael Akerberg, Chairman and CEO of Nobilia North America.

3. The Innovative Showroom Awards.

The Innovative Showroom Awards panel features a bevy of past winners and notaries, including Peter Salerno, CMKBD (of Peter Salerno Inc.). Salerno won the award in 2015 for his Wyckoff, NJ, showroom; an award he stated was “an honor” to win. Salerno and other notable kitchen and bath designers will help judge this year’s entrants.

4. The KBIS Edit Boutique.

This invitation-only space is a boutique love letter to niche producers. Artisans, small-batch producers, exclusive luxury brands and bespoke manufacturers will display their kitchen and bath wares to the lucky few who enter the KBIS Edit Boutique.

5. The Doobie Brothers.

Yes, you read that right. What good is the work if you can’t celebrate with some play at the end? The remarkable, legendary Doobie Brothers will bring their bluesy classic rock hits to the IBS Closing Concert that rounds out KBIS 2020 on January 23rd at 5 p.m. in the Paradise Event Center.

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