Our Favorite Exclusive Photos from KBIS 2018

Our Favorite Exclusive Photos from KBIS 2018

Thanks to Peter Salerno of Peter Salerno Inc., we get to bring you exclusive insider access from the hottest, most influential kitchen and bath design industry convention of the year – KBIS 2018!

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Showcase (KBIS) is a massive annual convention hosted by the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) that has grown into the most must-see design industry convention in North America. KBIS 2018 emanated from Orlando, Florida, which has become its home over the last several years.

The KBIS 2018 Conference takes place January 9-11, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.
The KBIS 2018 Conference takes place January 9-11, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.

Besides the largest kitchen and bath design exhibitor showcase in North America, KBIS 2018 was a spectacle to behold. From an opening keynote address from 4-time Super Bowl Champion Terry Bradshaw to the IBS closing concert from Chicago, KBIS was packed with innovation, information, networking opportunities and entertainment galore.

As owner of the most award-winning North American kitchen and bath design firm of the 21st century, Peter Salerno is closely tied to the wonderful team at the NKBA, and makes it a point to visit the annual KBIS convention. In other years, Peter has appeared on panels, in videos and on stage to accept awards. This year, Peter took a step back and immersed himself in all the sights, sounds and news that KBIS 2018 had to offer.

And trust us – there was plenty to take in!

Peter Salerno Inc. provided us with these exclusive photos (and background information) from KBIS 2018, as a taste of who they saw, what they learned, and how the kitchen and bath design industry may be shaped in 2018.

For more information and access to these photos from KBIS 2018, please visit and follow Peter Salerno Inc. on Facebook!

Exclusive photos from KBIS 2018
Peter Salerno with the Miele family at KBIS 2018.
Lapitec introduced a counter space that provides induction heat.
…And Lapitec’s counter that helps you keep items chilled!
The Elkay USA sink display at KBIS 2018. Peter Salerno loved it!
The Argentin BBQ display at KBIS 2018.
Delta Faucet has partnered with Alexa to bring impressive tech into the kitchen in 2018.

Your Christmas 2017 Pantone Color Design Palette

Your Christmas 2017 Pantone Color Design Palette

The 2017 Christmas season is upon us – party hosts and decorators, that means it’s time to rejoice! The holiday season brings countless opportunities (and excuses) to entertain guests, re-decorate your living spaces, or to just have a great party!

The mark of a memorable Christmas party, get-together, or occasion is always the ones you’re with, and the warmth of their company. But don’t underrate ambience and presentation! A unique, well-thought-out design approach can set your living space up as the Christmas party people will be talking about for years to come.

Christmas 2017 Pantone color design collection, courtesy Design Your Lifestyle.
Christmas 2017 Pantone color design collection, courtesy Design Your Lifestyle.

From the award-winning design firm at Peter Salerno Inc. to the expert publications we source, “Design Your Lifestyle” knows that color -and color design – is key in the presentation of any party or in the refreshment of any living space.

Based on the color design schemes, patterns and trends of 2017 – and the traditional colors of the season – we’ve created a Christmas 2017 color palette for designers, decorators, party hosts, or those of you just looking for a holiday-inspired design project this year.

From greens to neutrals to pops of natural red, here’s your Christmas 2017 Pantone color design palette (along with Pantone TCX numbers for easy reference)!

Your Christmas 2017 Pantone Color Design Palette

1. Peppermint (Pantone 16-6329 TCX)

Any color design palette based on 2017 trends starts with a natural, crisp green (see Greenery, Pantone’s 2017 Color of the Year). For the 2017 Christmas season, that color is Peppermint (and why wouldn’t it be?). A slightly cooler green, Peppermint is reminiscent of winter foliage, mint leaves, and is a generally pleasant and inviting tone.

Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Peppermint
Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Peppermint

2. Poinsettia (Pantone 17-1654 TCX)

Poinsettia is a fiery red that will liven up any design – be it graphic, wardrobe or living/home space. A classic Christmas red, Poinsettia will instantly bring up visions of Santa’s suit, candy canes and Rudolph’s nose.

Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Poinsettia
Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Poinsettia.

3. Marshmallow (Pantone 11-4300 TCX)

2017 was a year where neutral colors dominated the design landscape. Our 2017 Christmas homage to that trend begins with Marshmallow, a gentle off-white with just a hint of warm yellow. A fresh white neutral that can certainly serve as a primary or complementary design color, Marshmallow will instantly open up your design options.

Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Marshmallow
Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Marshmallow

4. Holly Green (Pantone 16-5932 TCX)

If you want a green shade in your Christmas 2017 design that’s a bit more “blue spruce”, then Holly Green is for you. Holly Green pairs well with cooler colors, with blue-tone neutrals, and more natural, earth-tone hues (browns and tans). And if we’re going to have Holly Green…

Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Holly Green
Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Holly Green

5. Holly Berry (Pantone 17-1633 TCX)

…then why not have its counterpart, Holly Berry? These two shades actually work quite well together – as they do in nature, of course. A far less dominating red than Poinsettia, Holly Berry is a great shade of red for parties and design schemes with a more “vintage” feel.

Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Holly Berry
Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Holly Berry

6. Gingerbread (Pantone 18-1244 TCX)

And now, for the neutral tone that pulls the collection together. Gingerbread is a warm, inviting brown neutral that ties our Christmas 2017 Pantone color design collection together. If you want to work with strictly neutrals, try a Gingerbread and Marshmallow combination as well!

Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Gingerbread
Christmas 2017 color design: Pantone Gingerbread

Why Should You Choose a Custom Range Hood For Your Kitchen?

Why Should You Choose a Custom Range Hood For Your Kitchen?

You’re ready to create or update the custom kitchen design of your dreams. Working with the very best kitchen designers (like 30-time national award winner Peter Salerno Inc.), you’ve settled on the finest luxury appliances, the perfect counter surface and backsplash, statement lighting, and a gorgeous kitchen island.

Peter Salerno Inc. 2015 2nd place, Best Large Kitchen, NKBA. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Using reclaimed tin in kitchen designs: just one way Peter Salerno Inc. creates the custom range hood of your dreams.

But what will you do to take your dream kitchen to the next level? What will make your kitchen the one-of-a-kind custom creation that will truly make it the envy of your guests?

Experts like Peter Salerno, CMKBD, agree that a custom range hood for your cooktop and range is the perfect statement piece to adorn any truly unique kitchen design.

“The hood and refrigerator are key elements in creating the ultimate kitchen,” Peter Salerno Inc. notes. “We have our own designs custom-made to our exact specifications so each of our clients has one-of-a-kind pieces, made right here in New Jersey.”

A custom range hood, when created masterfully, reflects the taste and personal style of the kitchen’s owner while adding a tone of elegance and unique backstory to your kitchen.

Another Peter Salerno Inc. custom range hood.(Credit Peter Rymwid)
Another Peter Salerno Inc. custom range hood.(Credit Peter Rymwid)

Imagine being able to tell your family, friends and guests that your range hood is made from reclaimed tin collected from classic gas stations along Route 66. Think about the elegant, opulent story your kitchen will tell if your range hood is custom-made from materials taken from a speakeasy once owned by Al Capone or an historic jazz club in New Orleans.

Your kitchen can tell these stories with its very own custom range hood, designed exclusively for you by Peter Salerno Inc. and its network of master craftsmen and artisans. Working with its own staff of skilled artisans, as well as industry leaders and innovators like Rangecraft, Peter Salerno Inc. will create a state-of-the-art, unique range hood for your kitchen that is both fully functional and truly one-of-a-kind.

Create an inviting summer kitchen with open floor plans and a splash of color. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

For more information about Peter Salerno Inc. and its custom range hoods for your kitchen, visit their official website, call (201) 251-6608, or fill out the contact form below.

Design Your Thanksgiving 2017 By the Pantone Color System

Perfect Pantone Colors For Your Thanksgiving Design

Thanksgiving is right around the corner (less than a week away!), and we know you’re hard at work preparing for the holiday. This is especially true if you’re hosting family, friends and loved ones for a day of food, fun, and perhaps a little football.

If you’re hosting, you already have enough on your plate – cooking, cleaning, the list is endless. You don’t want to throw dollar-store napkins on the table, but who can find the time to create a Thanksgiving design for your home or table from scratch?

Leave that to us! We’ve found the 5 very best colors for your Thanksgiving design this year, thanks to the handy Pantone Color System. Each color is beautiful, adaptable – and as an added bonus, directly ties to a food or drink you may already be putting on your Thanksgiving table this year!

So from sweet corn to cranberry sauce, here’s a list of 5 great Pantone colors to utilize in this year’s Thanksgiving design. Whether you like warm tones, earth tones or neutrals, we have the Thanksgiving colors you need!

A Thanksgiving Table Full of Pantone Colors

Cranberry (Pantone 17-1545)

This is a shade of red that really pops! One may expect Cranberry to have a darker hue (like the cranberry sauce or jam on your Thanksgiving table), but the Pantone Cranberry is a festive hue that will spruce up any Thanksgiving design or table setup.

Add a dash of Cranberry (Pantone 17-1545) to your Thanksgiving table this year, or to your home decor. It’s a great choice for accents, statement decor pieces, and table accessories. Try it in throws, pillows, tablecloths and napkins, or anywhere in your place settings for a nice, warm touch.

Cranberry Pantone color, Thanksgiving party Pantone colors

Chestnut (Pantone 19-1118)

An intriguing shade of brown or green in your home design can augment its inviting nature. And with a name that’s perfect for the Thanksgiving season, why not fall in love with Chestnut this season?

Chestnut is a beautiful shade of brown that arouses images of warmth – wood in a crackling fire, hot cocoa, and – of course – warm chestnuts. It’s a sturdy hue as well, working perfectly with the wood and wood-grain elements in your design. It can also be incorporated in a design that utilizes falling autumn leaves.

Chestnut Pantone color, Thanksgiving party Pantone colors

Sweet Corn (Pantone 11-0106)

For 2 straight years, neutrals have dominated the Pantone color design landscape. Custom kitchen, bath and interior designers (like Peter Salerno Inc.) love the idea of “flipping the script” and letting the neutrally-colored design elements take the lead.

At first glimpse, you almost can’t SEE Sweet Corn in the graphic below, can you? That’s what makes this shade of off-white so unique. A blush of light, light yellow adds a real sweetness to the color, giving it a “country kitchen” aesthetic. Sweet Corn and Chestnut are a beautiful pairing of “earth tone and neutral” for your Thanksgiving design in 2017. You can also try Sweet Corn with our next color, Vineyard Wine.

Sweet Corn Pantone color, Thanksgiving party Pantone colors

Vineyard Wine (Pantone 19-1623)

There is a cornucopia of “Wine” colors in the Pantone color system (yes, we had to get one Thanksgiving pun in there!). Our favorite is Vineyard Wine (Pantone 19-1623). Not too light to be a raspberry color and not so dark that it dulls your design, Vineyard Wine has a rich burgundy feel, evocative of dark red grapes hanging in a French vineyard.

It’s hard to design with purple without it appearing garish at times (or a little girl’s bedroom). Vineyard Wine has an air of class that pairs incredibly well with light and sage greens, earth tones, and light neutrals (like Sweet Corn above).

Vineyard Wine Pantone color, Thanksgiving party Pantone colors

Harvest Pumpkin (Pantone 16-1260)

A carryover from our Halloween Pantone list that makes a ton of sense. After all, who doesn’t love a nice pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving dessert? Harvest Pumpkin is a spunky, warm Pantone color that adds a bit of spicy brown into traditional orange to create an appetizing hue.

Harvest Pumpkin is more of an accent color than a core shade in your overall design. However, if you’re looking to create a real splash, why not try it on an accent wall to give that old room a little zest? harvest Pumpkin is a great choice for Thanksgiving table accents like napkins, place settings and centerpieces.

Harvest Pumpkin Pantone color, Halloween party colors

6 Seasonal Neutral Tones For Your Autumn Design

6 Seasonal Neutral Tones For Your Autumn Design

Autumn is a wonderful time for home design! With Pantone releasing two distinct color palettes for Fall 2017 (New York and London), professional and amateur designers alike have an incredible array of hues to play with in their new design projects.

Neutral tones are the anchor of most great designs. But 2017’s design trends have proven that neutrals can be the feature of your home design color scheme, not just an afterthought!

With that in mind, we’ve compiled a list of six autumn-inspired seasonal neutral tones that we think work wonderfully in home design palettes. Each color is accompanied by its Pantone color identification number, so sharing it with your design team will be a breeze!

Let’s take a look at 6 seasonal neutral tones for your Autumn 2017 design.

1. Pumpkin Spice

When autumn comes around, it seems like everything turns into Pumpkin Spice. From coffee to candles, muffins to pasta to gum (yes, we’re serious), pumpkin spice has taken over fall. So why shouldn’t it have a place in your autumn design?

2. Oak Buff

We love this color. Oak Buff is a sophisticated tan neutral that provides just enough warmth to draw attention. A Pantone color that emulates light wood grains, Oak Buff is a wonderfully versatile tan neutral that fits in virtually any design scheme you can dream up.

3. Autumn Maple

One of Pantone’s Fall 2017 collection colors, Autumn Maple is a vibrant orange-brown mix that brings to mind beautiful fall foliage. Definitely not your average, sedate brown shade, Autumn Maple brings some spice to the design table.

4. Fall Leaf

If you’re looking for a muted yellow or tan for your home design, Fall Leaf certainly fits the bill. Fall Leaf manages to be a sturdy, complementary neutral without being drab or boring – or worse yet, a shade of yellow that screams more “seasick” than “chic”.

5. Autumn Leaf

If you like a bit more reddish “pop” to your Pantone browns, then Autumn Leaf might be for you. With more than enough rusty red to serve as a primary design color, Autumn Leaf is great for home design that strives to be warm, inviting and cozy.

6. Harvest Gold

If you’re firmly on board with metallics as a design trend, then Harvest Gold is a great option for your next design project. This golden Pantone color manages to provide enough metallic pizzazz without being overbearing or dwarfing the other colors in your design.

Order The Perfect Pairing Knife in Time for The Holidays

Order The Perfect Pairing Knife in Time for The Holidays

The 2017 holiday season is nearly upon us, and the perfect paring knife is a wonderful gift option for the professional or casual chef in your life.

We’ve been touting the wonderful EDGES Custom Cutlery line for quite some time now, and with good reason. Edges Custom Cutlery is a line of cutlery developed by designer Anthony Michael Salerno and his father Peter Salerno (Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer) to bring pro chefs and serious home chefs some of the finest performing ergonomic cutlery that can be offered.

EDGES Perfect paring knife

Since EDGES’ inception in 2015, the line of custom cutlery has been highly regarded by its buyers, as well as some highly notable chefs and kitchen artisans. One such review came from Mary A. Moulds, the Culinary Events Manager for Miele USA:

All I can is “Wow”! Where I am normally grabbing 5-6 different knives to do particular things in the kitchen, I was able  to call 3 knives my “go-to” for the evening. There was so much versatility and flexibility in these knives that served dual purposes for the novice or experienced chef.

EDGES Perfect paring knife

EDGES Custom Cutlery recently released a fleet of Perfect Paring Knives in time for the 2017 holiday season. These 4″ paring knives feature full tang construction and are entirely handmade by master knifemaker Aldo Bruno, with custom design by Anthony Michael Salerno.

Each knife is made to order, ensuring that your EDGES Perfect Paring Knife is truly one-of-a-kind, and unique to any other paring knife on the market. Each custom knife order comes with your choice of handle material, pin material, and color (if stabilized wood).

EDGES Perfect paring knife

In addition, each 4″ paring knife features an AEB-L stainless blade with satin finish. The liner material is Black Micarta.

This article features several of your options for EDGES’ Perfect Paring Knife this season, including olive and red stabilized wood handles and a gorgeous option featuring American White Oak taken from wine barrel staves.

For more information on ordering a custom EDGES Perfect Paring Knife, please visit the official EDGES Custom Cutlery store page, or call (201) 251-6608.


The Perfect Pink Colors for Your 2017 Baby Girl’s Nursery

The Perfect Pink Colors for Your 2017 Baby Girl’s Nursery

Welcome to the world (and our family), Olivia Katherine!

Olivia is the beautiful first child to Peter Salerno Inc. design team member Nadya and her husband Yury. At just over one month old, this precious baby girl is already showing a ton of personality – and a real talent of posing for the camera. See for yourself!

Welcome baby girl Olivia Katherine to our design family!
Welcome baby girl Olivia Katherine to our design family!

Of course, the birth of any child is reason enough to celebrate. But here at Design Your Lifestyle, we’re taking the opportunity to tie in Fall 2017 design to this magical moment. After all, there are some perfect colors in the Pantone Fall 2017 color collection for a baby girl’s nursery!

Of course, the rulebook is out the window when it comes to gender and color design. But if you’re expecting a baby girl and want to take the traditional approach, then soft pink hues are the way to go! And luckily for us, Pantone’s two Fall 2017 color palettes (New York and London) each have a practically perfect pink for your nursery design.

We’ve highlighted each shade of pink in the Pantone Fall 2017 collection below, as well as one warm, cozy neutral to help you balance your design.

Again, congratulations to Nadya and Yury on the birth of beautiful Olivia Katherine – and we hope that you and your own little girl fall in love with these chic and cozy design colors for a girl’s nursery in 2017!

2017’s Perfect Pantone Pinks for a Baby Girl’s Nursery

Primrose Pink
Primrose Pink is a “barely there” shade of pink that may appear off-white from a distance. Upon closer inspection, viewers and designers will find a delicate, faint hue that is inviting without ever being overwhelming. Primrose Pink is a beautiful touch to accents, full wall paint, and furniture.

Primrose Pink (Pantone 12-2904 TCX).

Ballet Slipper
Ballet Slipper is slightly warmer than Primrose Pink, and the name absolutely matches the color. Perfect for full wall paint, an accent wall, or half wall paint (over a chair rail or wainscoting), this blushing pink reminds us of rose quartz.
Ballet Slipper (Pantone 13-2808 TCX):

The Perfectly Paired Neutral: Butterum
Butterum is just warm enough to be the perfect neutral accompaniment to Fall 2017’s delicate Pantone pinks. A bit brighter than other Fall 2017 brown neutrals (like Toast and Otter), Butterum is a great choice for light wood-toned accents, chair rails and wainscoting, and decor accessories.
Pair Butterum (Pantone 16-1341) with any light pink!