Design Your Lifestyle Turns 5: A Look Back!

Design Your Lifestyle Turns 5: A Look Back!

This month, we celebrate our fifth anniversary at Design Your Lifestyle. We’re so grateful to our readership, contributors and especially our parent company, Peter Salerno Inc. Without everyone’s support, this ‘little vision’ of ours wouldn’t have become as well-read as it is today!

Our first article was a simple-yet-delicious recipe for Rosemary Lemonade (which you can still find here). We followed that up with an exclusive interview that’s still one of our favorites to date – with Ren Miller, editor-in-chief of Design NJ Magazine.

NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012, Peter Salerno Inc. - one of our site's first features!
NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012, Peter Salerno Inc. – one of our site’s first features!

Since then, we’ve published over 450 articles about topics ranging from kitchen design to coffee makers, bath design to backsplash tile, classic Italian recipes to modern transitional design. We’ve benefited from the travels and experiences of Peter Salerno, CMKBD, as he drew design inspiration from travels to the French countryside, Moscow, and a myriad of world destinations. It was also quite a privilege to get Peter’s VIP “insider access” to renowned home design trade shows and conventions like KBIS (the Kitchen & Bath Industry Showcase, hosted by the NKBA) and the Architectural Digest Design Show.

Peter Salerno with the Miele family at KBIS 2018.
Peter Salerno with the Miele family at KBIS 2018.

We’ve also gotten exclusive information from some of the most reliable sub-contractors, specialists, designers and vendors in the custom interior, home and kitchen design industries, as well as some of Peter Salerno Inc.’s most trusted business partners. In the past, we’ve leaned heavily on the expertise and experience of people like Craig Kmiecik of Purcell Murray, Mary A. Moulds of Miele USA, and members of Peter’s staff.

Larissa Taboryski of Purcell Murray and La Cornue hosts a cooking class at Peter Salerno Inc.'s showroom.
Larissa Taboryski of Purcell Murray and La Cornue hosts a cooking class at Peter Salerno Inc.’s showroom.

And then there’s the stunning kitchen design, bath design, wine cellar and showroom photography, much of which is attributable to Peter Rymwid – one of the finest photographers of interiors in the world.

All this has been interlaced with fun recipes, tips and tricks for purchasing cutlery, appliances and range hoods, and exclusive looks at Peter Salerno Inc.’s world-class, award-winning design showroom.

A custom RangeCraft range hood dazzles in this Moscow kitchen design by Peter Salerno Inc.
A custom RangeCraft range hood dazzles in this Moscow kitchen design by Peter Salerno Inc.

We hope you’ve had half as much fun following Design Your Lifestyle over the last five years as we’ve had creating content for you – now, let’s get back to business. On to the next five years!

Flashback: Peter Salerno Inc. “The Art of Cabinetry”, Design NJ Article

Flashback: Peter Salerno Inc. “The Art of Cabinetry”, Design NJ Article

Read Exclusive Design New Jersey Article and More!

Followers of the official Peter Salerno Inc. blog are familiar with the company’s outstanding relationship with Design New Jersey magazine. Peter Salerno and his team have long viewed Design New Jersey as one of the pre-eminent design magazines not just in New Jersey, but in the United States.

A Peter Salerno Inc. custom kitchen design, with French inspirations.(Credit Peter Rymwid)
A Peter Salerno Inc. custom kitchen design, with French inspirations.(Credit Peter Rymwid)

It’s always an honor for Peter Salerno and his team to look back on the times Peter Salerno Inc. has been featured in Design New Jersey magazine. One of these articles was in the December/January 2013 issue of Design NJ, when writer Meg Fox outlined Peter Salerno Inc.

In her article “The Art of Cabinetry”, Meg Fox interviewed Peter Salerno exclusively for Design New Jersey magazine, discussing both Peter’s gorgeous Wyckoff showroom and his family tradition of fine cabinetry and design.

The 2012 NKBA Kitchen of the Year, featured in Peter Salerno's online design portfolio.
The 2012 NKBA Kitchen of the Year, featured in Peter Salerno’s online design portfolio.

An excerpt from Ms. Fox’s 2013 Design New Jersey article:

When Peter Salerno, a certified master kitchen and bathroom designer, decided to update his Wyckoff showroom, the word “update” took on a whole new meaning, he says. Triple the size of the old one and with more than double the office space, the new Peter Salerno Inc. showroom in Wyckoff is a complete design center that showcases the most advanced technology and innovative design features.

“As a child, my dream was to be an artist,” Salerno says. After being in the kitchen and bath industry for over 30 years, he feels he has fulfilled that dream by creating what he calls an “art gallery through cabinetry.” Furniture-quality cabinets are custom made, and the vignettes showcase an assortment of styles and cutting-edge designs that demonstrate the industry’s latest trends. All components—from heating to music and lighting—are controlled from a main panel, iPhone or iPad.

It’s a perfect time to look back on this article, as we’ve spent the latter half of this month discussing Peter Salerno and his award-winning Maestro Rosolino cabinetry line. Take a moment and read the full article, as well as view exclusive Peter Salerno Inc. showroom and design photos!

Man Cave Month: The Best Cigars of 2013

Cigar Aficionado Ranks Best Cigars of 2013

It’s Man Cave Month presented by Peter Salerno Inc., where we take a look at some of the ways you can turn your personal “man cave” design from a simple den into a room your friends will envy. After all, at Peter Salerno Inc., it’s all about the extraordinary.

When it comes to man caves, plenty of guys out there enjoy kicking back with a fantastic cigar. But which cigar is right for you? We’re here to give you the answer, with a big thanks to the fine people at Cigar Aficionado. They’ve compiled a list of the top 25 best cigars of 2013, and we’ll share some of our favorite winners with you here.

The Best Cigar of 2013: Montecristo #2

Montecristo #2: Cigar Aficionado's best cigar of 2013. (Credit WIki Commons)
Montecristo #2: Cigar Aficionado’s best cigar of 2013. (Credit WIki Commons)

If you enjoy rich notes of leather coupled with the sweetness of nutmeg and cinnamon, all topped off by a tangy wood note, then the Montecristo #2 (affectionately known as the Monte 2) is right for you. If that description wasn’t proof enough, then perhaps you’ll be swayed by the fact that Cigar Aficionado named the Monte 2 its clear-cut winner of Best Cigar of 2013.

Cigar Aficionado noted the Montecristo #2’s versatility – savory enough to please regular cigar enthusiasts, yet not so powerful that it turns off the casual cigar smoker. Their score of 96 is the highest ever awarded to a cigar in a blind taste test. The Monte 2 measures 6 1/8″ in length, is handmade, and ranges in retail price depending on source (usually between $30-40).

Cigar Aficionado’s Best Cigars of 2013: Other Notables

Davidoff Nicaragua Toro

The #3 cigar on Cigar Aficionado’s Best Cigars of 2013 list is the Toro version of the revamped Davidoff Nicaragua line. Retailing at $16.50 (US), this cigar offers up notes of the coffee and floral varieties, and provides a very long finish.

Arturo Fuente Don Carlos #2

This Dominican-based cigar retails for around $12.50 (US), and makes the Cigar Aficionado top 25 for the second time. Be patient with the slow start of the Don Carlos #2, and you will soon enjoy a surprisingly refreshing mix of sweet and spice mixed with a hint of cocoa.

La Palina Classic Toro

If you’re looking for an inexpensive cigar that outperforms those three to four times its cost, check out the Toro version of the La Palina Classic. This 6″ cigar, which Cigar Aficionado describes as “a bargain”, retails for just $7.75. It surprised the panel with a tangy, warm smoke and light chocolate finish.

Peter Salerno Inc. Featured in (201) Magazine’s Holiday 2013 Issue!

If you walk around the office at Peter Salerno Inc., chances are you’ll run into more than one copy of (201) Magazine. That’s because we think (201) Magazine is a must-read for business owners, shoppers and residents of Bergen County – and northern New Jersey as a whole. 

Needless to say, we were thrilled when the staff at (201) Magazine contacted us about a piece in their Holiday 2013 issue. The article focuses on Peter Salerno and his family, continuing the Salerno legacy of master craftsmanship into its third generation (all starting with Peter’s father Ross). 

A sneak peek at our Holiday 2013 spread in (201) Magazine. (Credit 201 Magazine, 2013)
A sneak peek at our Holiday 2013 spread in (201) Magazine. (Credit 201 Magazine, 2013)

Our article features Peter, his wife Tracy, their children Anthony and Gabrielle, and Anthony’s wife Eve, sitting in the “showcase” display of our state-of-the-art Wyckoff, NJ, showroom – complete with customized La Cornue Chateau range and reclaimed Route 66 tin hood and Swarovski-encrusted tin ceiling.

Peter Salerno Inc. and (201) Magazine share many things in common. We are both proud stalwarts in the Bergen County community, are humbled by and proud of our loyal clientele, and live to serve those who place their trust in us. These are just a few reasons why we are happy to align ourselves with this outstanding publication.

The lead editorial staff at (201) Magazine – Amelia, Laura, Heather, Deidre and Melissa – are all outstanding to work with and display first-rate journalistic talent. It’s a joy to continue a working relationship (and personal bond) with them – if you get the opportunity to work with or know them, we urge you to do so!

Residents of Bergen County, New Jersey, can receive a complimentary subscription to (201) Magazine by clicking here and following the instructions. For more information about our company or this article, please contact Peter Salerno Inc. at 201.251.6608, or email

Peter Salerno Inc. Donates Thanksgiving Turkeys to Church; Join the Effort!

This Thanksgiving, let us be truly thankful for all of our blessings. In that spirit, Peter Salerno Inc. recently donated 77 turkeys to St. Andrew’s Church in Westwood, New Jersey. It was our privilege to do so, and the act of giving brought a smile to the faces (and hearts) of our entire staff, as you can see here!


thanksgiving2013_1 thanksgiving2013_2 thanksgiving2013_3 thanksgiving2013_4




















Please go out to your local church, place of worship or food pantry and help our neighbors in need. Thanksgiving is a time to not just remember those we love, but those who need our help – because everyone deserves to feel the warmth of love and caring.


thanksgiving2013_5 thanksgiving2013_8

Peter Salerno's staff delivering Thanksgiving turkeys to St. Andrew's Church.
Peter Salerno’s staff delivering Thanksgiving turkeys to St. Andrew’s Church.


If you are interested in finding a food pantry near you, there is a wonderful resource called Feeding America where you can look up the food banks and pantries in your area.

Home Brewed Cocktail Recipe: “Uncle Sal’s Delight”

What could be better than a refreshing summer drink designed by your favorite designers? From the mind of Anthony Salerno (Peter’s son and an invaluable member of our staff) comes an alcoholic treat that’s sure to challenge your taste buds and keep you cool in the summer heat.

It’s easy to make – a vodka drink with a twist from the garden – and even easier to drink. So, to all you adults out there, give it a try – it’s Uncle Sal’s Delight!

Uncle Sal’s Delight (a cocktail recipe by Anthony Salerno)


  • 2 large, fresh basil leaves
  • 1 basil stem (with small leaves on it)
  • Sprite
  • Vodka (Tito’s or Absolut are the preferred choices)
  • Ice (cubed, not crushed)


  • Fill a Highball glass with ice.
  • Roll the 2 large basil leaves in your hand to release the flavors, then rub leaves on the inside of the glass.
  • Leave the basil leaves in the glass, and bury them with ice.
  • Fill the glass up about 1/4 the way with Vodka (or 1/3, depending on your day).
  • Fill the remainder of the glass up with Sprite.
  • Lightly stir.
  • Garnish with the basil stem, letting its leaves rest on the surface of the cocktail.
  • Let sit for 2 minutes to allow the drink to settle and flavors to combine.
  • Enjoy!