Amazon Prime Day July 16, 2018 | What Are This Year’s Deals?

Amazon Prime Day July 16, 2018 | What Are This Year’s Deals?

Expect the unexpected when Amazon Prime Day returns on July 16, 2018… but expect AMAZING deals and savings at the same time!

For those of you who are unaware, Amazon Prime Day is a celebration for Amazon Prime members that’s comparable only to Black Friday in terms of deals, savings and special offers. The 2018 edition of Amazon Prime Day is starting at 3 PM ET July 16 and running all day July 17 – fair warning, it is open to Amazon Prime members ONLY!

(If you want to sign up for Amazon Prime to take advantage of Amazon Prime Day, do so here.)

A custom RangeCraft range hood dazzles in this Moscow kitchen design by Peter Salerno Inc.

Several major brands have already teased Prime Day 2018 deals, like Lulus, CarFAX, and Rugs USA. This is clearly only the tip of the Amazon Prime Day iceberg in 2018, but it’s a clear indicator that the bonanza is swinging for the fences this year.

So what can you anticipate on Amazon Prime Day, beginning July 16, 2018? What are some deals rumored to happen? How can you apply these deals and offers to your home, home design, kitchen and bath? And hey – how can you win a Lexus?

Check out some things we expect to see this year during Amazon Prime Day 2018.

Amazon Prime Day 2018: What to Watch For, Deals to Expect

1. Enter to win $50,000, an Alexa-equipped 2019 Lexus ES, or a smart-home makeover.

The opportunities to simply WIN this year during Prime Day are exceptional. Amazon is, of course, pushing the Alexa brand harder than ever, and the list of companies and products that are equipped with Alexa is growing. From Honeywell to Hisense, Philips to Sonos, Alexa is the most pervasive, popular “smart” device in the world today.

As a celebration of Alexa’s success, Amazon Prime Day is an opportunity to win big and score major prizes. From a gorgeous 2019 Lexus ES with Alexa capabilities, to a full smart-home makeover, to a trip for 2 to Seattle, to $50,000 cash, there are so many ways for Amazon Prime members to get rewarded simply for taking part.

From our perspective, that smart-home makeover looks awfully tempting… but hey, we’re a little biased.

2. Be savvy – shop the “early bird” list of Amazon Prime Day product launches for Kitchen.

Unique plant and fruit displays smartly placed throughout a kitchen give it appeal.

3. Save up to 25% off Stone & Beam furniture and decor.

Designer Showhouse of New Jersey photos 2017

4. Make sure you read the official 2018 Amazon Prime Day primer – get prepared!

We can only point you in the right direction. The best way to truly get prepared for July 16th’s Amazon Prime Day is to brush up courtesy of Amazon itself. Click the link to head over the official Amazon Prime Day primer, and get tips straight from the source!

Our Favorite Exclusive Photos from KBIS 2018

Our Favorite Exclusive Photos from KBIS 2018

Thanks to Peter Salerno of Peter Salerno Inc., we get to bring you exclusive insider access from the hottest, most influential kitchen and bath design industry convention of the year – KBIS 2018!

The Kitchen & Bath Industry Showcase (KBIS) is a massive annual convention hosted by the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) that has grown into the most must-see design industry convention in North America. KBIS 2018 emanated from Orlando, Florida, which has become its home over the last several years.

The KBIS 2018 Conference takes place January 9-11, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.
The KBIS 2018 Conference takes place January 9-11, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.

Besides the largest kitchen and bath design exhibitor showcase in North America, KBIS 2018 was a spectacle to behold. From an opening keynote address from 4-time Super Bowl Champion Terry Bradshaw to the IBS closing concert from Chicago, KBIS was packed with innovation, information, networking opportunities and entertainment galore.

As owner of the most award-winning North American kitchen and bath design firm of the 21st century, Peter Salerno is closely tied to the wonderful team at the NKBA, and makes it a point to visit the annual KBIS convention. In other years, Peter has appeared on panels, in videos and on stage to accept awards. This year, Peter took a step back and immersed himself in all the sights, sounds and news that KBIS 2018 had to offer.

And trust us – there was plenty to take in!

Peter Salerno Inc. provided us with these exclusive photos (and background information) from KBIS 2018, as a taste of who they saw, what they learned, and how the kitchen and bath design industry may be shaped in 2018.

For more information and access to these photos from KBIS 2018, please visit and follow Peter Salerno Inc. on Facebook!

Exclusive photos from KBIS 2018
Peter Salerno with the Miele family at KBIS 2018.
Lapitec introduced a counter space that provides induction heat.
…And Lapitec’s counter that helps you keep items chilled!
The Elkay USA sink display at KBIS 2018. Peter Salerno loved it!
The Argentin BBQ display at KBIS 2018.
Delta Faucet has partnered with Alexa to bring impressive tech into the kitchen in 2018.