Man Cave Month, From Peter Salerno’s Grill: Best BBQ Texas Beef Brisket

Our Favorite Recipe For BBQ Beef Brisket

As the weather gets nicer, it’s never too early to step outside for a delicious barbecue. In honor of Man Cave Month at Peter Salerno Inc., we’re offering up one of our all-time favorite barbecue recipes: the BBQ Texas Beef Brisket, as posted by the experts at AmazingRibs. (If you haven’t checked out AmazingRibs, please do so: they’ve earned their name!)

The great thing about recipes from AmazingRibs is that you’re guided, step-by-step, through the often complicated process of creating delicious barbecue. In this case, their Texas Barbecue Brisket recipe has it all covered: recipes for homemade sauce and rub, exactly what to look for when buying brisket, how to prepare and slice the brisket, and exactly how much prep and resting time your brisket will need. Even the most inexperienced BBQ cook will look like a grill master!

This recipe for BBQ beef brisket is one of Peter Salerno's favorites. (Credit AmazingRibs)
This recipe for BBQ beef brisket is one of Peter Salerno’s favorites. (Credit AmazingRibs)

There’s no way we can convey all this brisket recipe material without giving due credit, so we’re posting the most pertinent details to get you started. Once you’re ready, make sure you check out the full recipe, instructions and guide at AmazingRibs to achieve the perfect Texas BBQ beef brisket recipe and results.

So take a quick break from your man cave, step outside into the warm sunshine, and get to grilling!

Texas BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe Essentials (from

1 grill or smoker with lots of fuel
6 feet of heavy-duty aluminum foil
16 ounces by weight of hard wood chunks, chips, or pellets for smoking
digital meat thermometer
digital oven thermometer
plastic beer cooler bigger than the brisket (not styrofoam, which could melt)
1 towel or blanket
long, thin, sharp knife
Cooking log
1 alarm clock
lawn chair
good book
6 pack of beer
1 pair of shades
Sun tan lotion
A crowd of hungry friends

The Meat
1/2 cup Big Bad Beef Rub (check out AmazingRibs for this recipe!)
1 whole packer brisket about 12 pounds, untrimmed, USDA Choice grade or higher
1/8 cup of beef broth per pound of raw meat for injecting
1/2 cup of beef broth for use in the Texas Crutch

The Sauce
2 cups of Texas Barbecue Mop-Sauce (check out AmazingRibs for this recipe!) for a packer, or 1 cup for a HOF

April 2014: Man Cave Month at Peter Salerno Inc.

Man Cave Designs From Peter Salerno Inc.

When a company has a line called “Man Cave Classics”, you know they’re devoted to making a guy’s personal space as incredible and unique as possible. Peter Salerno Inc. is dedicating the month of April to their custom “man cave” designs. Whether it’s custom-built humidors, one-of-a-kind bars, rec room designs, or anything else you can dream up, Peter Salerno and his team can create the man cave of your dreams.

No matter what your passion, Peter Salerno can design a custom man cave centered around what you love.

Car lover?  Imagine functional and 100% unique bars and furniture made from old cars. Made from salvaged and restored Exotic Cars, Muscle Cars, and Classic Cars. The possibilities are endless; it is a must-have for the ultimate Man Cave or Car Collector (We can even complete this amazing Man Cave accessory with a matching Husky Tool Chest retrofitted with two Sub Zero refrigerator drawers for your champagne or beer!)

Peter Salerno's custom Corvette bar. (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)
Peter Salerno’s custom Corvette bar. (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)

Aside from cars and tool chests- our line also covers all other aspects of your Man Cave. No cave is complete without your Cave Paintings! Give us a list and pictures of your interests and we will work with you to bring it to life on your walls, ceilings, and floors using concrete and graffiti!​

For the wine lover, the main highlight of a Man Cave should be an incredible wine cellar. Proper wine storage is a priority, you must have the right balance of humidity and temperature. As wine enthusiasts ourselves we understand this; which is why we specialize in wine cellars.

Imagine the custom wine cellar of your dreams. Peter Salerno makes it. (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)
Imagine the custom wine cellar of your dreams. Peter Salerno makes it. (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)

For the Cigar Lover, ​we can work a humidor into your wine cellar as a centerpiece or discretely disguised as a case of fine wine. If your cigar collection is as large as your wine collection a sister cellar devoted to your cigars may be in order- complete with smoke eaters, a beautiful table, a small bar to house and showcase your scotch and brandy, and top it off with a customized ice maker to fit your whiskey needs.

For a more classic Man Cave; traditional design and elegance are a must. Fireplaces, bars, TVs, mirrors, bookcases, gun cabinets, sword display, and billiard tables are essentials. Want a big screen for your bar but you don’t want to compromise that beautiful mirror? Why not have a hidden TV behind the mirror to catch up on the news with a night cap and keep that classic mirror when entertaining guests! 

Let Peter Salerno design your custom man cave. (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)
Let Peter Salerno design your custom man cave. (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)