Why Do You NEED a Custom Range Hood For Your Kitchen?

Why Do You NEED a Custom Range Hood For Your Kitchen?

You’re ready to create or update the custom kitchen design of your dreams. Working with the very best kitchen designers (like 30-time national award winner Peter Salerno Inc.), you’ve settled on the finest luxury appliances, the perfect counter surface and backsplash, statement lighting, and a gorgeous kitchen island.

Peter Salerno Inc. 2015 2nd place, Best Large Kitchen, NKBA. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Using reclaimed tin in kitchen designs: just one way Peter Salerno Inc. creates the custom range hood of your dreams.

But what will you do to take your dream kitchen to the next level? What will make your kitchen the one-of-a-kind custom creation that will truly make it the envy of your guests?

Experts like Peter Salerno, CMKBD, agree that a custom range hood for your cooktop and range is the perfect statement piece to adorn any truly unique kitchen design.

“The hood and refrigerator are key elements in creating the ultimate kitchen,” Peter Salerno Inc. notes. “We have our own designs custom-made to our exact specifications so each of our clients has one-of-a-kind pieces, made right here in New Jersey.”

A custom range hood, when created masterfully, reflects the taste and personal style of the kitchen’s owner while adding a tone of elegance and unique backstory to your kitchen.

Another Peter Salerno Inc. custom range hood.(Credit Peter Rymwid)
Another Peter Salerno Inc. custom range hood.(Credit Peter Rymwid)

Imagine being able to tell your family, friends and guests that your range hood is made from reclaimed tin collected from classic gas stations along Route 66. Think about the elegant, opulent story your kitchen will tell if your range hood is custom-made from materials taken from a speakeasy once owned by Al Capone or an historic jazz club in New Orleans.

Your kitchen can tell these stories with its very own custom range hood, designed exclusively for you by Peter Salerno Inc. and its network of master craftsmen and artisans. Working with its own staff of skilled artisans, as well as industry leaders and innovators like Rangecraft, Peter Salerno Inc. will create a state-of-the-art, unique range hood for your kitchen that is both fully functional and truly one-of-a-kind.

Create an inviting summer kitchen with open floor plans and a splash of color. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

For more information about Peter Salerno Inc. and its custom range hoods for your kitchen, visit their official website, call (201) 251-6608, or fill out the contact form below.

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8 World-Class Kitchen Designs That Will Make Your Jaw Drop

These Kitchen Design Photos Will Make You Say “WOW!”

Sometimes, all a good design article needs is a bunch of beautiful photos. Since 1997, Peter Salerno Inc. has been synonymous with smart, gorgeous, world-class kitchen design. From traditional to transitional design, Peter Salerno (CMKBD) and his staff of designers and artisans specialize in extraordinary kitchen design with a touch of personalized luxury.

This blend of expertise, imagination and client-centric design has created a dynasty. Since 2002, Peter Salerno Inc. is the most award-winning North American kitchen and bath design firm, from such notable sources as the NKBA, Sub-Zero, Wolf, HGTV, Signature Kitchens & Baths Magazine, and KBIS.

Below are eight of Peter Salerno Inc.’s most lauded kitchen designs of the last four years. Included among them are multiple award-winners, including the “Jewel Box” (2014 NKBA Best Kitchen) and the “Chef’s Dream” (2012 NKBA Best Kitchen).

Which kitchen design is YOUR favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

1. Stunning kitchen design with recessed mirrored ceiling over large kitchen island, with custom tin range hood, full custom Maestro Rosolino cabinetry and island, and statement lighting chandelier.

A beautiful Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

2. Transitional kitchen design with Maestro Rosolino custom cabinetry, custom range hood, small kitchen island with block counter, and custom “pebble” style backsplash.

Maestro Rosolino cabinets: a hallmark of Peter Salerno Inc. custom kitchen design.

3. Peter Salerno Inc.’s “La Cornue” centerpiece kitchen design in its Wyckoff, NJ showroom. Complete with La Cornue Grand Palais range, Flamberge rotisserie, and custom tin range hood and refrigerator accoutrements. Custom cabinetry, island, and (not pictured) Swarovski crystal recessed ceiling.

The La Cornue kitchen in Peter Salerno Inc.'s NJ showroom. (Photo: {Peter Rymwid)

4. The “Jewel Box” – best NKBA kitchen of 2014.

Peter Salerno's 2014 NKBA Best Kitchen. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

5. French inspired, Princeton, NJ kitchen design. Complete with La Cornue range and custom tin range hood, exposed rustic wood ceiling beams, custom cabinetry, custom wood island with marble countertop, and rustic stone door frame.

Peter Salerno's gorgeous French-inspired Princeton kitchen is in his design portfolio

6. 2013 Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design. Custom Maestro Rosolino white cabinetry and center island with ornate vintage seating. Recessed backsplash behind range with trademark Peter Salerno Inc. “grand piano” design overhead.

Add fresh colors to your kitchen design for Summer 2016!

7. Unique kitchen design with stained glass recessed ceiling over ornate center island. Gorgeous twin sculptures adorn either side of the range and range hood, with white custom cabinetry along the refrigerator wall and “sidebar” counters.

Another award-winning Peter Salerno kitchen. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

8. The “Chef’s Dream” – NKBA 2012 Best Kitchen Award design by Peter Salerno Inc. With massive center stainless steel island for dual chefs, with multiple high-end ranges, large-scale stainless ventilation hood, and stainless steel outer countertops (including sink basin). With white Maestro Rosolino custom cabinetry (with recessed lighting in showcase cabinets), custom backsplash by far sink and in-kitchen seating.

Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design [Best Kitchen of 2012 & 1st Place Large Kitchen Category]

All featured Peter Salerno Inc. design photography courtesy of Peter Rymwid.

Open, Airy Bath Designs Are In Style for Summer 2016

Clean Lines and Open Design: Beautiful 2016 Bath Designs

Clean lines, open design, fresh whites and ambient light. This is the recipe for success when it comes to creating the bathroom design of your dreams during the Summer of 2016 – and with the help of one of North America’s most award-winning designers, we’ll walk you through the process!

The bath design you see above (and the other stunning bath design photos below) was created by Peter Salerno, owner and founder of Peter Salerno Inc. Since 2002, Peter Salerno Inc. is the most award-winning kitchen and bath design firm in North America, honored by prestigious names like NKBA, KBIS, Signature Kitchens & Baths, Sub-Zero and Wolf.

When it comes to world-class bath design (be it classic or modern, traditional or transitional), there are few people more qualified to discuss the keys to a beautiful bathroom design than Peter Salerno.

For an expansive portfolio of Peter Salerno Inc. designs, visit his Houzz Page.

So let’s dive into some of the keys to a beautiful Summer 2016 bathroom design, courtesy of the master designers and craftsmen of Peter Salerno Inc.!

Keys to Gorgeous Summer Bath Design

  • Tip #1: Hire an expert designer to take you through the bath design process! Have the project done expertly once, and have a design that lasts your lifetime.
  • Plan your bathroom to utilize as much ambient outside light as possible.
  • Don’t be afraid to use white!
  • Natural wood tones add a beautiful, earthy touch to your accents and accessories.
  • While you don’t need many, a few accent lighting fixtures can make a huge difference!
  • If you’re looking for a hint of color and want to buck the “blue and white” motif, try bold, warm tones like roses, reds and pinks.

For even more expert Summer 2016 bath design advice, please fill out the contact form below!

Inspirations for French Bathroom Design

In our last post, we showed you a glimpse inside one of Peter Salerno’s latest kitchen designs – a beautiful Princeton kitchen featuring custom stonework, lush ambient light and a spacious open floor plan. Today, we’ll show you how we tied those French-inspired design elements into that home’s master bath.

Our latest custom bathroom design features painted cabinetry and an open floor plan.
Our latest custom bathroom design features painted cabinetry and an open floor plan. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

As you can see, we tied in a few core elements of the home’s kitchen design into the bathroom. First, we utilized the light painted cabinetry that Peter was inspired by on his recent trip to the Picardie region of France. We also chose the tile to reflect the kitchen’s custom stonework (a staple of design in Vence). You will also notice the spacious floor plan.

Alternate view of our French-inspired bathroom design.
Alternate view of our French-inspired bathroom design.

A look to the other region of the bathroom shows a beautiful porcelain tub set between two large windows – once again, to accentuate the copious amount of natural light this home’s location provides. A walk-in shower sits inside the far wall, and fresh linens await the user at every turn. Lastly, the brass fixtures and mounts reflect French design from the Oise region.

Interested in consulting with Peter Salerno and his team for your custom bathroom of your very own? Please feel free to visit our website and contact us today!