A Fresh Start | Follow Us At Our New Online Home!

A Fresh Start | Follow Us At Our New Online Home!

We’ve moving – but not far! For 7 years, we’ve had a beautiful home here to share beautiful kitchen design, bath design, custom award-winning designs and installations, Pantone color trends and some of our favorite design inspirations.

Now, PeterSalernoInc.com is your one-stop destination for this blog and the most award-winning custom kitchen and bath design firm of the 21st century! Not only will you get a closer look at Peter Salerno and his design expertise, recent job photos and company information, but you’ll still have access to the design articles you’ve come to love and support.

Peter Salerno Inc.'s reclaimed wood beams in transitional kitchen design, 2019.

It’s been our privilege to research, cultivate and share content with you here since mid-2013, and that mission won’t change! You’ll receive an even closer connection to the brand behind our blog, and the same design expertise you’ve come to rely on and trust.

And of course, the stunning kitchen design and bath design photography!

Peter Salerno's 2014 NKBA Best Kitchen. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

From behind the scenes on installation day, to 3-D renders of future kitchen and bath designs, to luxurious finished products, you’ll have even greater access to the design process that has garnered Peter Salerno Inc. nearly 40 national design awards since 2001.

So take a short trip over to Peter Salerno Inc.’s official website, and enjoy the view from our new online home!

For photo, video & other media updates, you can also visit the official Peter Salerno Inc. Instagram account.

Reasons We Love the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors [FHI] Guide

Reasons to Love the Pantone Fashion, Home + Interiors [FHI] Guide

Ever since Peter Salerno Inc. discovered the world of Pantone through their Vice President (and Peter’s client) Laurie Pressman, we’ve been enamored. The cohesiveness between the world’s foremost authority on color and the most award-winning custom kitchen and bath design company of the 21st century is a match made in design heaven, and our staff at Design Your Lifestyle has been inspired ever since.

PANTONE 2020 Color of the Year Classic Blue
Have you ordered the 2020 Pantone FHI Color Guide?

Pantone may have just made our lives even better with the FHI – Pantone’s Fashion, Home + Interiors Color Guide. A hand-held color guide packed with 2,625 Pantone colors curated “specifically for Fashion, Home + Interiors” (according to Pantone), the FHI Color Guide is a universe of color knowledge that fits neatly in one hand.

Our favorite thing about the FHI Color Guide is that you don’t get just the Color Guide! The FHI offers so many extensions, add-ons and tools. The handiest is their Enhanced Digital Support, which offers you access to Pantone Connect – brand new software to assist in your color journey. You can also expand your FHI Color Guide to include color codes and chips for working with specific materials like cotton, which may require slightly adapted color codes.

Peter Salerno Inc. 2015 2nd place, Best Large Kitchen, NKBA. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Peter Salerno Inc. utilizes color to dramatic effect in award-winning kitchen designs.

With 315 new colors in its arsenal for 2020 alone, the Pantone FHI Color Guide is the most up-to-date color resource for professionals (and novices) in the fashion, home and interior design industries.

Peter Salerno and his team use color to dramatic effect in their award-winning custom kitchen, bath, bar, powder room and sitting room designs. Peter’s “personalized luxury” approach has earned him the admiration and trust of clients worldwide, and Peter Salerno Inc.’s designs can be found in homes and businesses from North America to Europe to Russia.

Maestro Rosolino cabinets: a hallmark of Peter Salerno Inc. custom kitchen design.
Peter Salerno Inc. utilizes color to dramatic effect in award-winning kitchen designs.

It’s important to trust your kitchen and bath design projects to professionals with the trust of their clients. For over 35 years, Peter Salerno has developed a reputation as an artist who consults with care, attention and passion. The core details of a world-class design can only be crafted with the individual client in mind, and Peter ensures each client’s design will individually reflect his or her style, life and background.

Now, imagine a tool like the Pantone FHI Color Guide in the hands of a designer with that level of passion – how powerful!

For more details on how to pursue a world-class kitchen design or bath design, follow us here.

For more information about the Pantone FHI Color Guide, click here.

2020: The Summer of Luxury Powder Room Design

2020: The Summer of Luxury Powder Room Design

Stop leaving the powder room for last! You know what we’re talking about. From TV design shows to boutique home designers, the world is flooded with video and images of opulent master bedroom, living space and office designs. And these are wonderful – but don’t forget the ‘little gems’ in your home.

Peter Salerno Inc. focuses on custom kitchen and bath design for good reason – these are two rooms in your home where you want to feel pampered, relaxed, and bathed in beauty. And while kitchen and master bath designs are stunning, all too often the powder room gets overlooked.

It’s time we all get on the same page and make Summer 2020 the season of luxury powder room design!

A small space doesn’t have to feel confined or forgotten. Instead, it can become a tranquil, opulent retreat for you, your family and guests. All it takes is the spark of creativity from a master designer (like Peter Salerno, CMKBD) to turn a small bathroom space into an elegant modern powder room.

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Recycled leather belts as cabinet panels

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Even the littlest details make the difference in a smaller space,” proclaims the official Peter Salerno Inc. Instagram account. From a novel approach to the sink basin (like the carved stone and chic glass examples seen in these Instagram posts) to intriguing vanity materials (like recycled leather for cabinet panels), now is the time to let world-class bath design experts flex their creative muscle.

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A perfect powder room

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Do these powder room designs give you “design inspo” for the summer of 2020? What would be your ideal powder room update? What decisions would you like to see made? What bold material, pattern and color choices have your creative mind working overtime? And what do you need to make your dream powder room design a reality?

We’d love to start a conversation – don’t be afraid to leave a comment and interact with us!

30 Years of NKBA Membership: What Are NKBA Benefits?

30 Years of NKBA Membership: What Are NKBA Benefits?

What are the advantages that professional designers can enjoy by becoming members of the NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association)?

Peter Salerno, CMKBD, is the founder and owner of our parent company, Peter Salerno Inc. Since 2002, no other kitchen and bath design firm has won more national design awards than Peter Salerno Inc. The benefits of these awards (and the notoriety attached to them) have assisted Peter and his team in becoming a truly global brand, with their designs in homes and businesses in multiple countries across 3 continents. The past several years have seen Peter Salerno Inc.’s reach continue to spread across America, while new installations reached Canada and Russia.

Peter Salerno in his award-nominated Peter Salerno Inc. showroom.
Peter Salerno in his award-nominated Peter Salerno Inc. showroom.

Peter Salerno has been a member of the NKBA since 1990 – seven years before Peter Salerno Inc. became an incorporated brand in 1997. In the 30 years Peter has been an NKBA member, the experiences gained, knowledge developed, and platforms presented through the NKBA have been invaluable to the development of Peter’s skills as a master custom kitchen and bath designer, as well as to the success of Peter Salerno Inc. as a world-class design brand.

Peter Salerno was interviewed by the NKBA for their series “The Member Advantage”, discussing how membership in the NKBA is an asset to any kitchen and bath designer or design team. The conversation dealt with the benefits of NKBA membership, NKBA chapter meetings, being a part of KBIS (the NKBA’s annual Kitchen & Bath Industry Showcase and conference) and more.

The NKBA's Ash Sukumar films Peter Salerno in his showroom for a KBIS presentation.
The NKBA’s Ash Sukumar films Peter Salerno in his showroom for a KBIS presentation.

Here are a few of our favorite excerpts from this exclusive Q&A, which you can find on the NKBA’s website.

NKBA: What do you consider to be the best benefits of your membership?

Peter Salerno: The best benefits have been the exposure to cutting-edge products in our industry. This availability of information can better my skills as a high-end designer.

NKBA: How do you share your knowledge? Have you ever been a VFTI speaker or considered becoming one?

PS: I would enjoy being a speaker. I just did a presentation at the Mid-Atlantic Chapter Meeting in Princeton. It was standing-room-only. I received such a wonderful response, it got me thinking: why not share my 36 years of experience with the next generation of designers?

NKBA: What are some positive experiences at KBIS that stand out for you?

PS: The positive experience at KBIS comes from leaving the show with at least one great idea. That idea can be implemented the day I return to work. It may come from a seminar I attended or a product that impressed me. One year, after speaking to Gary Vaynerchuk, a keynote speaker, I came back from KBIS and started my blog. It was a great addition to my social media marketing strategy.

For the complete interview with Peter Salerno about the member advantages of the National Kitchen & Bath Association, click here.

Stunning Transitional Master Bath Design Updates | June 2020

Stunning Transitional Master Bath Design Updates | June 2020

It feels good getting back to work (safely, of course). The installation and design teams at Peter Salerno Inc. are hard at work bringing new designs to life in the homes of our clients, and they’re so grateful for the trust and business of some amazing, creative individuals.

When you’re the most award-winning custom kitchen and bath design company in America since 2001, much is expected of you. Peter Salerno and his team set out to turn heads immediately with a gorgeous transitional master bathroom design, in conjunction with Freed & Co., LLC.

From a stunning open shower and tub to the statement double sink, this master bath has no lack of “feature elements”. Working primarily in neutral tones allows the design to speak for itself – with large twin vanity mirrors, floor-to-ceiling shower glass and intriguing tile work, it certainly does so.

The official Peter Salerno Inc. Instagram provides a sneak peek inside this gorgeous, neutral-tone transitional master bath, with video and photos of the installed bath design. What do you think of it? Chime in and talk to us in the comments!


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Master Bathroom complete ✅

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Open shower and tub combo 🛁

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For more information about Peter Salerno Inc., visit their official website.

For more information about Freed & Company, visit their official Instagram.

Your Beach House Bathroom Can Be Sleek + Stylish

Your Beach House Bathroom Can Be Sleek + Stylish

The phrase “beach house bathroom” has conjured up the wrong images for far too long. Ratty throws, sandy floors, and outdated showers and tubs once dominated the bathrooms of summer homes, as homeowners were preoccupied with all the things that could go wrong with its design.

Instead, why not focus on what can go right? The start of summer is the perfect opportunity to update your beach home’s bathroom to a sleek, stylish appearance that reflects the pride and presentation that you’ve built into the rest of your space.

Update your beach house bathroom to be sleek, stylish and inviting.
Update your beach house bathroom to be sleek, stylish and inviting. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

Many of the questions that beach house owners have about updating their bathroom designs seem logical.

“Why should I invest in the bathroom; it’s just going to get dirty!” “What happens when family and guests track sand all over?” “Shouldn’t I just consider my beach home’s bathroom as a glorified mud room?”

The answer to all these concerns is a simple one. Your family, friends and guests will inherently assign the same value to any room in your home that you do – bathroom included. If you invest the time, focus and proper design elements towards making your beach house bathroom sleek, stylish and beautiful, its users will treat it with the same care and respect.

Great views and open floor plans can maximize your beach house bathroom's space.
Great views and open floor plans can maximize your beach house bathroom’s space. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

Great views and open floor plans can maximize the space in your beach house bathroom. As Ren Miller, editor-in-chief of Design New Jersey magazine, stated in our Summer interview, “Views are important – get some big windows in your vacation home!” Make sure the designer handling your bathroom space values clean, functional design.

Also, don’t be afraid to trade in those ratty rugs and throws for tile floors. They’re much easier to clean and maintain, and once again – if you present a beautiful space, it is bound to be respected by your guests.

Finally, if you are dealing with an interior or narrow bathroom space, and space is at a premium, there are still creative design solutions! In our photo example at the top of the article, note the use of floor-to-ceiling mirrors to present the illusion of a larger space. Also, our design team was sure to stack as much functional storage as possible within the beautiful vanity and mirror combination on the far wall.

A great designer or design firm can make the most of any beach house bathroom, large or small. For more information on how Peter Salerno and his team can be of service, please visit their website.