Happy Birthday to Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer!

Happy Birthday to Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer!

Peter Salerno Inc. Celebrates Gabrielle’s Birthday

We like to occasionally take a moment on the official Peter Salerno Inc. blog to let you get a “little personal”. Following the business and professional exploits of the most award-winning North American design firm since 2000 is wonderful, but we also feel it’s important you get to know Peter Salerno and his team on a more personal level. (After all, if you’re going to trust someone with the design of your living space, you should trust him/her as a person as well!)

It’s with this sentiment that we take time out to wish a very happy birthday to Gabrielle, Peter Salerno’s daughter and the head of Customer Relations and Social Media Outreach for Peter Salerno Inc. Gabrielle is a shining light of positivity, happiness and knowledge, and is a major reason why Peter Salerno’s clients feel an instant sense of comfort when they arrive at the showroom.

Gabrielle celebrates her birthday at Peter Salerno Inc. (with office puppy Harper!)
Gabrielle celebrates her birthday at Peter Salerno Inc. (with office puppy Harper!)

While Gabrielle has been an official part of Peter Salerno Inc. since 2013, her memories in Salerno family workshops and design studios go back to her childhood. “I remember when my brother and I were kids, we would go to our grandfather’s shop (Salerno Kitchens), and sneak into the workshop,” Gabrielle recalled. “Obviously, kids weren’t allowed in there, so we would hide in giant armoires and cabinets and try not to be found. Sometimes we’d get caught and the workers would yell at us, but it was amazing to see how they would create everything. It was like being in Santa’s workshop.”

Gabrielle’s sense of family history is evident, and her love for her family shone through in a past blog interview on behalf of Peter Salerno Inc. “I know it means a lot to my grandfather that three generations of his family are in the same business,” Gabrielle explained. “I absolutely love when he comes in the office, and I can offer him a cup of coffee. His face lights up, and it’s like a really nice bonus for me. In that respect, it’s even more rewarding.”

We love you Gabrielle, and wish you the happiest of birthdays!

Happy Birthday to Peter Salerno!

Happy Birthday to Peter Salerno!

Wishing Peter Salerno of Peter Salerno Inc. A Happy Birthday!

January 2016 has been a month of celebration for Peter Salerno Inc., and we’d like to continue the trend by wishing Peter Salerno a very happy birthday!

Happy birthday to Peter Salerno - may 2016 be filled with joy!
Happy birthday to Peter Salerno – may 2016 be filled with joy!

Earlier this month, Peter Salerno Inc. was honored with its 33rd and 34th national kitchen and bath design awards at the 2016 NKBA awards in Las Vegas, Nevada. As part of the KBIS 2016 conference, Peter Salerno and team took home 3rd place for Best Large Kitchen and a coveted HGTV People’s Choice Award for kitchen design.

These 2 awards strengthened Peter Salerno Inc.’s position as the most award-winning North American kitchen and bath design firm of this century. It couldn’t have been accomplished without the support of the fantastic Peter Salerno Inc. staff, custom designers, his outstanding clients and the team at Rangecraft.

Couple that with the birth of Peter Salerno’s first grandchild (the beautiful Jesse Caren Salerno) late last year, and it’s truly a birthday worth celebrating!

As Peter celebrates another birthday with his team, family, friends and clients, he always takes a moment to give thanks for all the goodness which surrounds his life. From his base of outstanding clients, to loyal and loving friends and family, to the blessing of recognition and awards for his innovative kitchen and bath design work, Peter Salerno is grateful for all he has, all he has worked for, and what is to come in the future.

It’s shaping up to be a wonderful 2016 for Peter Salerno and Peter Salerno Inc. – will you be the next client to receive an award-winning custom kitchen and bath design of your very own?

For more information about Peter Salerno Inc., please fill out the contact form below!

Happy Birthday Harper! Our Office Puppy Turns 1 [PHOTOS]

Happy Birthday Harper! Our Office Puppy Turns 1 [PHOTOS]

Adorable Puppy Birthday Photos from Peter Salerno Inc.

It’s been a busy year for Peter Salerno Inc., full of gratifying design experiences, awards and hard work. It’s a year that welcomed Peter Salerno’s first grandchild, 30 national design awards, a new showroom design vignette with Miele, partnerships with some of the top designers, appliance craftsmen and names in the design business…

Happy 1st birthday to our adorable Peter Salerno office puppy, Harper!
Happy 1st birthday to our adorable Peter Salerno office puppy, Harper!

But hey, our office puppy Harper just had a birthday! (Of course, this means everything stops for an afternoon – Peter’s daughter and office manager Gabrielle wouldn’t have it any other way!)

We first introduced you to adorable little Harper late last year, and since then the office has fallen in love with her. 3 parts adorable, 2 parts troublemaker and all parts love-bug, Harper makes Peter Salerno’s already cheerful office that much brighter!

Leave your birthday wishes for Harper in the comments, and leave pictures of your favorite office pets as well – we’d love to see them!

Staying active indoors is a great way to keep warm - exercise with your favorite 'toys'! Harper, the Peter Salerno Inc. puppy, snuggles up for a warm winter's nap. Meet Harper, the unofficial Peter Salerno Inc. mascot! (Elliot the Elf is a little jealous of our puppy...)

There’s a lot of wonderful, fulfilling custom kitchen and bath design work to be done before 2015 is over. But for a moment, let’s all take time out to wish Harper a happy birthday!