Pantone Spring 2018 Colors | 3 Cool But Powerful Colors

Pantone Spring 2018 Colors | 3 Cool But Powerful Colors

The Spring 2018 Pantone color palette proves that cool can be powerful. Three of the most captivating, dominating shades in the 12-tone Pantone seasonal collection are from the “cooler” end of the color spectrum, showing the design world that greens, blues and purples can take center stage in any design.

In two previous articles, Design Your Lifestyle has broken the 12-color Pantone Spring 2018 collection into sets of three – the Versatile Complementary Colors and the Bright Tones. Our third of four pieces regarding the collection focuses on the Cool But Powerful Colors – three shades that help change the perception of greens, blues and purples in Spring 2018 design.

This trio is led by the 2018 Pantone Color of the Year, Ultra Violet (PANTONE 18-3838). An unflinching, powerful purple, Ultra Violet is equals parts mystical and dominant. By its side stand the blue-green of Arcadia and the light but attention-grabbing Little Boy Blue. Together, these 3 colors form our Cool But Powerful collection of the Pantone Spring 2018 Color Palette.

The 12 shades selected for the Pantone Spring 2018 color palette (plus the 4 “Classic Colors” listed as an addendum) are a large step for Pantone, the world’s foremost authority on color design and color matching. In recent years, Pantone has released seasonal collections of 10 colors, offering plenty of selection and inspiration for color design enthusiasts.

So let’s take a closer look at these 3 strong-yet-cool colors, and how they influence color and design trends in the Spring 2018 season.

Ultra Violet (Pantone 18-3838)

The Pantone 2018 Color of the Year would make Prince and Jimi Hendrix proud. Ultra Violet is a “dramatically provocative and thoughtful” color, according to Pantone. Unafraid to make a statement, Ultra Violet is confident and complex.

Pantone Spring 2018 collection Ultra Violet

Although both colors are generally bright and cheerful, Ultra Violet is a departure from Greenery, the Pantone 2017 Color of the Year. While Greenery was rooted in nature, earthy tones and complementary neutrals, Ultra Violet is a bit more – well, intergalactic. Even Pantone admits there is a “mystical or spiritual quality” to their 2018 Color of the Year.

Arcadia (Pantone 16-5533)

Arcadia is a little more “retro” of a color, according to Pantone itself. Still, this deep blue-green is strong enough to leap into the present and demand our attention. Somewhat adjacent to an emerald jewel tone, Arcadia stays rooted in the trend of natural green and blue shades that began in Pantone’s 2017 collections.

Pantone Spring 2018 collection Arcadia

Little Boy Blue (Pantone 16-4132)

Baby blue isn’t just for kids anymore. Despite its name, Little Boy Blue packs more of a punch than other light blues, and it’s far less pastel than fellow Spring 2018 color selections Blooming Dahlia and Pink Lavender. Instead, Little Boy Blue is more reminiscent of a Carolina Blue.

Pantone Spring 2018 collection Little Boy Blue

Pantone Spring 2017 Color Trends: Niagara, Primrose Yellow [Part 1 of 5]

Pantone Spring 2017 Colors: Primrose Yellow, Niagara Step Forward

We reported recently that Pantone, the world’s leading authority on color matching and design, named Greenery as its Pantone 2017 Color of the Year. A spring green, Greenery (15-0343 TCX) signaled a fresh start to a new year, as well as Pantone’s optimistic outlook for the 2017 year in color and design.

It remained to be seen, however, just how “sunny” that outlook would be all year round. Well, if the Pantone Spring 2017 Color Trends Report is any indication, we’re in for a bright and beautiful year of color!

Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Niagara and Primrose Yellow lead the way!
Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Niagara and Primrose Yellow lead the way!

The 10 colors selected as the official Spring 2017 Pantone colors are bright, cheery, and based largely in the natural world around us. From sky blues to floral yellows and pinks, nutty neutrals to verdant greens (including Greenery itself), the color palette for Spring 2017 is one of our favorites in recent memory.

Perfect for home design AND the runway, Spring 2017’s color design is perfect for anyone looking to inject a healthy dose of sunshine, blossoms and freshness into his or her home design, personal wardrobe, and bold artistic choices.

Design Your Lifestyle will be taking a 5-article approach to the Spring 2017 Pantone color design selections, giving the spotlight to two gorgeous hues in each article. Today, we’re diving in headfirst with two colors predicted to lead the charge into springtime – the relaxing blue Niagara, and the sunlit shade Primrose Yellow.

In case you’re wondering, here is the full list of 10 shades named in the Pantone Spring 2017 Color Trends Report:

Niagara: A Blue Hue That Signals Fresh, Clear Skies

Niagara evokes memories of Riverside (17-4028 TCX), a Summer 2016 Pantone color selection that brought to mind running water, bright denim and clear, blue skies. Selected by many color design experts as the “leading” color of the Spring 2017 Pantone palette, Niagara is comfortable and easy on the eyes – a key reason why home designers and fashion designers alike have praised it for its versatility.

Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Niagara is a lush shade of denim blue.
Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Niagara is a lush shade of denim blue.

In terms of home design, Niagara functions beautifully as both an accent color and the core color of virtually any room. Though sitting rooms, sun rooms and baths come to mind, Niagara can be utilized effectively as an accent color in kitchens, dining rooms and bedrooms as well.

While many as quick to call Niagara a “denim blue”, closer inspection will reveal a slightly bolder blue. This trait has made Niagara a hit on fashion design runways, incorporated in everything from print jackets to evening gowns. However you incorporate this fresh shade of blue into your home or personal design, Niagara is a smart (and long-lasting) choice for a Spring 2017 update.

Primrose Yellow: A Beautiful, Sunny Bloom

Many of us know the song, “The Yellow Rose of Texas”. Well, if it happened to be Primrose Yellow, we understand what all the fuss is about. Evocative of daffodils and early morning sunshine, Primrose Yellow is a warm dash of color across the Spring 2017 runways and home design exhibits.

Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Primrose Yellow injects pure sunshine into spring.
Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Primrose Yellow injects pure sunshine into spring.

Warmer than a conventional yellow but not quite a golden jewel tone, Primrose Yellow is a brilliant accent color for home designers. Set against a Spring 2017 neutral like Hazelnut, or a strong blue like Niagara or Lapis Blue, Primrose Yellow can provide a “pop” of color without appearing too pastel or dainty. A kitchen or bath in need of a spark will fare well with this shade as a new accent.

In terms of fashion design, Primrose Yellow has been utilized to great effect with other warmer colors in the Spring 2017 Pantone palette. Audacious designers have paired it with Island Paradise to create a floral, tropical feel in their wardrobe designs. Again, pairing Primrose Yellow with a denim blue (like Niagara) or a nutty neutral (like Hazelnut) is a successful, stylish match.

Stay with Design Your Lifestyle over the next several weeks, as we continue to feature the ten beautiful hues that make up the Pantone Spring 2017 Color Design Report!