5 Year Anniversary: NKBA Best Overall Kitchen of 2012 Design Photos

5 Year Anniversary: NKBA Best Overall Kitchen of 2012 Design Photos

As part of our “Design Your Lifestyle” 5th Anniversary Series, we’re re-visiting some of our most popular and well-read articles of the last half-decade. Statistically, our most popular award-winning NKBA design article of the last 5 years is this one – about Peter Salerno Inc.’s NKBA Best Overall Kitchen 2012 winner. It’s a stunning kitchen designed for two professional chefs occupying one tremendous kitchen space. This piece combines some new content with a look at many of the features from that article. Enjoy!

Peter Salerno's NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012. (Credit Peter Rymwid)
Peter Salerno’s NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

On April 24, 2012, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) revealed its winners for the 2012 NKBA Design Competition. It was an especially wonderful day for Peter Salerno and the team at Peter Salerno Inc., as they won the coveted NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012 award.

According to a press release sent out by the National Kitchen & Bath Association through its Manager of Media Relations, Annette Gray:

Sponsored by Jenn-Air, Silestone by Cosentino, This Old House, Waypoint Living Spaces, The Home Depot, Delta, 20-20 Technologies and HGTVRemodels.com, the 2012 competition honored 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in six room categories, in addition to Specialty Awards, from the nearly 500 entries submitted by NKBA members from across the U.S. and Canada. Winning designs and designers were announced today at the Design Competition Awards event, held at Chicago’s Mc Cormick Place during the 2012 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).

“Each year, the NKBA is proud to celebrate excellence in the industry, represented by the NKBA membership,” said 2012 NKBA President and Certified Kitchen Designer, Alan W. Zielinski, CKD. “This year’s winners, some of the country’s top designers, turned out cutting edge designs and we’re excited to announce them to the public and the industry.”

The award-winning large kitchen was designed for a family with two passionate cooks who love to spend hours in the kitchen preparing gourmet meals. Peter Salerno and his design team were charged with creating a kitchen which addressed all of their culinary needs.

The central aspect of the kitchen is a beautiful, 11-foot stainless steel island with four distinct work stations. The island features two ovens, eight burners, a grill, a salamander, sink and pot filler. The design philosophy was to create a balance between the clients’ cooking needs and a beautiful centerpiece for the kitchen. Therefore, the stainless steel and work stations were balanced with painted maple cabinets as well as the warmth of a walnut island and quarter-sawn oak flooring.

The island was placed parallel to the large windows in the breakfast area to maximize the room’s natural light. Three seating areas were created to meet the needs of the family and its guests – the kitchen table, island seating and a separate dining booth.

Peter and his team were able to incorporate some one-of-a-kind aspects into this NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012. A custom four-sided stainless steel exhaust hood with built-in halogen lighting illuminates the entire cooking and preparation area. A stainless tile backsplash was used to compliment the island, which has a 3″ thick cherry butcher block made with 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ end grain cherry. Rich natural walnut cabinetry was chosen to contrast and soften the stainless steel refrigerator and freezer.

The entire room was considered, as evidenced by the coffered ceiling, which was designed specifically to accentuate the stainless hood and wall cabinets. By incorporating ten mullion doors and ten single-glass doors over the freeze, china cabinet and refrigerator, the kitchen achieved the proper display space needed for the clients’ fabulous dish and glass collection. Finally, three appliance garages were implemented int he design for easy access to large, oversized blenders and mixers.

It is with pride, honor and family joy that Peter Salerno and the entire team at Peter Salerno Inc. share this prestigious recognition with you. We thank the NKBA, our tireless design and production team, and of course the clients, whose unique family needs and wonderful cooking tradition inspired this design.

For more information about this and other award-winning designs, please visit Peter Salerno Inc.’s website.

This La Cornue Kitchen Video Will Leave You Breathless

Watch A Master Chef At Work in A Gorgeous La Cornue Kitchen

For an exquisite, luxury French kitchen, there simply is no match for La Cornue. Ever since Albert Dupuy invented the first La Cornue oven over a century ago, the company has stood at the forefront of cooking design, craftsmanship and innovation. As such, La Cornue has developed a reputation as one of its industry’s leaders, and one of the world’s most luxurious brand names in the world of kitchen design.

It’s one thing to see still photography of La Cornue’s world-class kitchen ranges and rotisseries. It’s another to watch them in action, utilized by the hands of a renowned Master Chef like Michael Latour.

Michael Latour’s culinary career began at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, and has progressed through the most prestigious echelons of cuisine in the greater New York metropolitan area. Master Chef Latour honed his craft in some of New York’s finest hotels, including the honor of being part of the opening team at NYC’s Four Seasons Hotel.

Master Chef Latour is specifically renowned for his mastery of French-American cuisine, the staple of his restaurant, Latour. Opened in 1998 in Ridgewood, NJ, Latour has been praised by patrons and critics alike for  every aspect of its cuisine. Latour’s latest Zagat rating offers an auspicious 26/30 rating for food and notes its “showstopping” cuisine and “lovely…Gallic setting”.

Master Chef Latour took the dazzling array of La Cornue appliances at the award-winning Peter Salerno Inc. showroom in Wyckoff, New Jersey, for a spin in this featured video. Utilizing the stunning La Cornue Château 120 range and Flamberge Rotisserie, Latour created a stunning multi-course French meal:

  • Appetizer: Lump Crab Strudel with Lobster Sauce Nantua Frisee
  • Entree: La Cornue Rotisserie Cornish Game Hen with Fines Herb, Potato Galette, Vegetable Julienne and Beet Gaufrette with Natural Jus
  • Dessert: Grand Marnier Souffle with Chocolate Pastel and Pulled Sugar Piece Montee

Peter Salerno Inc., an authorized dealer of La Cornue ranges and rotisseries through Purcell Murray USA, is the most award-winning North American custom kitchen and bath design firm of the 21st century.

Peter’s work has been featured in multiple publications of note. He is one of a handful of HGTV’s featured Kitchen and Bath Designers, and is the recipient of numerous design awards, including the prestigious 2012 Best Large Kitchen award from the National Kitchen & Bath Assocation (NKBA) . In total, Peter was honored with an unprecedented 23 NKBA awards from 1993-2013, a mark which sets him apart in the custom interior design industry.

Peter Salerno Inc. is an Authorized Dealer of all La Cornue & Top Brewer Products. Their showroom features the Château 120, the CornuFé 110, the CornuFé 1908,  and the Flamberge  Rôtisserie. In addition, the showroom is soon-to-be fitted with a fully functional Top Brewer.  Peter Salerno, Inc. is also an authorized dealer of Habersham, Schaub, Amerock, & Waterstone products.

For more information about Peter Salerno Inc., please visit their official website.

Debut Fleet of Custom EDGES Cutlery Available for Purchase! [PHOTOS]

Debut Fleet of Custom EDGES Cutlery Available for Purchase! [PHOTOS]

Order Your Unique Piece of Fine Custom Chef’s Cutlery Now!

For weeks, we have been telling you about the EDGES custom cutlery line available for purchase exclusively through Peter Salerno Inc. After weeks of waiting (and a deluge of inquiries to the Peter Salerno Inc. offices), the time is here…

EDGES custom cutlery has arrived and is officially available for purchase!

The Red Monarch, one of the debut knives in the EDGES custom cutlery collection from Peter Salerno Inc.!
The Red Monarch, one of the debut knives in the EDGES custom cutlery collection from Peter Salerno Inc.!

From paring knives to Santoku knives, bread knives to utility knives, each piece of EDGES custom cutlery is unique and one-of-a-kind, featuring unique handles, steel variations, bolsters, spacers and/or burl scales. Your piece of EDGES cutlery will NEVER be replicated, meaning you are not just purchasing a world-class knife, but one you can call your very own.

At Peter Salerno, Inc. it’s important that we not only deliver the ultimate kitchen, but the ultimate cooking experience as well. Cooking is a passion that every designer at Peter Salerno, Inc. shares. Through this passion we discovered that the most important tool while preparing food was the kitchen knife. A poor quality knife can turn cooking into a chore instead of a fun activity.

CLICK HERE for access to the very first fleet of EDGES custom cutlery for purchase!

After speaking with dozens of home-cooks and professional chefs, Anthony Michael Salerno, AKTI, NKBA Member, designed a collection of simple yet elegant designs for both the home kitchen and professional kitchen. Peter Salerno, Inc. collaborated with Aldo Bruno (New Jersey Steel Baron) to use only the highest quality materials and ensure that each knife is hand-ground and hand-assembled right here in New Jersey to bring each client a truly custom piece by local knifemakers.

The "01" Paring Knife, one of the debut knives in the EDGES custom cutlery collection from Peter Salerno Inc.!
The “01” Paring Knife, one of the debut knives in the EDGES custom cutlery collection from Peter Salerno Inc.!

Leading culinary experts, from professional chefs to culinary event managers, have raved about their use with the EDGES custom cutlery prototypes. Now, the first fleet of custom knives is fresh out of Aldo Bruno’s studio and ready for you to use and cherish in your home kitchen, restaurant or professional dining facility!

Anthony designed these knives with three aspects in mind: Performance, Handling, and Looks. Each knife has its own distinct look and feel while remaining balanced, ergonomic, and light. All of our knives are perfectly balanced at the ricasso with contoured handles to ensure your knife feels like an extension of your hand.

For more information and to order your own piece of fine EDGES custom cutlery, please click on this link to view our debut fleet or call (201) 251-6608 to speak with a Peter Salerno Inc. representative.

Professional Chef Testimonial: Why EDGES Custom Cutlery Is Superior

Professional Chef Testimonial: Why EDGES Custom Cutlery Is Superior

Culinary Specialist Explains Why You Should Own EDGES Cutlery

EDGES, the custom cutlery collection, is available exclusively from Peter Salerno Inc. Using the highest quality materials and a proprietary “hand-ground, hand-crafted” process, each piece of EDGES custom cutlery is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Sovereign Promo Photo

The founder and creator of EDGES, Anthony Michael Salerno, designed the series of custom knives and cutlery with three objectives in mind: performance, handling, and aesthetic beauty. The ergonomics of each piece are monitored with pinpoint accuracy in mind, and early reviews of the EDGES collection rave about the “perfect balance” between handle and blade.

We could tell you so much about why we love this cutlery collection. But it’s far more important for you to know what professional chefs have to say about actually using the knives in the EDGES collection.

Miele Culinary Events Manager (Princeton, NJ) Mary Moulds slices a beautiful tenderloin.
Miele Culinary Events Manager (Princeton, NJ) Mary Moulds slices a beautiful tenderloin with EDGES custom cutlery.

Mary A. Moulds is a Culinary Events Manager for Miele USA. Based out of their Princeton, NJ, showroom, Mary is a highly-qualified professional with a great deal of responsibility (and work) on her shoulders. The knives she uses in a professional setting must be balanced, reliable, and perform to the highest of standards.

When Mary Moulds had the opportunity to handle and work with the EDGES collection, she was instantly impressed by the quality and effectiveness of the various designs in the initial fleet of custom cutlery. We asked Mary for a testimonial about her EDGES experience, and this is what she had to say.

“On November 4, 2015, I had the absolute pleasure of working with the team from Peter Salerno, Inc. as they unveiled their new Miele Transitional Kitchen Display. This was an evening where some of the industry’s finest came out in support of this modern day kitchen & design firm to see what Peter’s team had been working so diligently on. While cooking has always been my passion and I have an opportunity to do this job I love every day, it is also a great chance for me to work in someone else’s kitchen once in a while as I get to experience new and unique opportunities.

One of these opportunities was at this event where I got the exclusive chance to work on the new line of custom knives called “Edges”, designed by Anthony Michael Salerno. Everyone knows that when a chef travels, they almost always bring their own knives with them because they don’t leave home without them. Before this event, I was asked if I would try out these custom knives and give them a test run. All I can is “Wow”! Where I am normally grabbing 5-6 different knives to do particular things in the
kitchen, I was able to call 3 knives my “go-to” for the evening. There was so much versatility and flexibility in these knives that served dual purposes for the novice or experienced chef. And at last, a chef’s knife with a petite hand in mind. That has always been my problem….finding the right chef knife that worked with my small hand size but still did what I needed it to do. And now, the fact that these knives can be made custom with a pop of color or blade edge angle degree, that will suit everyone who loves to cook or spend time in the kitchen. Every once in a while you use a product that makes you feel good. This was one of those times for me. I used a knife that worked well, but more importantly, made me feel good using it. I could not have asked for more!”

monarch shokwood

If you’re interested in the fine line of EDGES custom cutlery, please contact Peter Salerno Inc. at (201) 251-6608 for more details. 

EDGES Custom Cutlery Collection: Style, Design and Materials [PHOTOS]

EDGES Custom Cutlery Collection: Style, Design and Materials [PHOTOS]

Discover The EDGES Custom Cutlery and Chef’s Knives Collection

In our last article on the official Peter Salerno Inc. blog, we debuted the new EDGES Custom Cutlery by Anthony Michael Salerno collection. Blending practical design with professional craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail, the EDGES collection is truly the custom cutlery collection of choice for the discerning chef.


Now, take a closer look at the EDGES custom cutlery collection (which is currently available through Peter Salerno Inc.). What influenced the EDGES style? What materials are used? How are the knives created, crafted and forged? And what makes EDGES a truly superior line of custom cutlery?

Call the Peter Salerno Inc. office at (201) 251-6608 to place an order.

Find out exclusive details about EDGES custom cutlery here.

EDGES Custom Cutlery: Select Your Steel

Edges custom cutlery: The Monarch.
Edges custom cutlery: The Monarch.

Not only can you select from one of EDGES’ six custom cutlery and chef’s knife options, but you can have your EDGES cutlery crafted in three different types of steel.

  • AEB-L Stainless – the highest quality stainless available for kitchen cutlery.

  • 52100 High Carbon Steel – a carbon steel known for extreme durability and given a “forced patina” to assist in rust prevention. 

  • San-Mai – a mixture of high carbon and stainless steel. A carbon steel core is sandwiched between two pieces of stainless for a piece that is not only beautiful to look at, but extremely effective in the kitchen. 

In addition, there is absolutely no plastic used in the construction of EDGES handles, which are fitted with solid pins and crafted from the highest-quality materials. All EDGES knife handles come with a polished finish standard.

Currently, EDGES custom cutlery handles are available in stabilized burl, carbon fiber, stabilized exotic woods, and synthetics and acrylics such as mother of pearl and Kirinite. Handle pins are available in 304 stainless steel, omitted bolster (Micarta or G10), brass and G10.

EDGES Custom Cutlery: Design With Function In Mind

Edges custom cutlery: The Steward (paring knife).
Edges custom cutlery: The Steward (paring knife).

EDGES knives have gone through countless redesigns and testing to ensure the perfect cut, the perfect fit, and the perfect look.  Knives in two handle sizes (Full Sized & Petite) to ensure that no matter who is using the set, there will always be a perfect fit between knife and hand. The contours of EDGES knives are more than just “pretty lines;” every curve is about function and ease of use.

Perhaps most impressive about these beautiful custom knives is their impeccable point of balance. At a recent Peter Salerno Inc. event, master chefs such as Michael Latour were able to balance EDGES knives on a fingertip at their fulcrum (the finger choil); no blade outweighs its handle, or vice versa. The attention to balance creates an effortless cutting motion for the user.

Anthony Michael Salerno and the EDGES team spent countless hours developing the ideal edge geometry for these knives. As a result, even an inexperienced home cook can create paper-thin tomato slices with ease.

For more information about the individual knives and cutlery sets available in the current EDGES collection, click here. To place an order, call Peter Salerno Inc. at (201) 251-6608.