‘Refined Flourishes’ | Gorgeous Bathroom Design Featured by HGTV

‘Refined Flourishes’ | Gorgeous Bathroom Design Featured by HGTV

When your bathroom design makes an HGTV list called ‘30 Dreamy Kitchens and Bathrooms“, you know you’re doing something right. One of our all-time favorite bathroom designs, constructed by our parent company Peter Salerno Inc., received such an honor recently.

A quarter-sawn center island instantly makes this bathroom stand out. The rich medium brown pops against the sage green wall paint and bright white windows, custom cabinetry and trim. An excellent example of style meeting substance, the center island provides copious storage space within reaching distance of both the vanity and the slipper tub.

bathroom design island peter salerno inc
A gorgeous bathroom design from Peter Salerno Inc., featured by HGTV.

Can we talk about the slipper tub, by the way? It doesn’t get much more luxurious than sliding into a freshly-drawn hot bath alongside a stretch of large white windows overlooking a tree-lined backyard. We’re dreaming about sliding those windows open in the summer and enjoying a beautiful breeze while we soak in the tub.

The amount of ambient light available in this Peter Salerno Inc. bathroom design allows the installed lighting fixtures to be elegant and understated. The central chandelier piece above the quarter-sawn island draws most of the focus in terms of lighting fixtures, but we love the simple sconce work on the vanity.

“A natural stone floor is accentuated by a mosaic tile border, while sophisticated moldings highlight all the architectural elements of the space,” says HGTV.com contributing writer Chelsey Bowen. Take a closer look at the mosaic tile border; the small, intricate piecework sits in contrast with the large natural stones.

We’re interested – what do you think about the large center island in this bathroom design? Do you like it? What about the slipper tub? And which of the other 29 kitchens and bathrooms featured in Chelsey Bowen’s HGTV.com article stand out to you? Let’s have a conversation!

HGTV’s Must-See Spring Color Trends For 2017

HGTV Delivers Spring 2017 Color Trends and Advice

One of our go-to articles for Spring 2017 lifestyle and design is courtesy of HGTV’s Chelsey Bowen. Her piece, “Must-See Spring Color Trends”, is a practical-yet-stunning guide to freshening up the colors that define your home design.

The moment Pantone revealed its Spring 2017 official color palette, it was clear we were in for a bright, natural and vibrant year in color design. From natural tones like Greenery, Kale and Hazelnut to eye-popping tones like Pink Yarrow and Flame, Pantone made it clear that spring most certainly “sprung” in 2017 design trends.

What we love about Chelsey Bowen’s HGTV article regarding spring color trends is that every one of her tips is applicable to a real living space. All too often, fashion and home designers create motifs and designs that just don’t have much real-world application. Chelsey takes great care to ensure that all her Spring 2017 color and design tips can (and will) work in virtually any home of any size and budget.

These 8 HGTV tips for smart spring home design range from powerful blocks of color to intelligent use of neutral tones, and from luxurious and opulent to sleek and simple.

Here are just a few of our favorite trends spotted by Chelsey Bowen and the team at HGTV. For the full list (and photo gallery), head over to the full article on HGTV’s website.

Spring 2017 Color Trend #1: “Classic Meets Chic”

“Liven up traditional design with the hottest spring colors,” Chelsey Bowen suggests, and we couldn’t agree more. Traditional kitchen design (like the one pictured from Peter Salerno Inc.’s Tesoro collection) never goes out of style – in fact, a traditional design is a smart choice for long-term home owners.

Peter Salerno Inc.'s award-winning 2015 kitchen design. Photo credit Peter Rymwid.
A Peter Salerno Inc. award-winning kitchen design. Photo credit Peter Rymwid.

To give that traditional kitchen a new “pop” for spring, try utilizing the “it colors” of the season. In this example, Peter Salerno and his team use a Provence blue La Cornue range (much like Pantone’s Niagara) as the central focus for a kitchen design and couples that with the light blue shade on the island base. The design also uses pops of Hazelnut in the backsplash and fresh greens and vegetables to add yellows and reds to the aesthetic.

Spring 2017 Color Trend #2: “Luxurious Surroundings”

Chelsey’s take on “luxurious surroundings” includes keeping the palette “light and airy”, a nod to the natural, outdoorsy feel of this season’s Pantone colors. Light blues and yellows, tidy neutrals and plenty of ambient light help create an air of class, distinction and elegance to your home design.

Add fresh colors to your kitchen design for Summer 2016!
Peter Salerno Inc. award-winning custom kitchen design.

This kitchen design uses a touch of summery yellow wallpaper and recessed interior cabinet lighting (along with dimmed island lighting and a dining room chandelier) to create a warm, amber touch of elegance and class. The rest of the design is kept stately and distinct with bright, clean whites and warm neutral wood tones, and the open floor plan allows for plenty of ambient light.

Spring 2017 Color Trend #3: “Modern Take on Neutral”

With all the eye-catching color adorning Spring 2017 designs, neutrals must play a role to keep balance. Unlike the past, however, “neutral” is no longer synonymous with “boring” or “old-fashioned”. Rather, the proper use of intriguing neutrals and brilliant whites can work wonders in a modern design setting.

Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

For example, this gorgeous transitional kitchen design manages to convey modernity while being almost entirely comprised of white and taupe/brown neutrals. The trick, as designer Peter Salerno Inc. explained to “Design Your Lifestyle”, is all in being creative while maintaining a natural flow. We adore the statement island lighting (Exter 16-jar pendants from Pottery Barn), and the slightly out-sized unique stainless steel island countertop (1 1/2″ Stainless Steel by EMI Industries in Boonton, NJ).