Pantone During A Pandemic | A Natural Palette

Pantone During A Pandemic | A Natural Palette

It’s hard to feel that ‘creative spark’ during “shelter in place” sometimes. For artists and designers, social distancing often means feeling a disconnect from the collaborators and teammates with whom we love to work. It’s important that we find new ways to ignite our inspiration, and new approaches to the creative process.

Pantone 2020 color kitchen design Natural Palette

Color has always been a motivating factor and constant source of energy in our creative process. Thanks to Pantone, color now has ‘a language’ – a worldwide color matching system that allows you to seamlessly transition between graphic, textile, online and home design. Need that exact shade of blue to translate from your screen to your kitchen design? Pantone has you covered.

We love turning to Pantone (especially during this pandemic) to keep us connected to creative energy, trending colors and artistic design inspiration.

In the “Pantone During A Pandemic” series, we will highlight some of Pantone’s color trend report selections and group them into categories. From optimistic to calming, bold to reliable, we hope these Pantone color collections will help you reconnect with your muse and “flex that creative muscle”!

Pantone Color Trends | A Natural Palette for 2020

We can’t all get out and enjoy nature during this pandemic, so the next best thing for many of us is to design with nature in mind. Natural tones and earth tones help reconnect with the world around us, and provide solace and the warmth of familiarity during difficult times. From soft floral colors to dark leafy greens, the browns of stone and bark to the colors of the sky, here are 5 of our favorite colors from Pantone’s 2020 color trend reports collected into one natural palette.


Pantone 13-0822

Collection: Pantone New York Spring 2020

Pantone 2020 color kitchen design Sunlight

Warm and inviting, Sunlight provides a versatile design color to begin our natural palette for 2020. Will you use it as a cheery, friendly yellow, or a brighter-than-usual neutral? Either way, the Pantone color Sunlight provides an instant sensation of relaxation and comfort.


Pantone 19-0323

Collection: Pantone New York Spring 2020

PANTONE 2020 kitchen design color Chive

In nature, chives are dense in nutrients that promote bone heath and good sleep. In this Pantone color palette, Chive is packed with natural lush green. Described by Pantone’s Laurie Pressman as having “savory” and “restorative” qualities, Chive is a winning design color.


Pantone 16-1328

Collection: Pantone New York Autumn 2020

Pantone 2020 color kitchen design Sandstone

Sandstone rests at the core of this natural color palette, providing sturdy earth-toned balance. Whether it rests in wood tones, colored stone, or rustic design elements, Sandstone is a “backbone” shade that remains warm enough to not be dull.


Pantone 14-1513

Collection: Pantone London Spring 2020

Pantone 2020 color kitchen design Blossom

As in nature, a floral color doesn’t need to be overbearing to stand out. Blossom is a soft pink Pantone shade that provides just enough “pop” to pull this collection into focus. Fresh and fragrant, Blossom brings an understated charm and youthful energy to this design palette.

Jet Stream

Pantone 11-0605

Collection: Pantone London Autumn 2020 (Classics)

Pantone 2020 color kitchen design Jet Stream

“[A]n off-white suggestive of our affinity for raw and recycled” is how Pantone’s Laurie Pressman describes Jet Stream. An off-white that reminds us of recycled paper, Jet Stream is a casual neutral that can be used in place of pure white to bring some intrigue to the “in-between spaces” of your color design.

PANTONE Colors To Watch At the 2020 Academy Awards

PANTONE Colors To Watch At the 2020 Academy Awards

The Academy Awards are more than a celebration of cinema – they’re an annual symbol of style, trends and luxury. From the Oscar stage to the red carpet, styles and trends for the entire year are often defined on one night in Los Angeles, California.

The 2020 Academy Awards are no different. With a multitude of stars descending on LA for the 2020 Oscars ceremony, the eyes of the world will focus keenly on those in attendance. The 92nd annual Academy Awards (and the red carpet before them) will be draped in beautiful color and elegant style.

But which colors will steal the show at the 2020 Oscars?

There’s “Oscars Gold”, of course. The classic color and silhouette of the statuette itself are legendary. But what’s the best color match for the actual red carpet? What is the color of Joaquin Phoenix’s infamous suit in the film Joker? What’s the exact color match for the yellow in the Toy Story logo? And what colors are destined to shine on the Oscars red carpet in 2020?

Here’s a list of colors you should be looking out for while you watch the 92nd annual Academy Awards!

2020 Academy Awards | PANTONE Colors From the Movies

Joker Suit Red/Orange (Joker’s suit color from the film “Joker”)

Pantone 1665 C // RGB 220 68 5

PANTONE 2020 color Joker Suit Joaquin Phoenix orange red

Ford Blue (from the official film poster for “Ford vs Ferrari”)

Pantone 7458 U // RGB 103 165 191

PANTONE 2020 color Ford vs Ferrari Ford blue

Ferrari Red (from the official film poster for “Ford vs Ferrari”)

Pantone 7597 XGC // RGB 213 70 50

PANTONE 2020 color Ford vs Ferrari Ferrari red

Toy Story Yellow (from the official logo and poster for “Toy Story 4”)

Pantone 116 C // RGB 255 205 0

PANTONE 2020 color Toy Story yellow Toy Story logo Toy Story 4

1917 Uniform (best color match to uniforms worn in the film “1917”)

Pantone 19-0312 TPG “Beetle” // RGB 95 99 89

PANTONE 2020 color 1917 film 1917 military uniform color

2020 Academy Awards | PANTONE Colors From the Ceremony

Oscar Gold (the unofficial PANTONE color of the Oscar statuette)

Pantone P 17-7 C // RGB 235 168 71

PANTONE 2020 Academy Awards color Oscar gold

Red Carpet Red (best PANTONE match for the red carpet color)

Pantone 3517 U // RGB 188 62 68

PANTONE 2020 Academy Awards color red carpet red

2020 Academy Awards | PANTONE Colors Trending on the Red Carpet

Classic Blue (the 2020 PANTONE Color of the Year)

Pantone 19-4052 TCX // RGB 15 76 129

Pantone 2020 Color of the Year Classic Blue

Flame Scarlet

Pantone 18-1662 TCX // RGB 205 33 42

PANTONE 2020 red carpet color Flame Scarlet


Pantone 19-0323 TCX // RGB 74 83 53

PANTONE 2020 red carpet color Chive

Brilliant White

Pantone 11-4001 TCX // RGB 237 241 254

PANTONE 2020 Academy Awards color white color Brilliant White

The Trendiest PANTONE Greens For Christmas 2019 | A Design Guide

The Trendiest PANTONE Greens For Christmas 2019 | A Design Guide

Which green is the RIGHT green for Christmas design in 2019? In a recent article, we laid out the six trendiest red PANTONE colors for this holiday season. Push aside the poinsettia and tie up some mistletoe, because it’s time for green to take center stage for Christmas design!

As usual, we turn to the team at PANTONE to assist our color design decisions.

The six green shades trending for Christmas 2019 design come directly from the latest PANTONE trend reports – from 2019, Spring 2020, & the color palette suggestions for Classic Blue, the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year.

Water Nymph is perhaps our favorite of all the trending green PANTONE colors. Set as a metallic complement to Classic Blue in textile palettes, we love the accompanying color in virtually all formats (PANTONE 20-0187 TPM, for reference). Explore the Metallic Shimmer, but don’t rule out designing with the “matte” version as well – it’s a lush medium green we can’t resist at Christmas.

2020 seems to be ushering in some blue-green color choices, and we’ve chosen Forest Biome (PANTONE 19-5230 TCX) from their ranks. Several green tones on our list evoke images of food and spices in your holiday kitchen (Green Olive, Chive).

Rounding out our “list of six” are the 2019 standout Eden and the cheery Classic Blue palette companion Jasmine Green. Whether your Christmas design aesthetic is “merry and bright” or “Holly and Ivy”, we think you’ll find a trendy PANTONE shade of green to love this holiday season on our list!

6 Trendy Greens for Christmas 2019

Water Nymph

PANTONE 2019 Christmas green color Water Nymph


PANTONE 2019 Christmas green color Eden

Forest Biome

PANTONE 2019 Christmas green color Forest Biome


PANTONE 2019 Christmas green color Chive

Jasmine Green

PANTONE 2019 Christmas green color Jasmine Green

Green Olive

PANTONE 2019 Christmas green color Green Olive