’59 Corvette Transformed Into Motorized Man Cave Bar of Your Dreams [VIDEO]

’59 Corvette Becomes Amazing Bar: Watch Video!

Do you love classic cars? Do you dream about having an incredible, world-class bar in your own home? Why not fulfill BOTH your love of great cars and great bars at the same time?

The Peter Salerno Inc. showroom at 511 Goffle Road in Wyckoff, NJ, is home to some extraordinary, award-winning kitchen and bath designs. One of the most beloved pieces in Peter’s showroom is the 1957 Corvette that has been transformed into a fully mechanized wet bar, complete with working headlights, custom sink and faucet, glassware, and an industrial toolbox that doubles as a working refrigerator.

 Check out the video of the most amazing bar in the world:

The Peter Salerno 1959 Corvette bar is the perfect way to showcase its Man Cave Classics line, and how Peter Salerno Inc. can transform your den or living area into a truly magnificent, one-of-a-kind man cave that will be the envy of your friends and loved ones.

Want to know more about how Peter Salerno Inc. can build the custom bar of your dreams? Do you want to take your man cave to the next level? Fill out the contact form below for more information on this amazing ’59 Corvette bar and the rest of Peter Salerno’s Man Cave Classics collection!

Happy Halloween From Peter Salerno Inc.!

Happy Halloween From Peter Salerno Inc.!

Scooby Doo and Slimer Visit The Peter Salerno Inc. Showroom

When Peter Salerno walked into his award-winning design showroom in Wyckoff, NJ, this morning, he thought something seemed… funny.

Maybe it was the flickering lights. Maybe it was the chill in the air. Or maybe it was the weird creaking noise coming from the 1959 Corvette that becomes the world’s most amazing bar.

Anthony, Tracy and Gabrielle Salerno soon entered the office, and the four of them tip-toed into the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom quietly. The La Cornue showpiece kitchen seemed normal. All the fixtures were in working order. Nobody could seem to figure out what was wrong.

Finally, Tracy turned to the group and said, “Hey guys… maybe it’s the humongous green ghost that’s hanging out in the Cadillac.”

We caught Slimer hanging out in the Peter Salerno 1959 Corvette bar.
We caught Slimer hanging out in the Peter Salerno 1959 Corvette bar.

It seems like Slimer, the famous ghost from “Ghostbusters”, decided to take up residence in the hood of the 1959 Corvette wet bar. (Whether he liked the car or wanted a martini, we’ll never know.)

Either way, Peter Salerno and his family quickly called Scooby Doo and the gang to solve the case. Sadly, all Scooby and Shaggy wanted to do was hang out in one of the showroom kitchens and order a pizza.

Scooby and the gang having a pizza in the Peter Salerno showroom.
Scooby and the gang having a pizza in the Peter Salerno showroom.

On second thought, maybe Peter should have called the Ghostbusters instead.

Happy Halloween from Peter Salerno Inc.! Be safe, be spooky, and have fun!