July 2016: Celebrate National Grilling Month in Style! [PART 1]

BBQ Lovers Rejoice! July is National Grilling Month

Barbecue lovers and grill masters, it’s officially YOUR time to shine! July 2016 is National Grilling Month in the United States. That means it’s your chance to break out the brisket, sharpen your best knives and heat up those hot dogs – and it’s time to grill in style!

July 2016 is National Grilling Month! (Credit: Elena Chochkova, Wiki Commons)
July 2016 is National Grilling Month! (Credit: Elena Chochkova, Wiki Commons)

Yes, we know many of you don’t associate “barbecue” with “style”. From the grease to the heat, tacky aprons to messy stains, getting back to your backyard grill is often a down-and-dirty experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

Great barbecue chefs and grill masters know that, if approached with the proper tools and mindset, an average summer cookout can become an extraordinary culinary occasion!

From the perfect grill approach to the perfect knives, bold new recipes to flavorful complimentary grill dishes, we have you covered for the summer as National Grilling Month (July 2016) draws near!

Make sure you keep checking back to our blog so you can Design Your Lifestyle with the grill in mind. Let’s start this National Grilling Month series off in style, with your perfect accessories for the perfect backyard BBQ.

National Grilling Month: Best BBQ Knives & Accessories

EDGES Custom Cutlery

If you’ve been to our blog before, you know how in love we are with EDGES custom cutlery. Handcrafted by artisans and steel barons here in the USA, every EDGES knife is handcrafted to your unique specifications – ensuring every single piece of EDGES cutlery is one-of-a-kind, never to be duplicated!

EDGES BBQ knife, custom built for every order. (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)
EDGES BBQ knife, custom built for every order. (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)

Just in time for National Grilling Month, EDGES introduces their custom BBQ knife, which by our standards is the very best on the market. The EDGES BBQ knife (pictured above) comes equipped and ready for grilling action, with 6″ AEB-L blade and your choice of handle.

EDGES custom cutlery also delivers one of the finest paring knives on the market, perfect for meal preparation for the best barbecue of the summer. To order your own custom EDGES BBQ knife, paring knife or other fine custom cutlery, contact Peter Salerno Inc. at (201) 251-6608.

Grillbot: Automatic Grill-Cleaning Robot

If you’re a tech junkie who wants a state-of-the-art way to clean your grill, then the Grillbot is perfect for you. An automatic grill-cleaning robot, the Grillbot saves you valuable time and energy – not to mention does a better job than virtually any human could!

The Grillbot automatic grill-cleaning robot is one of our favorite BBQ gadgets!
The Grillbot automatic grill-cleaning robot is one of our favorite BBQ gadgets!

Simply turn on your Grillbot and let it go to work, and spend more time with family and loved ones enjoying the barbecue meal you worked so hard to create.

The Grillbot offers push button start for easy use, and a built-in CPU chip regulates its speed and direction. It also alerts you when the job is done, and comes with an on-board timer. Talk about easy cleaning!

Keep visiting our blog in the coming weeks as we continue to celebrate National Grilling Month (July 2016) in grand style!

Man Cave Month, From Peter Salerno’s Grill: Best BBQ Texas Beef Brisket

Our Favorite Recipe For BBQ Beef Brisket

As the weather gets nicer, it’s never too early to step outside for a delicious barbecue. In honor of Man Cave Month at Peter Salerno Inc., we’re offering up one of our all-time favorite barbecue recipes: the BBQ Texas Beef Brisket, as posted by the experts at AmazingRibs. (If you haven’t checked out AmazingRibs, please do so: they’ve earned their name!)

The great thing about recipes from AmazingRibs is that you’re guided, step-by-step, through the often complicated process of creating delicious barbecue. In this case, their Texas Barbecue Brisket recipe has it all covered: recipes for homemade sauce and rub, exactly what to look for when buying brisket, how to prepare and slice the brisket, and exactly how much prep and resting time your brisket will need. Even the most inexperienced BBQ cook will look like a grill master!

This recipe for BBQ beef brisket is one of Peter Salerno's favorites. (Credit AmazingRibs)
This recipe for BBQ beef brisket is one of Peter Salerno’s favorites. (Credit AmazingRibs)

There’s no way we can convey all this brisket recipe material without giving due credit, so we’re posting the most pertinent details to get you started. Once you’re ready, make sure you check out the full recipe, instructions and guide at AmazingRibs to achieve the perfect Texas BBQ beef brisket recipe and results.

So take a quick break from your man cave, step outside into the warm sunshine, and get to grilling!

Texas BBQ Beef Brisket Recipe Essentials (from AmazingRibs.com)

1 grill or smoker with lots of fuel
6 feet of heavy-duty aluminum foil
16 ounces by weight of hard wood chunks, chips, or pellets for smoking
digital meat thermometer
digital oven thermometer
plastic beer cooler bigger than the brisket (not styrofoam, which could melt)
1 towel or blanket
long, thin, sharp knife
Cooking log
1 alarm clock
lawn chair
good book
6 pack of beer
1 pair of shades
Sun tan lotion
A crowd of hungry friends

The Meat
1/2 cup Big Bad Beef Rub (check out AmazingRibs for this recipe!)
1 whole packer brisket about 12 pounds, untrimmed, USDA Choice grade or higher
1/8 cup of beef broth per pound of raw meat for injecting
1/2 cup of beef broth for use in the Texas Crutch

The Sauce
2 cups of Texas Barbecue Mop-Sauce (check out AmazingRibs for this recipe!) for a packer, or 1 cup for a HOF