Peter Salerno’s Custom Tin Range Hoods: The Process

Peter Salerno’s Custom Tin Range Hoods: The Process

One of Peter Salerno’s signature design elements is his use of reclaimed tin from historic locations to create stunning custom range hoods and ceiling pieces in his award-winning kitchen designs. But how does this world-class designer take a raw material that’s seemingly headed from the scrap heap, and transform it into a luxurious statement piece?

Peter Salerno Inc. custom kitchen designs have utilized reclaimed tin in a myriad of ways. From majestic soffit designs to custom refrigerator doors to custom cabinetry, Peter and his team have shown their love for (and mastery of) reclaimed tin in design. But perhaps the hallmark of Peter Salerno’s tin kitchen design features is his custom tin range hoods.

How can Peter Salerno turn this piece of reclaimed tin... (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)
How can Peter Salerno turn this piece of reclaimed tin… (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)

You can see the reclaimed tin from Route 66 used to create the custom La Cornue range hood and Swarovski crystal studded recessed tin ceiling in the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom in Wyckoff, NJ. Reclaimed tin from a hotel in Chicago was used in the “Jewel Box” kitchen, named 2014 Best Small Kitchen by NKBA and a People’s Choice Kitchen for 2014 by HGTV.

Peter Salerno's 2014 NKBA Best Kitchen. (Credit Peter Rymwid)
Into this custom tin range hood in an NKBA award winning kitchen design?

Walking through the creation process of Peter Salerno’s custom tin range hoods and recessed ceilings truly awe-inspiring. Peter knows the background of every piece of reclaimed tin that he works with – whether it’s a gas station on Route 66, or a hotel in Chicago, or a reclaimed tin roof.

Peter Salerno, with a piece of reclaimed tin in his showroom...
Peter Salerno, with a piece of reclaimed tin in his showroom…

Peter and his staff of artisans take great pride in turning the everyday into the extraordinary, and there is much to be said for taking a piece of tin once considered “scrap” and turning it into personalized treasure in your very own award-winning kitchen.

And the finished tin, on the range hood, refrigerator and ceiling. (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)
And the finished tin, on the range hood, refrigerator and ceiling. (Credit Peter Salerno Inc.)

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Using Swarovski Crystal in Modern Kitchen Design [PHOTOS]

Using Swarovski Crystal in Modern Kitchen Design [PHOTOS]

We’ll be right back the second we stop drooling. It might take awhile.  In the meantime, look at how gorgeous this Swarovski crystal design is on a new kitchen ceiling soffit.

You see why we’re gushing, right? This stunning blue and clear Swarovski crystal pattern lays dramatically on a tin ceiling soffit design by Peter Salerno Inc. – our parent company, and the most award-winning North American kitchen design firm of the 21st century.

The gorgeous color combination sparkles beautifully against the silver backdrop, adding a sense of extravagant luxury to what many consider “just another kitchen design element”. For far too long, kitchen soffits have been seen as something to be hidden, a “necessary evil”. Peter Salerno and his team have once again turned the ordinary into the extraordinary, combining form and function to turn a soffit into a masterpiece.

It’s just another example of how a master kitchen designer can help you upgrade from a statement kitchen to an award-winning showstopper.

“Add a mink wrap for the walls,” one Instagram user gushed in tongue-in-cheek style, noting the opulence of the crystal design. Nothing was overlooked in this Peter Salerno Inc. Swarovski soffit design. Large crystals were crushed into smaller pieces and set between the floral crystal design elements, causing light to reflect and sparkle off nearly every square inch of the soffit design.

And why not go for that “wow factor” in your dream kitchen design? It’s your home, after all; if the kitchen is your gathering place for friends, family and loved ones, it ought to be the centerpiece of your whole home design!

The truth is, kitchen ceiling soffits can be the crown on your kitchen design masterpiece! In the past, soffits were strictly created to hide wiring and cover the underside of surfaces, without much thought to ‘curb appeal’ or aesthetic value. Today’s smartest designers (like Peter Salerno Inc.) understand that every square inch of design space is an opportunity to add on to a masterpiece.

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Perhaps Swarovski crystal doesn’t fit your personal aesthetic, and that’s fine! The point here has nothing to do with specific design materials and everything to do with thinking about kitchen design in fresh, innovative ways. Soffits don’t have to be hidden; sometimes, the only difference between mundane and masterful is expert approach and vision. Consulting with an expert kitchen designer or kitchen design firm might be the difference between ‘a very nice kitchen’ and a magnificent space for you and your loved ones to enjoy for decades.

Are you inspired by this gorgeous Swarovski crystal kitchen soffit design? How will YOU make your dream kitchen stand out? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below!