5 Great Reasons to Attend KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas

5 Great Reasons to Attend KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas

We don’t need to tell you that KBIS is the pre-eminent home design conference and convention of the year. Each year, the NKBA’s Kitchen & Bath Industry Showcase (KBIS) shatters expectations – and attendance records – for the kitchen and bath design industry, raising the bar of ingenuity, inventiveness and innovation to new heights.

The NKBA presents KBIS 2020: the Kitchen and Bath Industry Showcase from Las Vegas.

This year, KBIS 2020 will take place from January 21-23, 2020, in Las Vegas, Nevada. KBIS 2020’s theme, “Where Design Is Moving”, is to be taken as a statement and an invitation – after all, KBIS is the best place to watch the design industry in motion as it rockets into the future.

You already know KBIS 2020 brings together world-class design innovation, an unparalleled floor of exhibitors, tremendous entertainment and seminars with kitchen and bath design experts. But why should you attend THIS year’s KBIS 2020? What makes this incarnation of the design conference so special?

Here are 5 spectacular reasons to attend KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas.

KBIS 2020 takes place from January 21-23, 2020, in Las Vegas.

5 Reasons to Attend KBIS 2020 in Las Vegas

1. The 1st Ever NKBA Renovation Angel Luxury Recycling Kitchen Awards.

Ingenuity and environmentalism collide as KBIS 2020 hosts the first-ever NKBA Renovation Angel Luxury Recycling Kitchen Awards. In October 2019, the NKBA and Renovation Angel announced the awards:

NKBA is proud to introduce the Luxury Kitchen Recycling Awards, in partnership with  Renovation Angel, a luxury kitchen recycling company, to recognize these efforts in the kitchen universe. The inaugural awards will be presented at KBIS 2020, on the KBIS NeXT Stage, Jan. 22 in Las Vegas.

The awards will acknowledge kitchen designers, architects, interior designers, showrooms and manufacturers who have rescued one or more kitchens for recycling, reuse and resale or donation.

It’s a wonderful step taken by all parties involved. The Awards will be given out January 22, 2020, at 11:00 a.m.

2. The Stellar 2020 State of the Industry Panel.

What a lineup KBIS has compiled for the KBIS 2020 State of the Industry. The panel will be moderated by Fox Business anchor Melissa Francis and cover critical industry topics, ranging from skilled labor to tariffs to economic shifts. Joining Melissa Francis will be some of the industry’s pre-eminent voices:

  • Adam Sandow, Chairman and CEO of Sandow Media;
  • Katty Pien, CMO of LIXIL Americas;
  • Randy Warner, President of Dacor; and
  • Mikael Akerberg, Chairman and CEO of Nobilia North America.

3. The Innovative Showroom Awards.

The Innovative Showroom Awards panel features a bevy of past winners and notaries, including Peter Salerno, CMKBD (of Peter Salerno Inc.). Salerno won the award in 2015 for his Wyckoff, NJ, showroom; an award he stated was “an honor” to win. Salerno and other notable kitchen and bath designers will help judge this year’s entrants.

4. The KBIS Edit Boutique.

This invitation-only space is a boutique love letter to niche producers. Artisans, small-batch producers, exclusive luxury brands and bespoke manufacturers will display their kitchen and bath wares to the lucky few who enter the KBIS Edit Boutique.

5. The Doobie Brothers.

Yes, you read that right. What good is the work if you can’t celebrate with some play at the end? The remarkable, legendary Doobie Brothers will bring their bluesy classic rock hits to the IBS Closing Concert that rounds out KBIS 2020 on January 23rd at 5 p.m. in the Paradise Event Center.

Peter Salerno Visits Miele Showroom in Princeton, NJ [PHOTOS]

Peter Salerno Visits Miele Showroom in Princeton, NJ [PHOTOS]

New Peter Salerno Inc. Showroom Vignette to Feature Miele Appliances

It’s quite a special day when the owner of 2015’s NKBA Most Innovative Small Showroom national design award visits the showroom of the hottest appliance supplier in the world. For Peter Salerno and the Peter Salerno Inc. team, their recent visit to the Miele showroom in Princeton, New Jersey, was a wonderful experience.

Nick - President of Miele USA, Peter - President of Peter Salerno Inc, Anthony Salerno, Bob - Vice President Miele USA
Exclusive photo from Peter Salerno’s visit to Miele USA’s Princeton  showroom.

Peter Salerno Inc. and Miele USA are partnering on a new design vignette in the world-renowned Peter Salerno Inc. showroom (located at 511 Goffle Road in Wyckoff, NJ). Peter’s vision for a modern, transitional kitchen design vignette required the most sophisticated, technologically sound, and streamlined blend of kitchen appliances on the market – and that led him directly to Miele.

Peter Salerno, Anthony Salerno and Oberg & Lindquist manager Bill Volz visited Miele’s Princeton showroom and were treated to a day of product demonstrations, jaw-dropping technological advancements in kitchen appliances, and the company of some of Miele USA’s pre-eminent members.

Peter was accompanied by a “who’s who” of industry leaders from Miele USA:

    • Nick Ord – President of Miele USA
    • Bob Fava – Vice President of Sales
    • Jim Lewis – Business Development Manager
    • Mike Icovino – Director of Builder Sales
    • Mary Moulds- Culinary Advisor
    • Daniel Gallagher, Territory Manager – Sales

The centerpiece of the Miele showroom tour (and of Peter Salerno’s upcoming transitional kitchen vignette) is undoubtedly the Miele Combi-steam oven – which is is quite possibly the most versatile, sophisticated oven in the world. With over 20 unique program settings (over 20!) and 8 features and functions exclusive to Miele alone, its functionality alone makes it one of the most impressive kitchen appliances the staff at Peter Salerno Inc. has ever seen.

The Miele Combi-Steam oven may be the best oven in the world [Photo credit: Miele USA]
The Miele Combi-Steam oven may be the best oven in the world [Photo credit: Miele USA]
Miele’s Combi-Steam oven offers the full functionality of a steam oven AND the full functionality of a convection oven in one appliance. Beyond that, the combi-steam feature allows you to use both steam and convection technologies together, making this Miele oven the only appliance you need to prepare every possible facet and course of a meal – at the same time!

Peter and his team were also treated to a demonstration of the Miele Generation 6000 Coffee System. The new coffee system includes a new CupSensor, EasyClick Milk System and One Touch for Two features. Exclusive to Miele, the CupSensor automatically adjusts the height of the spout to the optimum position for different cup and glass sizes.

What other outstanding features and Miele appliances will accompany Peter Salerno’s world-class, award-winning custom kitchen design elements in the brand new Peter Salerno Inc. transitional kitchen vignette? Stay tuned!

For more information about Peter Salerno Inc., their award-winning kitchen designs, and the Generation 6000 line of Miele appliances, fill out the contact form below!

Peter Salerno + Clients Celebrate NKBA Award-Winning Kitchen

Peter Salerno + Clients Celebrate NKBA Award-Winning Kitchen

Peter Salerno Inc. was proud to receive another national design award at the 2015 KBIS convention. This year, Peter accepted the national 2nd place award for Best Large Kitchen for his work in a beautiful kitchen for homeowners Tom and Julie Connors.

So of course, Peter and his wife Tracy Salerno had to take Tom and Julie out to celebrate! And what better place to celebrate than one of Peter Salerno’s favorite restaurants, Latour in Ridgewood, NJ.

You may remember executive chef Michael Latour’s stunning cooking video in Peter Salerno Inc.’s La Cornue showplace kitchen from late 2014 (click HERE to watch that amazing video).

Champagne bottles were popped and toasted (and a delicious meal was enjoyed) as Tom and Julie celebrated their award-winning kitchen with Tracy and Peter Salerno!

Peter Salerno Inc. clients Tom and Julie Connors, with their NKBA Best Large Kitchen national design award.
Peter Salerno Inc. clients Tom and Julie Connors, with their NKBA Best Large Kitchen national design award.

In all, Peter Salerno Inc. has received 28 national design awards since 2002, from such outstanding industry names as the NKBA, KBIS, HGTV, and Signature Kitchens & Baths magazine. Peter Salerno’s showroom was also named Best Independent Small Showroom at the KBIS 2015 Innovative Showroom Awards. The nomination process was conducted by public vote, meaning this honor was awarded to the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom not only by industry professionals, but by the public as well.

Peter Salerno Wins Signature Kitchens And Baths’ 2014 Best Traditional Kitchen Award

Peter Salerno Wins 2014 Best Traditional Kitchen, Signature Kitchens And Baths Magazine

It is with a great deal of humility and thanks that Peter Salerno Inc. announces its 1st place award for 2014 Best Traditional Kitchen in Signature Kitchens and Baths Magazine.

Here is a photo of the award-winning kitchen design by Peter Salerno, featured in the latest issue of Signature Kitchens & Baths:

Peter Salerno Inc. wins 1st place, 2014 Best Traditional Kitchen. (Credit Signature Kitchens & Baths)
Peter Salerno Inc. wins 1st place, 2014 Best Traditional Kitchen. (Credit Signature Kitchens & Baths)

Peter Salerno is honored to be the recipient of the 2014 Best Traditional Kitchen award for this New Orleans-inspired kitchen, and was also honored as 2014 Best Bath designer by Signature Kitchens & Baths as well for a French-inspired bath design in Princeton, NJ.

Peter Salerno, CMKBD, has over 30 years of kitchen and bath design experience enhanced by his personal life experiences.  Creativity and personalization are key factors in Peter’s design process. He feels the client should play an instrumental role in the creative process by sharing ideas to help realize their own unique design. With a dedication to artistic authenticity, Peter hand draws all renderings based on client need as well as careful period research.

With this prestigious award, Peter Salerno Inc. now boasts over 30 national design awards won in the last decade.

For more information about this award, please visit Peter Salerno Inc. online.

For inquiries regarding how Peter Salerno Inc. can design your very own custom,  award-winning kitchen or bath, please fill out the contact form below.


Peter Salerno’s Charity Work Featured By NKBA

NKBA Article Displays Peter Salerno’s Charity Work

When it comes to using prize money to help those less fortunate, Peter Salerno puts his money where his mouth is.

A recent article published by the NKBA on its official “NKBA Connect” blog focuses on award-winning master designer Peter Salerno of Peter Salerno Inc., and his charitable efforts in Zimbabwe.

Peter Salerno on a mission trip to Zimbabwe. Peter's charity was profiled by the NKBA. (Credit Peter Salerno)
Peter Salerno on a mission trip to Zimbabwe. Peter’s charity was profiled by the NKBA. (Credit Peter Salerno)

Early in his career, Peter Salerno took a trip to visit the Little Company of Mary Sisters in Zimbabwe, a group that provides medicine, food and treatment to the impoverished. Peter promised himself that if he ever won any prize money for his designs, he would donate it to the Little Company of Mary Sisters. And he’s done just that – with every penny of prize money he’s won.

Not only has Peter Salerno donated all his design award money to charity, he’s matched it dollar-for-dollar out of his own pocket. Since 2003, Peter Salerno Inc. has won an astounding 19 NKBA design awards, matching their prize money each time.

  • For information about Peter Salerno Inc.’s award-winning designs, click here.
  • For information about the Little Company of Mary Sisters of Southern Africa, click here.
  • For information about the NKBA and its NKBA Connect blog, click here.

Peter Salerno’s generosity and commitment to excellence has provided the Little Company of Mary Sisters in Zimbabwe with much-needed gifts like an incubator, medicine and food. Peter has also taken several mission trips to Zimbabwe himself to assist the cause.

In the article, Peter is quick to deflect any praise for his actions.

“It gives you a reason for living,” Peter was quoted as saying by the NKBA, in reference to letters written to him by the Little Company about the impact of his generosity. “When you look at those letters and know what an impact you have on those people, it brings tears to your eyes.”

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