Peter Salerno Inc. Client Update: Beautiful Kitchen Design Photos

Peter Salerno Inc. Client Update: Beautiful Kitchen Design Photos

See These Beautiful Kitchen Design Photos: 1 Year Later!

One year ago, Peter Salerno Inc. installed a custom kitchen in the home of the Carrolls. It was a privilege to work in their home and a pleasure to call them clients.

The work was one of Peter Salerno’s favorite kitchen design projects, and Peter had to check in a year later to see how the Carrolls made the kitchen design their very own. Even the master craftsman himself was blown away by how wonderfully his clients made use of (and maintained) their kitchen space.


The Carrolls’ kitchen design incorporated many of Peter Salerno Inc.’s signature design elements. A custom range hood made from reclaimed metals adorns the over space. A handcrafted custom kitchen island accents the center of the design, complete with bold island accent lighting (a hot design trend executed with a classic flair). And the custom cabinetry, a cornerstone of Salerno kitchen design, looks as beautiful today as it did one year ago.

The kitchen design comes complete with a beautiful black La Cornue range, one of the finest kitchen ranges in the world today. The range is backed by a beautiful custom backsplash, and the complementary floor and wall tile add a large measure of custom class and refined charm to the kitchen space.


Michael and Francine Carroll greatly enjoy sharing this kitchen space with their family and friends, and it is truly the heart of their home.

But words can only say so much – please take a moment to look at these beautiful kitchen design photos from inside the Carrolls’ home, and see for yourself why it is one of Peter Salerno’s favorite kitchen design projects in recent memory!


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Peter Salerno Featured in 2014 NKBA Design Article

Peter Salerno Gives Design Photo Advice In NKBA Article

The NKBA recently turned to award-winning master designer Peter Salerno (of Peter Salerno Inc.) for advice in their latest article on the NKBA Connect Blog.

Outstanding photography helped Peter Salerno Inc. win 2014 NKBA Best Small Kitchen. (Credit Peter Rymwid)
Outstanding photography helped Peter Salerno Inc. win 2014 NKBA Best Small Kitchen. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

The blog article, entitled “Give Your Best ‘Shot’ At Being a Design Competition Winner”, focuses on the importance of outstanding professional photography when submitting a design project for awards consideration. Peter Salerno was interviewed as a trusted expert on the topic, as he is the NKBA’s most awarded kitchen and bath designer of the last decade.

Peter Salerno Inc's 2014 Best Bath award winner. (Credit Peter Rymwid)
Peter Salerno Inc’s 2014 Best Bath award winner. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

Peter’s advice? He tells fellow designers to “invest money in good photography and hire a professional to take the pictures”. For his own company’s work, Peter Salerno utilizes the services of award-winning photographer Peter Rymwid.

More beautiful design photography from Peter Salerno Inc. and Peter Rymwid.
More beautiful design photography from Peter Salerno Inc. and Peter Rymwid.

For the full article text, Peter Salerno’s advice and 2015 NKBA Design Competition information, click here to visit the NKBA Connect Blog article.


Peter Salerno Inc. Thanks Photographer Peter Rymwid

Peter Salerno Inc. Thanks Peter Rymwid

At Peter Salerno Inc., we’re all about the extraordinary. We take the utmost care and pride to bring our clients one-of-a-kind, award-winning designs that change the way they live. From kitchens to baths, bars to “man caves” and beyond, Peter Salerno and his team of designers find joy in transforming the personal and professional spaces of their valued clients and friends.

Peter Salerno loves to share photos of his work that truly display the craftsmanship, artistry, and attention to detail they possess. When it comes to that high level of photography, we have come to trust the phenomenal Peter Rymwid as our “unofficial-official” Peter Salerno Inc. photographer.

Over the years, Peter Rymwid has gone to great lengths to capture amazing images of some of Peter Salerno Inc.’s most memorable and award-winning interior and custom designs. If you want to know how far Peter’s willing to go to get the perfect shot, just check this out:

Peter Rymwid's balancing act for great photography.
Peter Rymwid’s balancing act for great photography.

That’s Peter Rymwid, balancing on the edge of a porcelain tub to achieve the perfect shot. It’s that level of commitment to quality and excellence that keeps us coming back to Peter Rymwid time and time again.

Just look at some of the fabulous photographs Peter Rymwid has taken over the years of Peter Salerno Inc.’s award winning designs:

Summer Yellow Wall Paper


Spring Lake w la cornue

02 [Best Kitchen of 2012 & 1st Place Large Kitchen Catagory]


Thank you, Peter! Keep up the fantastic work!

Peter Salerno Inc.: A “WOW” Designer on Houzz!

Peter Salerno Featured On Houzz As “WOW” Designer

Browsing the Ideabooks on Houzz (the leading social media site for design) is a great way to get ideas for your next home design project. Now, Houzz and the NKBA have compiled an Ideabook of “Designs That WOW” for your enjoyment and inspiration – and Peter Salerno Inc. is proud to be highlighted.

Not only is Peter’s custom La Cornue showroom kitchen the first photo listed in the “Designs That WOW” Ideabook, but Peter Salerno Inc. has been honored with five selections in the Ideabook, compiled by the National Kitchen and Bath Association (NKBA). It’s yet another fantastic honor bestowed upon Peter Salerno by the NKBA (Peter is the NKBA’s most award-winning designer over the last decade).

Peter Salerno Inc. utilizes Houzz to keep its valued clients (and prospective design clients) up to date on their latest designs, projects and before-and-after kitchen, bath, and home design pictures. Many of the pictures featured are taken by the fantastic photographer Peter Rywmid.