Peter Salerno Inc. Presents: Designing With Stainless Steel [VIDEO]

Watch Peter Salerno Create Custom Kitchen Designs With Steel

If you want a kitchen that’s going to stand out without going the traditional routes, then watch this short video and see how Peter Salerno (and Peter Salerno Inc.) can make your kitchen really stand out with stainless steel!

In this video, Peter gives you an exclusive sneak peek inside his Wyckoff, NJ design studio and his production/manufacturing workshop, including private footage of his stainless steel design techniques.

Over the last decade, Peter Salerno Inc. has won more North American kitchen and bath design awards than any other design firm, from such prestigious organizations as the NKBA and Signature Kitchens & Baths. Part of Peter’s award-winning kitchen approach is the courage and vision to use bold, beautiful materials in all his kitchen designs, not just one “stock idea” that works well.

“When I’m meeting with a client and taking a look at the kitchen, I’m trying to find something that’s different and unique about it,” Peter Salerno says in this stainless steel design video. “Sometimes I see a situation where stainless [steel] is the perfect product to use.”

“You add a different material, the shine, the finish – something that’s very unique.”

A 1st place, award-winning kitchen design from Peter Salerno, Inc. now appears in a new design portfolio, utilizing stainless steel.
A 1st place, award-winning kitchen design from Peter Salerno, Inc. now appears in a new design portfolio, utilizing stainless steel.

Indeed, stainless steel isn’t limited to just kitchen appliances in an award-winning Peter Salerno Inc. custom kitchen design. Along with Peter’s acclaimed custom reclaimed tin range hood designs, stainless steel can be incorporated as an integral material in his kitchen designs.

Stainless steel was a vital design element in Peter Salerno’s 2012 1st place Best Overall Kitchen winner through the NKBA, as pictured above.

How can Peter Salerno and Peter Salerno Inc. utilize stainless steel (or other stunning design elements) in your custom kitchen design makeover? Fill out the contact form below for more information!

Peter Salerno on NKBA Certifications: KBIS 2015 Video

Peter Salerno on NKBA Certifications: KBIS 2015 Video

Watch Official KBIS 2015 Video Featuring Peter Salerno

Peter Salerno was part of a very successful KBIS 2015 convention, representing his award-winning custom kitchen and bath design firm Peter Salerno Inc. Peter Salerno Inc. has won a total of 28 national design awards, including 2 at KBIS 2015 (1st place, Most Innovative Showroom – Small Independent, and 2nd place Best Large Kitchen).

Peter Salerno was also part of a select group of award-winning kitchen and bath designers asked to give a presentation regarding NKBA certification on the KBIS Center Stage during the KBIS 2015 convention. Together with NKBA representatives Ash Sukumar and Andrew McKenzie, Peter filmed an interview at his Wyckoff, NJ showroom that aired at the convention.

Now, for the first time outside KBIS 2015, watch the video for yourself, and see why Peter Salerno believes attaining NKBA certification is of the utmost importance for designers.

Watch Peter Salerno’s KBIS 2015 video on NKBA Certifications:

Peter Salerno is a Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD), and his successful, award-winning custom design business is in large part based on his commitment to continuing professional education. Much of that continuing education comes through the NKBA and its outstanding member programs.

Peter Salerno and the entire Peter Salerno Inc. family extend their thanks to the NKBA and the entire KBIS 2015 team for staging perhaps the best KBIS conference to date. Before you know it, KBIS 2016 will be upon us – don’t miss it!

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A Sneak Peek Into Peter Salerno Inc.’s Beautiful Design Showroom [VIDEO]

Exclusive Video of Peter Salerno Inc. Design Showroom

Peter Salerno Inc. recently celebrated its 2nd anniversary in its beautiful new showroom at 511 Goffle Road in Wyckoff, New Jersey. With 2 years and counting in this state-of-the-art, award-winning design showroom, it’s a great time to look back at how it all came together.

Check out this exclusive video package displaying the concepts, creation, and final product of each facet of the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom:

From our custom ’59 Corvette bar to our three luxurious La Cornue ovens and cooking ranges, the custom graffiti art in the bathroom to the Swarovski crystal encrusted tin ceiling and range hood (and much more!), there’s something for everyone to love in the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom. Traditional kitchens to transitional kitchens, powder room and bath designs, bar designs and state-of-the-art appliances are all on display.

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