British Home Design Feature: Interior Designer Charlotte Crosland

Charlotte Crosland’s Kitchen Designs Sparkle

If you’re not constantly drawing inspiration from others in your field, then you’re not really growing. Peter Salerno believes that wholeheartedly, and he’s not afraid to let the world know who inspires him.

A new favorite artist of Peter Salerno’s is English-based interior designer Charlotte Crosland, whose work was featured in the September 2014 issue of Beautiful Kitchens, the UK’s best-selling kitchen magazine.


Charlotte provides us with some fantastic insights in the article, ranging from the importance of usable space to color palettes, from flooring to lighting. Here are 3 wonderful tips from the piece:

  • Proportions are important in a kitchen, especially when it comes to the size of the island in proportion to the room.
  • Avoid over-cluttering. Charlotte’s advice? “[D]on’t be scared of leaving things out in your kitchen.”
  • There are major benefits to an “open-plan” kitchen. Accessibility, an inviting feel, and the space in which to move freely are vital to a functional kitchen.

Special thanks to Charlotte Crosland and Beautiful Kitchens magazine for publishing this valuable piece. The September 2014 issue of Beautiful Kitchens is available on newstands and for digital download.

Peter Salerno Inc. Fall 2014 Special: British Home Design

Peter Salerno Inc. Fall Special: UK Design Inspirations

In August 2014, Peter Salerno and his family were blessed to visit the United Kingdom on the one-year anniversary of his son Anthony’s wedding. Anthony’s beautiful wife Eve hails from England, and the couple celebrated their 1st anniversary with a renewal ceremony in the UK.

One of Peter Salerno’s favorite sayings, “Life is not a dress rehearsal”, always leads him to draw inspiration from his surroundings. Peter was sure to take time to admire the design trends – both current and classic – that England and the UK had to offer.

Peter Salerno presents the finest in English design, for fall 2014. (Photo credit Heiman Homes)
Peter Salerno presents the finest in English design, for fall 2014. (Photo credit Heiman Homes)

Over the next several weeks, the official Peter Salerno Inc. blog will be sharing some of Peter Salerno’s favorite UK design trends. From classic colors in the countryside to modern lines and urban decor, we’ll be sharing some of the very best work from English designers.

Be sure to check back in as features our official picks for Fall 2014 Design Inspirations, with an eye on the very best in British design. If it inspires Peter Salerno, it’s sure to inspire you!

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