Happy Birthday, Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer: A Trendsetter Spotlight

An East Coast Trendsetter’s Guide to 2017 Style!

This week, Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer is officially two things we love: a true East Coast trendsetter, and a birthday girl! Ever since we started the Design Your Lifestyle blog movement, we’ve kept tabs on Gabrielle – her fashion, her work, and her personal style.

Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer and her husband, Brian Mayer.
Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer and her husband, Brian Mayer.

Gabrielle was one of our first interviews at Design Your Lifestyle, and much has changed since then. She got married, became an intrinsic part of a world-class kitchen and bath design firm, found the most adorable little Boston terrier you’ll ever see (more on that later!), and fostered her own sense of style. (Oh, and she has a little one on the way!)

But certain things have remained constant in Gabby’s life: a love for the arts, a keen sense for spotting trends, a strong connection with family, and finding joy in helping others achieve their dream home designs.

As Gabrielle celebrates her birthday, we thought it’d be a fun idea to look back at some moments, memories, and insightful interview questions and answers we’ve shared with Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer over the years.

The following article contains excerpts from past interviews with Gabrielle from 2013-present.

Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer: Professional Style

Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer currently operates as the head of Customer Relations and Social Media Outreach for Peter Salerno Inc., placing her in the “inner circle” of the most award-winning North American custom kitchen and bath design firm since 2002. (She also serves as Hardware Manager.) Being a third-generation member of the Salerno custom design legacy, Gabrielle has strong ties (and tastes) in the business, and shares memories of then – and now.

Peter Salerno and Gabrielle Mayer with David Podwyszynski & Ramona Panus of Rangecraft at KBIS 2017.
Peter Salerno and Gabrielle Mayer with David Podwyszynski & Ramona Panus of Rangecraft at KBIS 2017.

Gabrielle: I remember when my brother and I were kids, we would go to our grandfather’s shop (Salerno Kitchens), and sneak into the workshop. Obviously, kids weren’t allowed in there, so we would hide in giant armoires and cabinets and try not to be found. Sometimes we’d get caught and the workers would yell at us, but it was amazing to see how they would create everything. It was like being in Santa’s workshop.

Design Your Lifestyle: What attracts you to the design business now?

Gabrielle: I’m a visual person in general; I have a theatre and dance background. I like the way things move and sound, how they incorporate with one another. That’s why I love the designs here; my dad and the designers make everything move and flow together.

Gabrielle is a shining light of positivity, happiness and knowledge, and is a major reason why Peter Salerno’s clients feel an instant sense of comfort when they arrive at the showroom.

Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer: Personal Style

Let’s be honest. There’s nothing that exudes personal style more than your choice of pet. Gabrielle and her husband Brian have an adorable Boston terrier named Harper, who has become the unofficial Peter Salerno Inc. office puppy and mascot.  (Let’s just hope that Harper gets along with the newest addition to Gabrielle and her husband Brian’s family, due in July 2017!)

Gabrielle celebrates her birthday at Peter Salerno Inc. (with office puppy Harper!)
Gabrielle celebrates her birthday at Peter Salerno Inc. (with office puppy Harper!)

Gabby is a fan of understated class when it comes to personal style and fashion. Much of her wardrobe is inspired by metropolitan fashion trends, with a taste of Cape Cod and Connecticut seashore style mixed in during the summer months.

Gabrielle also stuns in solid color dresses, preferring to let accessories like chunky necklaces and statement jewelry and belts do the “talking”. She’s truly at her best in a simple black or neutral-color dress (see the gorgeous off-brown dress in the photo below) – it’s an understated elegance that infuses her entire look with confidence and timeless style.

Gabrielle Salerno-Mayer: Family Style

The personal and professional truly mesh for Gabrielle at the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom and offices, and she speaks fondly of her unique work experience.

(L to R) Anthony, Gabrielle, Tracy and Peter Salerno in the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom.(Photo: Andrew Bisdale)
(L to R) Anthony, Gabrielle, Tracy and Peter Salerno in the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom.(Photo: Andrew Bisdale)

Design Your Lifestyle: It must be unique to be a part of the third generation of a family business.

Gabrielle: Sure – and I know it means a lot to my grandfather that three generations of his family are in the same business. I absolutely love when he comes in the office, and I can offer him a cup of coffee. His face lights up, and it’s like a really nice bonus for me. In that respect, it’s even more rewarding.

The most exciting piece of Gabrielle’s family style has yet to officially arrive – Gabrielle and Brian Mayer are expecting their first child in July 2017! If Gabby’s personal style and way of life are any indication of things to come, the littlest Mayer will be born into a world of love, joy and grace!

Peter Salerno Inc. Featured In Spectacular NJ Kitchens Video

Peter Salerno Inc. Featured In Spectacular NJ Kitchens Video

Watch Video of Peter Salerno Inc. Kitchen With Hardware Designs

The fine people at Hardware Designs are regarded as New Jersey’s premier destination for luxury kitchen, bath and architectural hardware. They have also created a series of must-watch videos entitled Spectacular NJ Kitchens & Baths, which recently featured a custom Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design.

Spectacular New Jersey Kitchens & Baths is a special Hardware Designs online video series hosted by Larry Goren, the company’s owner. In each episode, Larry Goren features a stunning custom kitchen and/or bath design created by a leading area designer.

In his most recent episode, Larry Goren covers the Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen that was given the 2010 NKBA Best Kitchen Award. The kitchen, which belongs to Peter Salerno’s client Chris Sompolski, is a striking example of Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen artistry.

Watch Peter Salerno Inc. custom kitchen design interview video here:

In his interview, Peter Salerno Inc. discusses the specific details that went into making the 2010 NKBA Best Kitchen the work of art it became. Working closely with client Chris Sompolski made it possible for Peter to fulfill all of the personal wishes that made this kitchen design special.

A special thank you to Larry Gerin and the team at Hardware Designs for choosing to feature Peter Salerno in this episode of Spectacular NJ Kitchens and Baths. Enjoy the video, and leave a comment below!