Green Kitchen + Bath Design Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day 2020!

Green Kitchen + Bath Design Ideas for St. Patrick’s Day 2020!

Any day is a good day to “green” your living space – but if you need a festive excuse, look no further than St. Patrick’s Day! The most famous of Irish holidays, St. Patrick’s Day is a wonderful time to get inspired by the green shades, tones and design elements that are trending in 2020.

We’re sure you’re expecting the usual fare in this article – shamrocks, green throw pillows and drapes, etc. Fear not – we’re bringing you something different!

How can you incorporate fresh greens and florals in a new and interesting way in your kitchen design? This article will help you answer those questions.

Of course, we should already be “going green” with as many design choices as possible, in an effort to reduce our carbon footprint and become more environmentally conscious. So in terms of this St. Patrick’s Day, we’re taking the idea of “going green” a bit more literally.

Green isn’t the simplest color choice to use in a kitchen or bath design in 2020. With color design trending more and more towards neutral and white tones, it’s often hard to find a place for green as more than a complementary color. But is that really a problem? Utilized properly, a complementary green tone in your design can create quite the impression.

Let’s take a look at the official Pantone green tones of Spring 2020, and a few “outside the box” design ideas to add a splash of green this spring.

The Pantone Green Colors of Spring 2020

Irish Jig – PANTONE 17-6156

PANTONE Polyester Standards

Ultramarine Green – PANTONE 18-5338

Mardi Gras Pantone color design 2020 Ultramarine Green

Storm – PANTONE 19-5217

Mardi Gras Pantone color design 2020 Storm

Greenery – PANTONE 15-0343

Mardi Gras Pantone color design 2020 Greenery

Jasmine Green – PANTONE 15-0545

PANTONE 2019 Christmas green color Jasmine Green

St. Patrick’s Day 2020 “Outside the Box” Design Inspirations

1. Use deep greens to add a luxurious tone to wood-heavy designs.

Dark green decor adds a luxurious touch to rich wood features in this sitting room from Peter Salerno Inc.
Dark green decor adds a luxurious touch to rich wood features in this sitting room from Peter Salerno Inc.

2. Fresh greens, foliage and florals bring even more sunshine into a bright kitchen design.

Touches of greenery and florals freshen up an already bright kitchen.
Touches of greenery and florals freshen up an already bright kitchen.

3. In 2020, vegetables can be utilized as design elements (before ripe/ready to eat, of course!)

Use fresh vegetables as design elements in your kitchen before they're ready to eat.
Use fresh vegetables as design elements in your kitchen before they’re ready to eat.

PANTONE Home + Interiors Presents Modern Wanderlust for Polyester

PANTONE Home + Interiors Presents Modern Wanderlust for Polyester

“Be On Color,” PANTONE urges us. “Feel a New Color Movement.”

Our answer to PANTONE is simple. “Yes, please.”

PANTONE has released a new Polyester Swatch Book, debuting 203 PANTONE colors cultivated specifically to be used on polyester and other synthetic materials.

PANTONE Polyester Modern Wanderlust
The PANTONE Polyester Standards Modern Wanderlust Collection

From the official PANTONE website:

As new markets highlighting engineered materials continue to emerge, and new inorganic materials enter the market, there is an increasing desire for more saturated colors; colors beyond those formulated for natural fibers; colors whose appearance displays greater hue intensity. Our new Pantone Polyester Standards address this need and demand for a deeper level of coloration.

Creating a special collection of colors using dyes specifically for polyester removes the guesswork, allowing you to reproduce these colors quickly and effortlessly in polyester, as well as other synthetic fibers.

We’re excited about the 203 PANTONE colors curated specifically for the Polyester collection. These tones were developed to be highly saturated, bold and clear. In the past, those who designed and decorated used synthetic and inorganic materials couldn’t be certain the seasonal colors presented would present themselves properly on their desired “canvas”; now, the guesswork has been eliminated.

PANTONE Polyester Standards

The first color palette compiled from the PANTONE Polyester Swatch Book is Modern Wanderlust, a fun series of hot bright tones balanced by a cool (but still fun) neutral. Even the customary cool tones pack a punch – specifically the fashionable green “pop” of Irish Jig and the beachy blue of Spring Break.

PANTONE Polyester Standards

Berry Pinwheel (PANTONE 18-1855) is the rare hot pink that encourages the user to lead with it in a color design scheme. The bold tone borders on red and is highly reminiscent of one of PANTONE’s fieriest Spring 2019 selections, Pink Peacock.

PANTONE Polyester Standards

Straddling the space between Spring 2019’s Turmeric and Mango Mojito is the eye-pleasing Exuberant Orange, which leans ever-so-slightly into the yellowish off-white of Pancake Batter, the anchor neutral of the Modern Wanderlust collection.

PANTONE Polyester Standards

Pancake Batter (PANTONE 12-0830) may be our favorite tone from this entire PANTONE Polyester color palette. Equal parts steady and amusing, Pancake Batter can lead the charge in a neutrally-based color design or provide balance to the heat of this collection.

PANTONE Polyester Standards

Jaded (PANTONE 16-5128) is the rare PANTONE color whose label is a bit of a misnomer. There’s nothing dull about this refreshing teal tone; while not as bold and primary as Spring Break or Irish Jig, Jaded may be the most versatile ‘cool tone’ to play with in this palette.

PANTONE Polyester Standards

What’s your overall take on the PANTONE Polyester Modern Wanderlust collection? Which color is your favorite? Leave a comment!