5 Year Anniversary: NKBA Best Overall Kitchen of 2012 Design Photos

5 Year Anniversary: NKBA Best Overall Kitchen of 2012 Design Photos

As part of our “Design Your Lifestyle” 5th Anniversary Series, we’re re-visiting some of our most popular and well-read articles of the last half-decade. Statistically, our most popular award-winning NKBA design article of the last 5 years is this one – about Peter Salerno Inc.’s NKBA Best Overall Kitchen 2012 winner. It’s a stunning kitchen designed for two professional chefs occupying one tremendous kitchen space. This piece combines some new content with a look at many of the features from that article. Enjoy!

Peter Salerno's NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012. (Credit Peter Rymwid)
Peter Salerno’s NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

On April 24, 2012, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NKBA) revealed its winners for the 2012 NKBA Design Competition. It was an especially wonderful day for Peter Salerno and the team at Peter Salerno Inc., as they won the coveted NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012 award.

According to a press release sent out by the National Kitchen & Bath Association through its Manager of Media Relations, Annette Gray:

Sponsored by Jenn-Air, Silestone by Cosentino, This Old House, Waypoint Living Spaces, The Home Depot, Delta, 20-20 Technologies and HGTVRemodels.com, the 2012 competition honored 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners in six room categories, in addition to Specialty Awards, from the nearly 500 entries submitted by NKBA members from across the U.S. and Canada. Winning designs and designers were announced today at the Design Competition Awards event, held at Chicago’s Mc Cormick Place during the 2012 Kitchen & Bath Industry Show (KBIS).

“Each year, the NKBA is proud to celebrate excellence in the industry, represented by the NKBA membership,” said 2012 NKBA President and Certified Kitchen Designer, Alan W. Zielinski, CKD. “This year’s winners, some of the country’s top designers, turned out cutting edge designs and we’re excited to announce them to the public and the industry.”

The award-winning large kitchen was designed for a family with two passionate cooks who love to spend hours in the kitchen preparing gourmet meals. Peter Salerno and his design team were charged with creating a kitchen which addressed all of their culinary needs.

The central aspect of the kitchen is a beautiful, 11-foot stainless steel island with four distinct work stations. The island features two ovens, eight burners, a grill, a salamander, sink and pot filler. The design philosophy was to create a balance between the clients’ cooking needs and a beautiful centerpiece for the kitchen. Therefore, the stainless steel and work stations were balanced with painted maple cabinets as well as the warmth of a walnut island and quarter-sawn oak flooring.

The island was placed parallel to the large windows in the breakfast area to maximize the room’s natural light. Three seating areas were created to meet the needs of the family and its guests – the kitchen table, island seating and a separate dining booth.

Peter and his team were able to incorporate some one-of-a-kind aspects into this NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012. A custom four-sided stainless steel exhaust hood with built-in halogen lighting illuminates the entire cooking and preparation area. A stainless tile backsplash was used to compliment the island, which has a 3″ thick cherry butcher block made with 1 3/4″ x 1 3/4″ end grain cherry. Rich natural walnut cabinetry was chosen to contrast and soften the stainless steel refrigerator and freezer.

The entire room was considered, as evidenced by the coffered ceiling, which was designed specifically to accentuate the stainless hood and wall cabinets. By incorporating ten mullion doors and ten single-glass doors over the freeze, china cabinet and refrigerator, the kitchen achieved the proper display space needed for the clients’ fabulous dish and glass collection. Finally, three appliance garages were implemented int he design for easy access to large, oversized blenders and mixers.

It is with pride, honor and family joy that Peter Salerno and the entire team at Peter Salerno Inc. share this prestigious recognition with you. We thank the NKBA, our tireless design and production team, and of course the clients, whose unique family needs and wonderful cooking tradition inspired this design.

For more information about this and other award-winning designs, please visit Peter Salerno Inc.’s website.

Pantone Spring 2018 Colors | The Bright Tones

Pantone Spring 2018 Colors | The Bright Tones

Color design lovers, prepare for an explosion of color in Spring 2018! Pantone has released its Spring 2018 color palette that offers 12 bold color choices, as well as a “Classic color palette” that presents another 4 selections.

It’s a huge leap forward for Pantone, the world’s foremost authority on color design and color matching. In recent years, Pantone has released seasonal collections of 10 colors, offering plenty of selection and inspiration for color design enthusiasts.

Pantone’s Spring 2018 color palette delivers a knockout punch of bright colors, floral blooms, and vibrant tones. It’s interesting to note that the neutral tones selected for the Spring 2018 collection are a departure from grays and off-blacks of past seasons. Instead, Pantone focuses its neutral tones on woodsy, earthy browns and gentle off-whites.

In this article, we’ll focus in on the 3 brightest colors in the Pantone Spring 2018 color palette, and what makes them valuable to your design palette this season. From a knockout green to a bright red-orange to a versatile yellow, these 3 Pantone colors will liven up your Spring 2018 designs in a big way!

Lime Punch (Pantone 13-0550)

There might not be a more aptly named color in the Pantone palette than Lime Punch. An absolutely knockout neon shade of green, Lime Punch is the most in-your-face, unapologetic color in the Spring 2018 collection… and we love it.

Pantone Spring 2018 color Lime Punch

Many people will look at Lime Punch and instantly dismiss it as a “fashion design color only”. While that may be the case in a lot of circumstances, Lime Punch certainly has utility in home design as well. A splash of this hot green into a living space, beach home, or even a bath design can jazz up a design in no time.

Cherry Tomato (Pantone 17-1563)

Pantone’s Cherry Tomato is the color of… well, a cherry tomato. Much like Lime Punch, it’s a perfectly labeled shade, a bright red hue bordering ever-so-slightly on orange. It’s a zesty shade, and a definite departure from more conservative red shades in past Pantone seasonal palettes.

Pantone Spring 2018 color Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato is naturally a dominating color in any design, so use it sparingly and wisely. More of a complementary shade than a primary design element, Cherry Tomato (when used properly) can be a fantastic way to spice up a kitchen design or living area redecoration.

Meadowlark (Pantone 13-0646)

We’re not sure if the name of this yellow is a tip of the cap to Meadowlark Lemon, renowned member of the Harlem Globetrotters. Perhaps it’s just reflective of the bright yellow breast of the Meadowlark itself. Either way, this sun-lit shade of yellow certainly captures the essence of lemon in its tone, and officially leads the charge of bright colors in the Pantone Spring 2018 color palette.

Pantone Spring 2018 color Meadowlark

Meadowlark is a versatile yellow – just bold enough to grab your attention, and just subtle enough to pair well with a variety of colors in your home design. A natural winner in kitchen design, bath design and any outdoor space, Meadowlark is a great way to bring some “pop” into the color of your home design without being overbearing.

RangeCraft Provides Custom Range Hood Design and Innovation

RangeCraft Provides Custom Range Hood Design and Innovation

We love great kitchen design. Which is why we love RangeCraft Hoods.

The range hood for your kitchen’s cooking area is one of the most overlooked elements in most kitchen designs. Instead of seeing it as just a ‘necessary piece of hardware’, why not treat it as an appliance you can customize to your own unique kitchen design and taste?

The gorgeous RangeCraft custom range hood exhibit at KBIS 2018.
The gorgeous RangeCraft custom range hood exhibit at KBIS 2018.

That’s the mantra of RangeCraft Custom Range Hoods. Based out of Fair Lawn, New Jersey, RangeCraft has developed a reputation over the last 3 decades of quality, customized range hood design. Their commitment to excellence and versatility in design makes RangeCraft the one name our world-class kitchen design contacts keep bringing up in conversation.

From RangeCraft’s official website:

RangeCraft Manufacturing is well known by discerning buyers for its popular product line of Made-to-Order range hoods. Skilled artisans, trained by Master Coppersmiths, create every custom designed range hood, one at a time. Superior craftsmanship and attention to detail with respect to welding, rivets, bands, tight joints and rounded corners, have created the strong “top of the line” reputation that separates RangeCraft from the competition. RangeCraft maintains its standard of excellence with state of the art production machinery to insure the finest quality and selection of Range Hoods and Universal Inserts for kitchen ventilation.

A custom RangeCraft range hood dazzles in this Moscow kitchen design by Peter Salerno Inc.
A custom RangeCraft range hood dazzles in this Moscow kitchen design by Peter Salerno Inc.

We love RangeCraft’s adventurous spirit in terms of tackling any and all challenges. Recently, RangeCraft designed a custom range hood that ended up in a world-class kitchen in Moscow, in a design created by award-winning Peter Salerno Inc., also of New Jersey.

RangeCraft’s partnerships don’t simply extend to world-class kitchen designers. In 2016, they cemented an exclusive agreement with Swarovski Crystal to build even further luxury and greater options to their custom range hood designs.

The stunning Submarine range hood from RangeCraft, at KBIS 2018.
The stunning Submarine range hood from RangeCraft, at KBIS 2018.

RangeCraft was recently a featured exhibitor at KBIS 2018 in Florida, showing off some awe-inspiring custom range hood designs. We absolutely fell in love with the “Submarine Hood” – and the picture below should say all you need to know about why!

A closer look at a custom RangeCraft range hood design.
A closer look at a custom RangeCraft range hood design.

The function of a range hood is essential to keeping a clean, safe kitchen for you and your loved ones. RangeCraft marries that function with exquisite form to turn a simple appliance into a work of art. It’s no wonder that so many award-winning kitchen designers around the United States (and the world) turn to Ramona Panus and her team for range hood solutions.

KBIS 2018: Highlights of This Year’s Show Schedule

KBIS 2018: Highlights of This Year’s Show Schedule

KBIS 2018 kicks off this week! The festivities begin the evening of January 8, 2018, and the convention continues through January 11th. As always, KBIS is the one North American kitchen and bath design industry conference you must attend each year for the latest in innovation, design trends, networking and expert insight.

The KBIS 2018 Conference takes place January 9-11, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.
The KBIS 2018 Conference takes place January 9-11, 2018, in Orlando, Florida.

Presented by the NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association), KBIS 2018 is a sprawling space of exhibitions, showcases, contests, awards, speakers and panels. It’s impossible to be a part of everything KBIS 2018 has to offer – so smart attendees will go in with a plan.

Veteran NKBA members and KBIS attendees like Peter Salerno of Peter Salerno Inc. (the most award-winning North American kitchen and bath design firm of the 21st century). Peter has been featured on multiple KBIS convention panels and seminars, and tells Design Your Lifestyle that it’s always good to plan your KBIS schedule in advance.

With that in mind, we’re taking a look at the KBIS 2018 Show Schedule and narrowing our focus down to a schedule that makes sense. (You can certainly fill your day with panels, seminars, etc. – but you won’t leave yourself any time to check out the exhibitors and the convention itself, which are valuable opportunities to gain inspiration and network.)

Here is a list of events, seminars and panels we’d love to check out at KBIS 2018.

Tuesday, January 9th – KBIS 2018 Highlights

8:00 AM – 9:00 AM Opening Ceremonies Featuring Keynote Speaker Terry Bradshaw OCCC West Concourse – Level IV, Valencia Ballroom

Who would want to miss the chance to hear a charismatic, four-time Super Bowl Champion speak? Terry Bradshaw is a motivational wizard and a magnetic personality, whether it be on the football field, on Fox NFL Sunday, or in films.

11:00 AM – 12:00 PM Fireside Chat #1: Build it! The Nuts and Bolts of the Outdoor Kitchen The Backyard

We’re highly intrigued by the concept of outdoor kitchens, and this Fireside Chat looks like a great opportunity to learn more about a trend many are latching on to in 2018.

4:00 PM – 4:30 PM Innovative Showroom Award Ceremony KBISNeXT Stage: South Hall

After spending much of the afternoon on the exhibition floor at KBIS 2018, we would not miss the chance to attend the KBIS 2018 Innovative Showroom Awards. Former winners like Peter Salerno Inc. have proven to be trendsetters and innovative gurus over the last several years, so attending this ceremony is a window into the true leaders of the kitchen and bath design industry.

Wednesday, January 10th – KBIS 2018 Highlights

9:30 AM – 10:30 AM Let’s Talk Global: Changing the way we source, sell and design – one country at a time. KBISNext Stage: South Hall

One of the core trends of KBIS 2018 is holistic globalization of the kitchen and bath industry (K&B). Let’s Talk Global is a great center

2:00 PM – 3:00 PM NKBA Thirty Under 30 “Product of the Future” Presentations KBISNeXT Stage: South Hall

The NKBA Thirty Under 30 is a highly enjoyable and informative way to check out the future of the kitchen and bath industry, both in terms of talent and concepts. This year’s Thirty Under 30 corps presents “Products of the Future”.

3:00 PM – 4:00 PM Coyote Live Grilling with Demonta and Kenesha Coleman The Backyard, Booth #B4
8:30 PM – 1:30 AM The Bash Mango’s Tropical Café

The Bash is a $35 ticket that is priceless in terms of networking opportunities – and just plain fun. Hosted at Mango’s Tropical Cafe, The Bash is a social highlight of KBIS and a blast for all attendees 21 and over.

Thursday, January 11th – KBIS 2018 Highlights

Time Title Location
8:00 AM – 10:00 AM SHARK! Breakfast OCCC: S230A-G

It’s well worth pulling yourself out of bed after a night at The Bash to attend the SHARK! Breakfast. Guest speaker John Morgan will deliver an address regarding “Smart Tech For Smart K&B Pros”.

11:15 AM – 12:00 PM Embracing the Reality of Amazon KBISNeXT Stage: South Hall

Perhaps it’s not everyone’s priority, but this is a no-brainer event to attend for us based on the title alone.

5:00 PM – 7:30 PM IBS Closing Concert with Chicago OCCC Level IV, Valencia Ballroom


2017 Home Design In Review: ‘Farm Meets City Sleek’ Kitchen Design

2017 Home Design In Review: ‘Farm Meets City Sleek’ Kitchen Design

2017 was, in the eyes of many, a transcendent year for kitchen design. From the rise of neutrals as primary design colors to the addition of traditional design elements to transitional home design, the world’s leading kitchen designers flashed their creativity and prowess throughout the year. The resulting kitchen designs in 2017 were some of our favorites in years.

With 2018 around the corner, it’s an ideal time to look back at some of our favorite kitchen designs (and home designs in general) from 2017. Our first stop is “Farm Meets City Sleek”, a tremendous kitchen design from Peter Salerno Inc., the most award-winning North American custom kitchen and bath design firm of the 21st century (and our parent company).

From the stellar use of white and brown neutrals to the statement island lighting, the custom range hood to the world-class appliances, “Farm Meets City Sleek” is one of our favorite kitchen designs of 2017. Take a look at the design photos, specifications and review, and see for yourself!

“Farm Meets City Sleek”: A Beautiful 2017 Kitchen Design

Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

One’s first glance at this transitional kitchen design is bathed in white and ambient light, a nod to the recent kitchen design trend where whites and neutrals are used as the primary focus of the overall color design scheme. From the custom Maestro Rosolino cabinetry (a trademark of Peter Salerno Inc. design) to the kitchen island base, this kitchen is adorned with white.

Notes of gray and neutral complement the design, through the custom range hood and counter to the island countertop and wood flooring. One of our favorite aspects of this kitchen design is the 2×8 mixed metal and glass mosaic backsplash over the range, created by the team at Stratta, the Tile Boutique.

Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

The appliance features are a mix of the finest names in kitchen appliance furnishings: Miele, Sub-Zero and Wolf. We also adore the statement island lighting, a series of Exter 16-Jar Pendants from Pottery Barn. As an added bonus to the homeowners, that gorgeous wood flooring is actually the existing floor in the kitchen.

This Peter Salerno Inc. transitional kitchen design is reminiscent of upscale “farm to table” dining, with a touch of countryside charm melded into a truly modern kitchen design. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

Here are some specific details about this gorgeous transitional kitchen design.

Cabinetry: Maple wood painted Tennis White

Perimeter Countertop: Caesar Stone Piatra Grey #5003 1 1/4″ by Stone Surfaces in East Rutherford, NJ

Island Countertop: 1 1/2″ Stainless Steel by EMI Industries in Boonton, NJ

Flooring: Original hardwood flooring from home, no information was given by homeowner

Backsplash over range: 2×8 mixed metal & glass mosaic by Stratta Tile Boutique in Wyckoff, NJ

Sink: Franke MHX710-30 30x21x9

Island Light Fixtures: Exter 16-Jar Pendant by Potterybarn

Appliance Information:
Refrigerator/ Freezer: 48″ Sub-Zero 648 Prog
Gas Range: Wolf #GR606F
Steam Oven: Wolf #CSO24
Wall Oven: Wolf #SO30PE/S/PH
Hood: 60″ Stainless Steel
Dishwasher: Miele Futura Dimensions #G5675SCVI
Microwave: GE #PEM31SFSS with Trim Kit #JX827SFSS
Warming Drawer: 30″ Wolf WWD30
Ice Maker: Sub-Zero UC-15IP

Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

NOTE: All photography featured in this article is courtesy of Peter Rymwid, on behalf of the team at Peter Salerno Inc.

Questions/comments about this transitional kitchen design or its creator? Fill out the comment form below!

Why Should You Choose a Custom Range Hood For Your Kitchen?

Why Should You Choose a Custom Range Hood For Your Kitchen?

You’re ready to create or update the custom kitchen design of your dreams. Working with the very best kitchen designers (like 30-time national award winner Peter Salerno Inc.), you’ve settled on the finest luxury appliances, the perfect counter surface and backsplash, statement lighting, and a gorgeous kitchen island.

Peter Salerno Inc. 2015 2nd place, Best Large Kitchen, NKBA. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Using reclaimed tin in kitchen designs: just one way Peter Salerno Inc. creates the custom range hood of your dreams.

But what will you do to take your dream kitchen to the next level? What will make your kitchen the one-of-a-kind custom creation that will truly make it the envy of your guests?

Experts like Peter Salerno, CMKBD, agree that a custom range hood for your cooktop and range is the perfect statement piece to adorn any truly unique kitchen design.

“The hood and refrigerator are key elements in creating the ultimate kitchen,” Peter Salerno Inc. notes. “We have our own designs custom-made to our exact specifications so each of our clients has one-of-a-kind pieces, made right here in New Jersey.”

A custom range hood, when created masterfully, reflects the taste and personal style of the kitchen’s owner while adding a tone of elegance and unique backstory to your kitchen.

Another Peter Salerno Inc. custom range hood.(Credit Peter Rymwid)
Another Peter Salerno Inc. custom range hood.(Credit Peter Rymwid)

Imagine being able to tell your family, friends and guests that your range hood is made from reclaimed tin collected from classic gas stations along Route 66. Think about the elegant, opulent story your kitchen will tell if your range hood is custom-made from materials taken from a speakeasy once owned by Al Capone or an historic jazz club in New Orleans.

Your kitchen can tell these stories with its very own custom range hood, designed exclusively for you by Peter Salerno Inc. and its network of master craftsmen and artisans. Working with its own staff of skilled artisans, as well as industry leaders and innovators like Rangecraft, Peter Salerno Inc. will create a state-of-the-art, unique range hood for your kitchen that is both fully functional and truly one-of-a-kind.

Create an inviting summer kitchen with open floor plans and a splash of color. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

For more information about Peter Salerno Inc. and its custom range hoods for your kitchen, visit their official website, call (201) 251-6608, or fill out the contact form below.

NorthJersey.com | Top 5 Kitchen Designs for Chefs

NorthJersey.com | Top 5 Kitchen Designs for Chefs

Laura Adams Stiansen of NorthJersey.com recently ranked the “Top 5 New Jersey Kitchens Designed for a Chef (or chef at heart)” – and we love her list!

Laura’s list of featured designers is a high-class “Who’s Who” of kitchen designers and kitchen design firms. From Peter Salerno Inc. to Ulrich, Kitchen Kaboodle to Anthony Albert Studios and Kuche+Cucina, these design firms (and their kitchen designs) have left both professional chefs and enthusiastic, serious home cooks in awe.

The contractors featured on these designs, in no order, are Kuche+Cucina, Anthony Vero, Ulrich, Jim Van Orden, and Ulrich.

Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design featured by NorthJersey.com. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design featured by NorthJersey.com. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

Laura Adams Stiansen’s list of kitchen designs piqued our interest due to its attention to detail and appeal to multiple types of consumers, chefs and families. Her featured kitchen designs include “For a growing family”, “for a rising culinary creator”, and “for the master chef”.

From Laura’s introduction to this article:

Whether your family is growing from four to five or if your new hobby is creating innovative dishes with the ingredients you have on hand — having the right tools in your kitchen is important. Space, shelving and high-end appliances are all pieces that need to fit together to create the perfect kitchen.

The designers of these world-class chef’s kitchen designs were happy to speak regarding their creations.

“The best part of this project was the collaboration with the owners,” Peter Salerno stated to the author. “They are artistic, and were not afraid to go with something edgy. They listened to my ideas and asked how we could bring it up a notch.”

“I feel it’s always best that we get involved before construction begins to be certain all the client’s wants and needs can be met,” Anthony Passanante of Anthony Albert Studios added.

For more on these amazing kitchen designs created with chefs and avid cooks in mind, please check out the full article on NorthJersey.com!