Top Kitchen Design Trends For Spring 2018: Splashy Bright Tones and Botanical Decor

Top Kitchen Design Trends For Spring 2018: Splashy Bright Tones and Botanical Decor

Are you “on trend” with your Spring 2018 kitchen design? While it’s important to create an overall kitchen design aesthetic that’s “built to last”, there are always ways to tweak your kitchen design and spice things up with changing times.

Maybe you don’t have it in your budget for a total kitchen makeover – but that’s not necessary! Changing or updating just one small facet of your current kitchen can make all the difference in the world. The key is choosing the right updates – and utilizing a world-class kitchen designer certainly doesn’t hurt.

From Pantone’s Spring 2018 color collection to neutral and wood tones, there are plenty of wonderful Spring 2018 kitchen trends from which to choose. Whether you’re looking for a new backsplash design, an updated kitchen island, new cabinetry and flooring options, or modernizing some out-of-date appliances, this season’s kitchen design trends offer lasting solutions to your individual needs.

Let’s take a look at several of Spring 2018’s best kitchen design trends, and how you can utilize them to create (or update) the kitchen of your dreams.

Top Spring 2018 Kitchen Design Trends: Update Your Kitchen!

1. Use a splash of Spring 2018 color to update your kitchen island or backsplash.

Spring 2018’s color scheme, according to Pantone, is full of bright tones and pastels that work as well in your kitchen as they do on the runway. From Spring Crocus to Meadowlark, so many of these bright tones can be utilized to add a splash of color to your kitchen design.

New kitchen design installation photos from Peter Salerno Inc.
A gorgeous blue kitchen island in a new Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design.

The kitchen island pictured above (from Peter Salerno Inc.) is a fresh take on Pantone Spring 2018’s Little Boy Blue, set against the backdrop of a neutrally-based color palette. The result is a stunning pop of color that transforms a useful kitchen island feature into a true conversation piece. It’s the perfect example of how to incorporate a splash of Spring 2018 Pantone color into your kitchen design without being overbearing or garish. (Note the knotty faux-wood grain flooring, another major trend in Spring 2018 kitchen design.)

2. Botanicals and fresh, leafy arrangements are a great choice to spruce up your kitchen decor.

Botanicals are back in a big way, with imaginative presentations leading the charge. (We love Decoist’s coverage of Framed Botanicals as a decor option.) From large vases to wall-mounted frames, bold botanical presentations are all the rage in Spring 2018.

We love botanical and floral presentations in your kitchen design for any season because of the air of freshness they exude. Nothing’s more appetizing and refreshing in your kitchen than a beautiful display of plants, flowers or succulents to brighten the room with pops of color and the scent of the outdoors. Plus, you can use your botanical and floral arrangements to accent the color scheme of your kitchen!

Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design, 2017 design trends
Botanical arrangements add a natural ‘pop’ to your Spring 2018 kitchen design, no matter how neutral the colors.

3. Matte appliances are still in style for Spring 2018.

Matte appliances began their ascent back to kitchen design prominence midway through 2017, and the trend still very much applies to Spring 2018 kitchen design. World-renowned appliance makers like Miele, La Cornue, Sub-Zero and Wolf are all on board, letting the state-of-the-art functionality of their machinery do the talking while the finish on the appliances themselves is subtle and understated.

Using matte appliance finishes allows you to let other elements of your kitchen design ‘flash’, and also lets you flow your range, sink, and refrigerator more naturally into brushed, matte handles on your cabinetry.

A closer look at a custom RangeCraft range hood design.
A closer look at a gorgeous custom RangeCraft range hood design.

4. Love traditional colors? Nautical color schemes are “on trend” for Spring 2018.

In addition to the oversized Pantone Spring 2018 collection, Pantone released a sub-set of 4 “Classic Colors” that bring nautical themes back into kitchen design. From Warm Sand to Sailor Blue, Harbor Mist to Coconut Milk, this collection of off-whites, deep blue and neutral beige is a godsend to “yacht party” style enthusiasts and classic color lovers.

The thing we love about the Spring 2018 Classic Colors collection is its versatility. Whether you utilize these colors in your island countertop, cabinetry, flooring, backsplash or kitchen counters, they all work and flow together beautifully to create a traditional color palette that will last for years.


A Pantone Spring 2018 Home Design Ideabook

A Pantone Spring 2018 Home Design Ideabook

What good is a stunning color design palette if you don’t put it to use? That’s the question we set out to answer when creating a Pantone Spring 2018 Home Design Ideabook, utilizing 8 Pantone Spring 2018 colors in four distinct combinations to give a ‘visual pop’ to this brilliant color collection.

As always, the design photos featured were taken by Peter Rymwid, and the designs themselves were created and executed by the brilliant Peter Salerno and his team at Peter Salerno Inc. Since its inception in 1997, Peter Salerno Inc. has been at the forefront of custom kitchen and bath design. Since 2002, no North American design company has won more national design awards than Peter Salerno Inc.

As with past Pantone seasonal ideabooks, Design Your Lifestyle attempts to present this season’s hottest trending colors in as many different home design forms and functions as possible. In the Spring 2018 edition, we present Peter Salerno Inc. designs for a traditional living space, a transitional kitchen, a beach house kitchen, and a traditional kitchen/bar combination design.

We also did our best to represent all facets of the Pantone Spring 2018 color palette, highlighting neutrals, bright tones, pastels and the classic color palette. There’s certainly a design featured here for everyone’s taste, and we hope you all find something from which to draw design inspiration!

We’d love feedback on the Peter Salerno Inc. designs featured, the outstanding Peter Rymwid photography, and the Pantone Spring 2018 color collection as a whole. Don’t be afraid to interact with us in the comments section, and make sure to subscribe to Design Your Lifestyle for the very latest in home design and design trends!

Coconut Milk and Harbor Mist: A Clean Transitional Kitchen Design Pairing

Transitional kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

Meadowlark and Emperador: A Studious Traditional Design Combination

kitchen design, Peter Salerno Inc. 2017 (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

Little Boy Blue and Spring Crocus: A Cheerful Splash to a Kitchen Design

This bright shore kitchen showcases Greenery in the form of actual greenery! (Credit: Peter Salerno Inc., Peter Rymwid)

Almost Mauve and Warm Sand: A Lush, Luxurious Living Room Design

peter salerno inc 2018 home design spring 2018 pantone

Peter Salerno Inc. Presents La Cornue Cooking With Michael Latour [VIDEO]

Peter Salerno Inc. Presents La Cornue Cooking With Michael Latour [VIDEO]

No matter how hot transitional kitchen design gets, there will always be room for classics – traditional design, culinary expertise, and La Cornue ranges and appliances.

Peter Salerno Inc. – the most award-winning North American custom kitchen and bath design company of the 21st century – is a proud provider of La Cornue appliances through Purcell Murray. La Cornue creates classic looking ranges that even the most experienced professional chefs will enjoy cooking with. They mix different materials such as stainless steel, copper, and brass with fired porcelain bodies in a wide variety of colors. Because of their performance and timeless appearance they are a common feature in Peter Salerno’s Tesoro ™ Collection kitchens.

Peter also features a functional La Cornue Chateau 120 range and Flamberge Rotisserie in its magnificent, award-winning showroom in Wyckoff, New Jersey. And why have these world-renowned appliances if you’re not putting them to good use?

Peter Salerno Inc. hosted the exceptional Master Chef Michael Latour in its showroom to display the form, function and versatility of La Cornue appliances by creating a stunning multi-course meal. Our cameras were there to document the experience – trust us, this is well worth the watch!

Michael Latour’s culinary career began at Johnson & Wales University in Rhode Island, and has progressed through the most prestigious echelons of cuisine in the greater New York metropolitan area. Master Chef Latour honed his craft in some of New York’s finest hotels, including the honor of being part of the opening team at NYC’s Four Seasons Hotel.

Master Chef Latour is specifically renowned for his mastery of French-American cuisine, the staple of his restaurant, Latour. Opened in 1998 in Ridgewood, NJ, Latour has been praised by patrons and critics alike for  every aspect of its cuisine. Latour’s latest Zagat rating offers an auspicious 26/30 rating for food and notes its “showstopping” cuisine and “lovely…Gallic setting”.

Master Chef Latour took the dazzling array of La Cornue appliances at the award-winning Peter Salerno Inc. showroom in Wyckoff, New Jersey, for a spin in this featured video. Utilizing the stunning La Cornue Château 120 range and Flamberge Rotisserie, Latour created a stunning multi-course French meal:

  • Appetizer: Lump Crab Strudel with Lobster Sauce Nantua Frisee
  • Entree: La Cornue Rotisserie Cornish Game Hen with Fines Herb, Potato Galette, Vegetable Julienne and Beet Gaufrette with Natural Jus
  • Dessert: Grand Marnier Souffle with Chocolate Pastel and Pulled Sugar Piece Montee

Peter Salerno Inc. is an Authorized Dealer of all La Cornue & Top Brewer Products. Their showroom features the Château 120, the CornuFé 110, the CornuFé 1908,  and the Flamberge  Rôtisserie. In addition, the showroom is soon-to-be fitted with a fully functional Top Brewer.  Peter Salerno, Inc. is also an authorized dealer of Habersham, Schaub, Amerock, & Waterstone products.

Enjoy this exclusive video from Design Your Lifestyle and Peter Salerno Inc., and see for yourself how a master like Michael Latour can make magic with La Cornue products!

Pairing Pantone Spring 2018 Neutrals For Home Design

Pairing Pantone Spring 2018 Neutrals For Home Design

The Pantone Spring 2018 Color Collection has produced some of our favorite neutral tones in years.

Beige, white, off-white and gray are all present in this season’s collection, and each tone (be it classic or contemporary) brings with it a myriad of design pairings and design options. While the needs of home designers are different than those designing for the runway, the Pantone Spring 2018 color palette still serves as a helpful guide and inspiration for home design experts and home owners alike.

From classic gray and white tones to a warm, inviting beige and a blushing off-white stunner, here are 4 of our favorite neutral shades from the Pantone Spring 2018 color collection – and some other Pantone Spring 2018 colors we think pair nicely with each.

Harbor Mist: A Classic Gray Neutral

Sturdy, reliable and not-too-dark, Harbor Mist is a classic gray neutral. It’s a light enough shade of gray to provide a stable anchor for your design without darkening the room. Part of the Classic Colors sub-set of the Pantone Spring 2018 collection, Harbor Mist is most useful with two color palettes in mind: nautical and primary colors. (Think blues, whites, reds, beiges, and yellows).

Pair Harbor Mist With:






Coconut Milk: A Versatile Off-White Neutral

Coconut Milk is a fantastic slightly off-white neutral that plays directly into the trend of white kitchen designs and living space designs that has dominated 2017 and 2018 home design. We love the idea of pairing it with “woody” browns like Emperador, or bold jewel tones like Arcadia. The best part of designing with Coconut Milk is that it can serve as a ‘blank canvas’ for bolder colors, or the fresh white focus of your design.

Pair Coconut Milk With:






Almost Mauve: A Blushing Neutral

Almost Mauve is such a sneaky and fun neutral to play with if you like warm tones and pastels. A closer look at its shade reveals a slight blush – but is it rosy? Is it lavender? Whatever the case may be, this beautiful gem of a neutral works well with so many warm and pastel tones… and the Pantone Spring 2018 collection is full of them!

Pair Almost Mauve With:






Warm Sand: An “Anything But Boring” Beige Neutral

An anchor tone of the Pantone 2018 Classic Colors sub-set of the Spring 2018 collection, Warm Sand is an inviting beige that can bring any number of complementary colors to your design ‘dance floor’. We’re in love with the idea of pairing Warm Sand with shades like Meadowlark and Little Boy Blue – but the best part of Warm Sand is its versatility. Try it with warmer shades like Chili Oil, or why not pair it with another neutral (Coconut Milk is a great choice)?

Pair Warm Sand With:

Six Pantone Spring 2018 Color Combinations for Home Design

Six Pantone Spring 2018 Color Combinations for Home Design

We love the extended Spring 2018 color design palette from Pantone. With 12 intriguing colors in the base Spring 2018 collection and an additional four tones in the Classic Colors addendum, home design experts and hobbyists alike have a myriad of options from which to choose.

Whether you’re a fan of sturdy, nautical colors like Harbor Mist and Sailor Blue; bright, audacious colors like Arcadia and Ultra Violet; or bright pastels like Spring Crocus and Blooming Dahlia, the Pantone Spring 2018 color palette has something for you.

Ultra Violet (18-3838) is the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year.
Ultra Violet (18-3838) is the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year.

Many design experts have weighed in on how to combine these colors for dramatic effect on the runway and in your daily wardrobe. But what about those of you looking to make an immediate impact on your home design, kitchen design or bathroom re-model using the Pantone Spring 2018 collection?

The opportunities and combinations are, as stated above, endless. We at Design Your Lifestyle happen to like six particular color combinations (using 12 of the 16 Spring 2018 colors) when planning a custom kitchen or bath design.

We’ve done our best to include selections from all the sub-sets of the collection, including Bright Tones, Complementary Neutrals, Cool but Powerful Colors, Perfect Pastels, and the Classic Colors collection.

From the light touch of Spring Crocus and Almost Mauve to the warm-toned punch of Blooming Dahlia and Chili Oil, these are six color combinations that can instantly spark your Pantone Spring 2018-inspired home design or re-design.

Which color combination is your favorite? Do you have a different suggestion? We’d love to hear from you in the comments!

Emperador and Meadowlark





Spring Crocus and Almost Mauve






Lime Punch and Coconut Milk






Little Boy Blue and Warm Sand






Harbor Mist and Pink Lavender






Blooming Dahlia and Chili Oil

Follow Award-Winning Kitchen and Bath Design on Instagram

Follow Award-Winning Kitchen and Bath Design on Instagram

If you’re looking for kitchen design expertise, bath design inspiration, or just some beautiful design photos to brighten your day, we have the Instagram account for you!

We’re blessed to be a subsidiary of Peter Salerno Inc., the most award-winning North American custom kitchen and bath design firm of the 21st century. Under the guidance of Peter Salerno, Certified Master Kitchen & Bath Designer (CMKBD), Peter Salerno Inc. has set trends, thrilled clients and cultivated luxury kitchen and bath design creations for over 21 years.

Are you following Peter Salerno Inc. on Instagram? You should be!
Are you following Peter Salerno Inc. on Instagram? You should be!

In other words – if you’re not following the official Peter Salerno Inc. Instagram, what are you waiting for?

Peter Salerno Inc.’s Instagram account is a mix of professional and personal. Much like Peter’s award-winning designs, it’s a mix of luxurious professional photos and intimate details that bring each client’s life into his or her design.

Our favorite aspect of the Peter Salerno Inc. Instagram is the ability to follow custom kitchen designs and bath designs from beginning to end, with stunning before and after transformation photos in real time. Peter’s on-site installation team and workshop design crew take copious photos from the inception of each project through final installation and delivery, giving you a true feel for the magnitude of each design journey.

Are you following Peter Salerno Inc. on Instagram? You should be!
Are you following Peter Salerno Inc. on Instagram? You should be!

Peter also takes videos of his personal experiences, from his attendance at annual KBIS conventions to daily life at the award-winning Peter Salerno Inc. flagship design showroom in Wyckoff, New Jersey. And of course, Peter is thrilled to show off photos of his grandchildren as well!

The Peter Salerno Inc. Instagram account is a one-stop opportunity to see some of the foremost kitchen and bath designs and photos in the world today, and features a good deal of photography from the outstanding Peter Rymwid.

Take the time to follow this gorgeous, trend-setting Instagram account, and stay in constant contact with one of the foremost kitchen and bath designers in the industry today!

Pantone Spring 2018 Colors | 3 Perfect Pastels

Pantone Spring 2018 Colors | 3 Perfect Pastels

Our breakdown of the expanded Pantone Spring 2018 color collection concludes as we take a look at a group of 3 colors that many design experts consider the “heart” of the Spring 2018 season.

Separately, Spring Crocus, Blooming Dahlia and Pink Lavender are lush, blushing shades. Together, they form a collection of 3 perfect pastels that have the very best in home design, fashion design and industrial design fawning.

Read our full collection of Pantone Spring 2018 Color Palette articles:

The fact that each color is named for a flower (crocus, dahlia) or herb (lavender) isn’t lost on us; this is a direct nod by Pantone to the continual trend towards natural colors and tones first set by Greenery as the 2017 Pantone Color of the Year.

The 12 shades selected for the Pantone Spring 2018 color palette (plus the 4 “Classic Colors” listed as an addendum) are a large step for Pantone, the world’s foremost authority on color design and color matching. In recent years, Pantone has released seasonal collections of 10 colors, offering plenty of selection and inspiration for color design enthusiasts.

Let’s take a closer look at these 3 alluring spring pastel colors, and how they influence color and design trends in the Spring 2018 season.

PANTONE 17-3020 Spring Crocus

Spring Crocus directly challenges the notion that pastels and floral colors have to be “soft”. On the contrary, Spring Crocus (Pantone 17-3020) is vibrant and playful – almost acting as the “younger sibling” of Ultra Violet, the Pantone 2018 Color of the Year.

Pantone Spring 2018 color Spring Crocus

PANTONE 15-1520 Blooming Dahlia

Blooming Dahlia is just gorgeous. This peach shade is a rare “understated” warm color – although Pantone itself describes its tone as “alluring”. We don’t disagree. Much like Spring 2017’s Pale Dogwood, Blooming Dahlia (Pantone 15-1520) is a sneakily useful shade in kitchen and bath design.

Pantone Spring 2018 color Blooming Dahlia

PANTONE 14-3207 Pink Lavender

The coolest and most versatile of the three pastels in the Pantone Spring 2018 collection, Pink Lavender’s name sounds like a contradiction – but it’s actually a very apt description. It sits in the family of past Pantone seasonal color selections like Ballet Slipper (2017) and Rose Quartz (2016).

Pantone Spring 2018 color Pink Lavender