Small Business Saturday: The IT Shops of Bergen County, NJ!

Shop Bergen County, NJ on Small Business Saturday 2016!

Avoid the madness of Black Friday this year – there are amazing deals and incredible products available to you right in your backyard!

Saturday, November 26, 2016 is Small Business Saturday – the day when brick-and-mortar local businesses encourage you to get out and shop in your area’s finest small businesses. Lest you think that Small Business Saturday is a “small fry event”, think again! 2016 marks the 7th annual Small Business Saturday, and is observed nationwide by the great small businesses that make America strong!

Design Your Lifestyle is based in northern New Jersey, one of America’s true hotbeds of thriving small business. While many associate our area with malls and large commerce centers, northern New Jersey’s backbone is truly its small businesses.

We love Bergen County, New Jersey’s gorgeous main street and downtown shopping areas, which offer fantastic Small Business Saturday escapes from overcrowded malls and “big business” storefronts. From Wyckoff to Westwood, Ridgewood to hidden gems along Routes 4 and 17, Bergen County offers a plethora of amazing shopping options this Small Business Saturday!

Here are a few of our personal favorite “hidden gems” for you to check out on November 26th, as Small Business Saturday returns to Bergen County!

Small Business Saturday: Bergen County, NJ Shopping

1. Peter Salerno Inc. Home Design Shops (511 Goffle Road, Wyckoff, NJ)

Anchored by a showroom that 201 Magazine called “a wonderland under one roof”, this 3-shop design storefront is a must-visit for anyone considering a new home, home remodel, or update to their custom kitchen or bath design. Located just off Routes 208 and 4 in Wyckoff, NJ, the Peter Salerno Inc. Home Design Shops are an all-in-one center for home design enthusiasts.

511 Goffle Road, Wyckoff, NJ: A home design paradise!
Peter Salerno Inc. Home Design Shops, in beautiful Wyckoff, NJ!

The journey begins at Peter Salerno Inc., winner of the most national design awards since 2002. Peter and his team specialize in custom kitchen and bath design, ranging from classic to contemporary, traditional to transitional. The gorgeous showroom (winner of KBIS’ Most Innovative Showroom award) features kitchen, bath and bar designs. Peter Salerno Inc. also specializes in lounges, wine cellars, and “man caves” for the most discerning of customers.

Adjacent to Peter Salerno Inc.’s showroom are Stratta, the Tile Boutique and Oberg & Lindquist. Stratta is a jaw-dropping center for amazing artisan tile, ranging from fine marble to quirky art pieces to the latest in “green” tile (cork, faux wood, etc.). Oberg & Lindquist is a one-stop small business destination for home appliances, including some of the finest names in the industry – Wolf, Sub-Zero, Miele and more.

2. B. Witching Bath Co. (11 S. Broad St., Ridgewood, NJ)

A fine escape from the big business bath companies, B. Witching Bath Co. is a great find in the heart of downtown Ridgewood. From soaps to lotions, oils to soaks, the product assortment at B. Witching is alluring and high-quality.

Stemming from a 40-year family tradition of fine handmade bath products, B. Witching Bath Co.’s products “are uniquely formulated with the finest therapeutic botanicals, wholesome ingredients, essential oils and minimal preservatives”. Each batch of their products are crafted to high standards on an individual basis.

For the guys out there who often find themselves at a loss in big bath care stores, fear not! We love B. Witching’s efforts to invite men into their store with fine products designed “for him” as well.

3. Serene Spa & Boutique (288 Center Ave., Westwood, NJ)

A walk through the charming downtown center of Westwood brings you to Serene, a quaint spa and boutique with a natural vibe. The name “Serene” is indicative of the feeling you get upon entering the storefront, as customers find its atmosphere relaxing and peaceful.

Serene Spa and Boutique, Westwood, NJ.
Serene Spa and Boutique, Westwood, NJ.

Serene offers a wide array of products, from clothing to skin care. Need a break from the stressful rush of holiday shopping? Serene also offers a litany of fairly priced health options – from massage to waxing, Reiki massage to skin care.

The Serene boutique also offers the added bonus of some very unique jewelry options! If you’re a lover of baubles and bangles, bracelets and necklaces, then make sure you stop by for a fine small business option for your jewelry needs.

4. Caffe Anello and Sogno Coffee (425-429 Broadway, Westwood, NJ)

Of course, all this Small Business Saturday shopping is bound to make you hungry! Our favorite local haunt for a unique bite to eat and a world-class cup of coffee is Sogno Coffee – conveniently, just a short walk away from Serene Spa & Boutique in the heart of Westwood.

You’ll visit Sogno Coffee for its magnificent coffee and beverage selection, including espresso, macchiato, cappuccino and some fantastic hot chocolates. You’ll stay for their assortment of freshly made crepes, available in both Sweet and Savory options. We highly recommend the simple delight of the Fourth Avenue, a handmade crepe made fresh and served with lemon juice, honey, sugar and butter.

If you need a little more nourishment, the double storefront also features Caffe Anello, a tremendous sit-down restaurant you’ll visit over and over again!


Wyckoff, NJ: The Crown Jewel of New Jersey Home Design

The One-Stop Luxury Home Design Center in Wyckoff, New Jersey

Those “in the know” are aware what a wonderful town Wyckoff, New Jersey is. From notable residents (Bucky Dent, Tara Reid, The Jonas Brothers, Gertrude Eberle) to historic landmarks (15 locations on the National Register of Historic Places) and significant American families (Voorhees, Terhune, Ackerman, etc.)

What you might not know is that Wyckoff, NJ, has quietly become a mecca of world-class home design, furnishings and accessories – and it all begins at one address right off Route 208.

511 Goffle Road, Wyckoff, NJ: A home design paradise!
511 Goffle Road, Wyckoff, NJ: A home design paradise!

This beautiful two-story building at 511 Goffle Road in Wyckoff is home to three renowned businesses, each of which provides state-of-the-art, luxurious custom home design solutions for discriminating clients. The building and its businesses have been featured in a myriad of publications, from Design New Jersey to (201) Magazine, the 2016 Rolls Royce USA Owner’s Table Book to yearly features by the NKBA, Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Purcell Murray.

Whether you desire custom kitchen and bath design from the most award-winning design firm in North America this century; the latest in custom, artisanal, and environmentally-friendly tile design; or an unparalleled fleet of appliances and fixtures, 511 Goffle Road is a one-stop luxury home design destination just minutes from Routes 80, 4, 287, 208, and the Garden State Parkway.

Peter Salerno Inc.

Since 2002, no other North American custom kitchen and bath design company has won more design awards than Peter Salerno Inc. From traditional to transitional, classic to contemporary, Peter Salerno and his staff are unmatched in their custom approach. If that’s not enough of a selling point, there’s the showroom so awe-inspiring that it was called “A Wonderland Under One Roof”.

Peter and his family in the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom in Wyckoff. (Photo: Andrew Bisdale)
Peter and his family in the Peter Salerno Inc. showroom in Wyckoff. (Photo: Andrew Bisdale)

Established in 1997 by Peter Ross Salerno, CMKBD, Peter Salerno Inc has quickly become on of the top design firms in the world, achieving 34 National Awards since 2002, including Kitchen of the Year (NKBA) in 2012 and Most Innovative Showroom (KBIS) in 2015.

Peter Salerno Inc. places focus on creating a luxurious and functional spaces that compliment your lifestyle. Whether a kitchen, master bath, or wine cellar, they incorporate your personality, passions, and hobbies into their custom design to create a finely tailored living space for you and your family.

Stratta, the Tile Boutique

Under the guidance of curator and owner Nicole Sakosits, Stratta, the Tile Boutique presents a stunning array and selection of tile options for home and business. Stratta, the Tile Boutique is committed to bringing the world’s finest tile designs, solutions and creations to its clients and customers.

Peter Salerno Inc. award winning transitional bath design, 2015. [Photo: Peter Rymwid]
A transitional bath design from Stratta and Peter Salerno Inc. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
As of this posting, Stratta, the Tile Boutique is proud to own a perfect 5-star customer satisfaction and service rating on Houzz, the foremost interior design social media site in the world. Stratta takes pride in not only providing its clients with world-class tile and unique, beautiful tile design work, but also with the very best in service and availability.

The stunning Stratta showcases the finest in tile and tile designs – contemporary and classic, unique and traditional, all with a focus on sustainable design and environmentally friendly tile options. From marble to leather, cork to seashell, their award-winning service staff will match you with the tile of your dreams.

Oberg and Lindquist

Oberg and Lindquist is a family-owned and locally-operated appliance center with locations in Westwood and Wyckoff, New Jersey. As the area’s leader in offering premium kitchen appliances with custom installations, they are committed to upholding our reputation for service, quality and customer satisfaction.

You’ll find that Oberg & Lindquist is a place where family values, professionalism and integrity are not just words, but a way of life. Their array of appliance options is truly extraordinary, and never lacks an ample supply of the very best in world-class manufacturers.

Oberg and Lindquist supplies the names you trust to provide luxury and durability, like Miele, Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Electrolux – all the while providing a superior level of service and highly knowledgeable staff.

Presenting the Miele Flagship 48″ Range [PHOTOS]

Presenting the Miele Flagship 48″ Range [PHOTOS]

Peter Salerno’s New Showroom Display to Feature #TheMieleRange

Leave it to Miele to revolutionize the way we see kitchen appliances.

When Peter Salerno and the Peter Salerno Inc. family decided to update their award-winning showroom with a new transitional kitchen design vignette, there was only one choice for the range to be featured: the flagship, 48-inch range from Miele. It’s a range so incredible, Miele is comfortable referring to it simply as “The Miele Range”.

The flagship 48" Generation 6000 range from Miele, to be featured in the Peter Salerno inc. showroom.
The flagship 48″ Generation 6000 range from Miele, to be featured in the Peter Salerno inc. showroom.

As the reigning Most Innovative Small Showroom in North America (awarded by KBIS and the NKBA), Peter Salerno Inc. has an obligation to present new, innovative and outstanding designs, appliances and technology in its Wyckoff, New Jersey showroom. When Peter Salerno saw the Miele flagship 48″ range in person at the Oberg & Lindquist boutique appliance studio, he knew it had to be featured in his new design vignette.

“I’m thrilled to have the new Miele 48-inch range as the centerpiece of our new transitional kitchen showroom vignette,” Peter Salerno said. “It truly is the definition of modern transitional design.”

The flagship 48" Generation 6000 range from Miele, to be featured in the Peter Salerno inc. showroom.
The flagship 48″ Generation 6000 range from Miele, to be featured in the Peter Salerno inc. showroom.

From the official Miele Range press release:

“For the first time ever, a consumer has the option to have one unifying design throughout their kitchen,” said Nick Ord, President of Miele USA. “Each piece complements the other in form and function and ensures consistent and professional results.”

The Ranges, offered in All Gas, All Electric, Induction and Dual Fuel and ranging from 30” to the flagship 48” model allow for the ultimate flexibility. Many of the innovations available in Generation 6000 can be found in the Range to create perfect harmony in a full suite of kitchen appliances. From M-Touch controls that offer effortless navigation to the ComfortSwivel handle that moves ergonomically with the motion of the user’s wrist, no detail was left out. Precise results can be expected from the M Pro Dual Stacked Burner System with up to 19,500 BTU and TrueSimmer capability and for ease of cleaning, the ComfortClean grates are dishwasher-safe.

The Rangetops, with 30”, 36” and 48” units available, deliver the ultimate in versatility – in both form and function. Featuring the M Pro Dual Stacked Burner System, users have the ability to go from sear to TrueSimmer with the turn of a knob. The M Pro Grill and M Pro Infrared Griddle available for Rangetops offer high power output, even heat distribution and constant control –allowing for the most resourceful culinary preparation.

The flagship 48" Generation 6000 range from Miele, to be featured in the Peter Salerno inc. showroom.
The flagship 48″ Generation 6000 range from Miele, to be featured in the Peter Salerno inc. showroom.

The Miele motto is Immer Besser – “Forever Better”. We couldn’t agree more.

Want more information about Peter Salerno Inc.’s award-winning kitchen designs, or how to order your very own Miele 48″ flagship range? Fill out the contact form below.

Peter Salerno Inc., Miele Partner to Create Design Showroom Vignette

Peter Salerno Inc., Miele Partner to Create Design Showroom Vignette

Over the last 30 years, Peter Salerno Inc. has forged business relationships with the foremost design and appliance firms around the world. Now, Peter Salerno and his team are proud to add Miele to that list.

The streamlined, revolutionary 48" Miele dual fuel range.
The streamlined, revolutionary 48″ Miele dual fuel range.

Over the next few weeks, Peter Salerno Inc.’s showroom will undergo a transformation – a brand new vignette, featuring some of the most revolutionary kitchen appliances you have ever seen. It’s only right that the Most Innovative Small Showroom of 2015 keeps up with the most innovative, sleek and functional product lines on the market in their vignettes and displays – and in the case of Miele’s 2015 product line, the choice was easy.

The centerpiece of the new Peter Salerno Inc. Miele kitchen vignette will undoubtedly be the new Miele 48″ dual fuel range. After spending over 7 years in research and development, one would assume the resulting range would be nearly flawless. And that’s pretty much the case. With a streamlined 3-door concept, 30″ wall steam assist, speed oven/microwave combo and plumbed-in steam assist, it’s one of the most beautiful and functional ranges in the world.

The Miele Generation 6000 coffee maker.
The Miele Generation 6000 coffee maker.

Combine that with the new Miele coffee maker, with swipe intuitive interface, user-friendly streamlined design, automatic adjustable-height dispenser, on-board milk steamer and M class control, and you have the foundation for perhaps the most revolutionary transitional kitchen showroom display in the world today.

Over the coming weeks, Peter Salerno Inc., Miele, and boutique appliance studio Oberg & Lindquist will bring you a series of reports, appliance overviews, updates and sneak previews of the new Peter Salerno Inc. showroom vignette.

Together, we will show you why Miele’s motto truly is Immer Besser: “Forever Better”.