8 Off-White PANTONE Colors To Inspire Your Kitchen Design

8 Off-White PANTONE Colors To Inspire Your Kitchen Design

Anybody can ‘wow’ you with articles about wild color palettes and outside-the-box design schemes. But you ALWAYS need an anchor color for your kitchen design palette. And that’s why we’re here.

You have your base color scheme and design palette for your kitchen design. But where do you go from there? How do you tie everything in with that one perfect neutral tone? Often, off-white colors are the answer. If white is a little too pedestrian, but you need to keep your neutral tone light, off-white is key to your kitchen’s color scheme.

But when you visit the paint aisle, it’s swatches as far as the eye can see. How in the world are you going to narrow down what seems like thousands of off-white options to that single, perfect color for your kitchen?

As always, we turn to the experts at PANTONE, the world’s foremost authority on color, for guidance. Using their one-of-a-kind Color Matching System, recent color trend guides and some of the most awe-inspiring kitchen designs from Peter Salerno Inc., we’ve tuned our focus on 8 fantastic off-white PANTONE colors to perfectly complete your kitchen’s color palette.

Which of these 8 off-white PANTONE shades is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below!

8 Off-White PANTONE Colors To Inspire Your Kitchen Design

1. Brilliant White

Pantone 11-4001

Color Influence: Blue

The quiet blue undertone of Brilliant White makes it our top choice as an off-white PANTONE kitchen design color. Blue is the “it” kitchen design color of the moment, and Brilliant White allows you to set a neutral white base that still blends beautifully with your design choices.

PANTONE white color Brilliant White

2. Tofu

Pantone 11-4801

Color Influence: Bronze

Tofu is a muted off-white that plays well against wood tones and metallic colors. You don’t have to worry about Tofu dominating the color palette of your kitchen; it’s certainly not an “out front” design color. It does work quite nicely with a variety of stronger tones as a complementary shade.

PANTONE white color Tofu

3. Vanilla Custard

Pantone 12-0815

Color Influence: Orange

In contrast to Tofu, Vanilla Custard definitely brings a little more ‘punch’ to the table. The orange undertone isn’t exactly subtle, and you’ll need to choose a warm kitchen design palette to pair with it. However, in the right setting, Vanilla Custard is certainly a winning selection.

PANTONE Autumn/Winter 2019 Vanilla Custard

4. Sweet Corn

Pantone 11-0106

Color Influence: Yellow/Gold

This is a great choice for a traditional or country kitchen. Sweet Corn brings a charming golden undertone to your kitchen design’s color palette that works well against cozy, familiar options like Dutch blue, wood, and natural greens and browns.


PANTONE white color Sweet Corn

5. White Smoke

Pantone 12-0704

Color Influence: Orange

White Smoke strays a bit further from “white” than most on the list, but its ability to counter-balance strong metallics and dark wood tones lands it a spot on our list. White Smoke isn’t for¬†every¬†kitchen, but it’s a strong enough off-white to hold its own against powerful colors.

PANTONE white color White Smoke

6. White Alyssum

Pantone 11-1001

Color Influence: Beige

Even though White Alyssum falls faintly within the yellow color family, we can’t really “tie it in” to the color itself – it’s simply too delicate. White Alyssum feels like the ivory on a vintage piano – delicate, elegant and charming.


PANTONE white color White Alyssum

7. Bright White

Pantone 11-0601

Color Influence: Green

Bright White provides a really unique green hue which allows it to play in a totally different color palette than every other entry on this list. A kitchen design full of leafy greens, natural tones, earthy colors and plant life will benefit greatly by using Bright White as its off-white neutral.

PANTONE white color Bright White

8. Coconut Milk

Pantone 11-0608

Color Influence: Beige

Much like White Alyssum, Coconut Milk offers the slightest hint of yellow/beige, adding a ‘vintage’ feel to your color palette. Coconut Milk, perhaps unsurprisingly based on its name, also does quite well against hot tropical colors and pastels.

PANTONE white color Coconut Milk

Winter 2018 Color Design Trend | Black, Gold + Off-White Dazzle

Winter 2018 Color Design Trend | Black, Gold + Off-White Dazzle

The combination of black, gold, and off-white is a stunner, and it’s all the rage this Winter 2018-19 design season.

And why not? The timeless sturdiness of black, the dazzling punch of gold, and the trendy neutral off-white are the perfect blend of transitional and timeless. Used to proper effect, this color combination can make its way from a seasonal trend to a lasting color design scheme in your home.

The luxurious, crisp combination of these 3 colors is often associated with New Year’s celebrations – so why not apply them to your entire winter color design scheme by extension?

The wonderful thing about the combination of black, gold and off-white tones is how relative they are with the trend towards neutral and white tones in kitchen and bath design. With bases in black, taupe/beige (gold tones) and off-white, this color palette covers virtually all your neutral tone bases, while still creating plenty of visual interest.

We’ve selected two sample Pantone color palettes for this Winter 2018-19 color design trend, then broken down the six Pantone colors separately with their Pantone reference codes for easy identification.

Which palette do you prefer? Do you prefer classy and demure, or bold and glossy?

Winter 2018-19 Color Design Trend | Sample Pantone Palettes

1. Blackened Pearl, Bright Gold and Snow White

Pantone Winter 2018-19 Color Palette: Blackened Pearl, Bright Gold, Snow White
Pantone Winter 2018-19 Color Palette: Blackened Pearl, Bright Gold, Snow White

2. Black Onyx, Artisan’s Gold and Eggnog

Pantone Winter 2018-19 Color Palette: Black Onyx, Artisan's Gold, Eggnog
Pantone Winter 2018-19 Color Palette: Black Onyx, Artisan’s Gold, Eggnog

Winter 2018-19 Color Design Trend | Black Tones

Blackened Pearl (Pantone 19-3917)

Blackened Pearl Pantone 19-3917

Black Onyx (Pantone 19-4003)

Black Onyx Pantone 19-4003

Winter 2018-19 Color Design Trend | Gold Tones

Bright Gold (Pantone 16-0947)

Bright Gold Pantone 16-0947

Artisan’s Gold (Pantone 15-1049)

Artisan's Gold Pantone 15-1049

Winter 2018-19 Color Design Trend | Off-White Tones

Snow White (Pantone 11-0602)

Snow White Pantone 11-0602

Eggnog (Pantone 12-0601)

Eggnog Pantone 12-0601