What Colors Do I Use For Mother’s Day? Find Out Here!

Pick These Colors For Mother’s Day Gifts and Designs

Happy Mother’s Day! To the women that raised us, nurtured us, gave us food, clothing and shelter, and sacrificed of themselves to make our lives better – thank you. The words can never be quite enough, but after all you’ve given us, what could be?

It’s that beautiful time of spring, when everything is in bloom, the weather starts getting warm (and staying warm!), and we get to honor the wonderful women in our lives with Mother’s Day gifts, cards and flowers.

A Mother's Day Pantone color design palette.
A Mother’s Day Pantone color design palette.

It can be a slightly awkward affair at times – especially when picking flowers, can’t it? We often find ourselves poring over the floral selection, wondering what each color of roses symbolizes, and whether or not we’re being appropriate (especially if it’s a mother-in-law or a friend!). Are red roses too romantic? Are yellow roses too “friendly” and not “loving enough”?

When it comes to color and design, we here at Design Your Lifestyle like to think we have your back. Coupling our parent company’s knowledge as the most award-winning kitchen design firm in North America this century with our own research into Pantone color system seasonal trends, we’ve come up with the perfect Mother’s Day palette for you!

From warm to cool to neutral, these colors (taken straight from the Pantone color matching system for easy retrieval) are perfectly appropriate – and appropriately perfect! – for Mother’s Day.

The Perfect Colors For Mother’s Day Design

1. Primrose Yellow.

Our lead writer may be a bit biased here: his mother, after all, has a “sunny” disposition when it comes to life and her favorite songs. From “Here Comes the Sun” to “You Are the Sunshine of My Life”, it only seemed appropriate to list the hottest shade of bright, sunny yellow from the Spring 2017 Pantone collection as our #1 color design pick for Mother’s Day.

Primrose Yellow (13-0755 TCX) is optimistic, warm, and friendly – perfect for Mother’s Day. Whether it be yellow roses, carnations, gift wrap, lemon cookies (or a bottle of Limoncello), this shade conveys all the love and warmth you want to show Mom this year.

Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Primrose Yellow injects pure sunshine into spring.

2. Pale Dogwood.

Much like Primrose Yellow, our next color choice comes straight from Pantone’s Spring 2017 color collection. Pale Dogwood (13-1404 TCX) is a light, blushing pink that reflects feminine charm and genuine affection. Unlike a hotter shade of pink (which might set a more romantic or distracting tone), a calmer shade like Pale Dogwood conveys the proper message.

A light shade of pink like this one is a great choice for gift wrap, flowers, table settings, and invitations.

Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: The light, airy Pale Dogwood is an amazing shade of pink.

3. Lily White.

Don’t judge a color by its name! Such is the case with Lily White (11-4301 TCX), which upon further inspection has a subtle hint of green underneath its neutral white tone. The perfect neutral to accompany all 3 of the other shades in this collection, Lily White manages to be a “warm” white to draw some attention in the midst of its pastel compatriots.

Lily White is a beautiful color choice for present packaging or gift wrap/ribbon, table settings, invitations, vases and other textiles, and a great “pairing color” for the others on this list.

Pantone Lily White. 2017 Mother's Day Colors.

4. Violet Tulip.

Roses are a popular floral choice for Mother’s Day bouquets. But a close second to roses are tulips – and a great purple shade with the tulip in mind rounds out this year’s collection of Mother’s Day colors in our Pantone color palette. Violet Tulip (16-3823 TCX) is a cool lavender shade that is soothing to see.

Use a light lavender shade like Violet Tulip in floral arrangements, “bath and spa” gifts, gift wrap, and in room decor if you’re hosting a Mother’s Day brunch or get-together at your home.

Pantone Violet Tulip. 2017 Mother's Day Colors.

Pantone Spring 2017 Color Trends: Island Paradise, Pale Dogwood [Part 3 of 5]

Pantone Spring 2017 Colors: Island Paradise, Pale Dogwood

If you like your spring design colors a bit more relaxed and airy than the bold Lapis Blue and Flame we featured in Part 2 of our Pantone Spring 2017 Color Trends piece, then Part 3 is for you!

As we’ve stated throughout this Pantone Spring 2017 color design series, the selected colors of Spring 2017 reflect natural beauty, bright optimism, and fresh beginnings. From the fantastic blue anchor color Niagara to the nutty neutral Hazelnut, Pantone’s colors for this spring signal a return to the great (and beautiful) outdoors.

Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Island Paradise and Pale Dogwood are delicate and arresting.
Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Island Paradise and Pale Dogwood are delicate and arresting.

In Part 3 of our 5-part series on this season’s Pantone color palette, we’ve paired off the two most understated, delicate and light-hearted colors of the spring – Island Paradise (14-4620 TCX) and Pale Dogwood (13-1404 TCX). The combination of fresh aqua and shy, gentle pink is at once charming and soothing.

From the Spring 2017 runway collections at New York Fashion Week to trends in interior design and home decor, these two beautiful hues might not demand your focus – but they certainly deserve your attention.

If this is your first look at our 5-part Pantone Spring 2017 series, here is the full list of Spring 2017 Pantone colors, along with their TCX designations and the order in which we will feature them:

Let’s take a closer look at 2 more shades in the Spring 2017 Pantone color design palette – Island Paradise and Pale Dogwood.

Island Paradise: A Refreshing Aqua Blue

Perhaps the most inherently “spring” of the Pantone Spring 2017 color selections, Island Paradise immediately evokes images of clear, Caribbean water and bright blue skies.

Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Island Paradise is a cool, refreshing aqua.
Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: Island Paradise is a cool, refreshing aqua.

Light blue is generally recognized as a color that promotes daydreaming and pleasant thought. As such, utilize Island Paradise in areas of your home where you want to relax! A perfect, pleasant shade for any beach home, sun room or any “R&R” space, Island Paradise is a fine color selection for a room design meant to induce relaxation.

When it comes to wardrobe and fashion design, Island Paradise has found its way into airy sleeveless tops, cotton shorts, and sheer dresses. If you’re looking for jewel tones and/or accessories to accentuate your Island Paradise wardrobe, try silver, aquamarine, rose gold and lighter shades of leather.

Pale Dogwood: One Of Our Favorite Shades of Pink

Gosh, we love Pale Dogwood. A “relative” of 2016’s Pantone co-color of the year, Rose Quartz, this soft pink is becoming quite the commodity in bridesmaids’ dresses, sofas, and bedroom accessories such as pillows and throws. In other words, Pale Dogwood has become a Pantone shade instantly synonymous with softness and comfort.

Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: The light, airy Pale Dogwood is an amazing shade of pink.
Pantone Spring 2017 color trends: The light, airy Pale Dogwood is an amazing shade of pink.

The delicate floral nature of Pale Dogwood lends itself brilliantly to accessories in home decor and design. The “baby pink” will naturally be attached to baby’s rooms; don’t be afraid to utilize the shade in modest doses in your kitchen and bath designs as well. We’re also seeing a growing movement on Pinterest of homeowners and home designers using Pale Dogwood as an accent wall color.

Major label designers and clothiers such as Banana Republic and Lacoste adored Pale Dogwood in their Spring 2017 fashion designs and runway exhibits. Pale Dogwood’s inherent airy beauty works well in both men’s and women’s fashion – guys, if you see a Pale Dogwood polo, dress shirt or shorts and are intrigued, go for it! In terms of women’s fashion, Pale Dogwood is a tremendous choice for sundresses, blouses and small accessory pieces for the hair and wrists.

Stay with Design Your Lifestyle over the next several weeks, as we continue to feature the ten beautiful hues that make up the Pantone Spring 2017 Color Design Report!