Cinco De Mayo Colors | Official Updated Pantone Color Guide

Cinco De Mayo Colors: An Official Pantone Color Guide

Cinco De Mayo is more than just a big party – although a great excuse to fiesta is always welcome! For Mexicans, Mexican-Americans and people of Mexican heritage worldwide, Cinco De Mayo is a day of national pride, honor and triumph. This article will help you celebrate Cinco De Mayo in proper style!

Cinco De Mayo literally means “May 5th” in Spanish. It’s a celebration of the Mexican Army’s unlikely victory at the Battle of Puebla over the heavily-favored French Empire in 1862 – of course, the battle took place on May 5th. On that day, the French forces outnumbered Mexicans by double, but the Mexicans prevailed and established a sense of national pride and unity that had been lost in previous conflicts.

While not exactly an “Independence Day”, Cinco De Mayo is a celebration and recognition of Mexican pride, spirit, and bravery in the face of adversity. Outside Mexico, the holiday is used to promote Mexican culture, customs, food and music throughout the world, and is especially popular in the United States, Canada and Japan.

As you might expect, the colors closely associated with Cinco de Mayo are the official colors of the Mexican flag: red, white and green. But what are the official colors of the flag of Mexico?

Leave it to Design Your Lifestyle – color design aficionados that we are – to provide you with the answer!

Pantone, the world’s foremost authority of color design, has designated the official colors of many of the world’s flags, including Mexico’s. Through the use of the Pantone Color Matching System (CMS), there are uniform names and codes for virtually every color imaginable – including the three primary colors in the Mexican flag.

So when you celebrate Cinco de Mayo this year, do it properly – and use these Pantone shades of red, white and green for your Cinco de Mayo fiesta!

Official Pantone Colors of Cinco de Mayo

Cinco de Mayo: Green Color Ideas

Water Nymph – Pantone 20-0187

PANTONE 2019 Christmas green color Water Nymph

Guacamole – Pantone 17-0530

Guacamole (PANTONE 17-0530)

Greenery – Pantone 05-0343

Mardi Gras Pantone color design 2020 Greenery

Cinco de Mayo: White Color Ideas

Coconut Milk – Pantone 11-0608

PANTONE white color Coconut Milk

Bright White – Pantone 11-0601

PANTONE white color Bright White

White Alyssum – Pantone 11-1001

PANTONE white color White Alyssum

Cinco de Mayo: Red Color Ideas

Flame Scarlet – Pantone 18-1662

PANTONE 2020 red carpet color Flame Scarlet

Fiesta – Pantone 17-1564

4th of July Pantone color palette Fiesta

Bossa Nova – Pantone 18-1547

PANTONE 2019 Christmas red color Bossa Nova



The Trendiest PANTONE Reds For Christmas 2019 | A Design Guide

The Trendiest PANTONE Reds For Christmas 2019 | A Design Guide

Which red is the RIGHT red for Christmas design in 2019? The palette certainly couldn’t be any broader; there are 256 available HEX codes for red, and that’s only in web design (currently). Add in the fact that in reality “off screen” there are roughly 10 million colors perceptible by the human eye at any given moment, and it makes choosing “the perfect Christmas red” seem impossible.

Luckily, we have color experts like the team at PANTONE to guide the way. Like Rudolph’s bright red nose, PANTONE guides our way through the 2019 holiday design season and points us to six trending red colors that are all the rage for this year’s Christmas design palettes.

The six red shades trending for Christmas 2019 design come directly from the latest PANTONE trend reports – from 2019, Spring 2020, & the color palette suggestions for Classic Blue, the 2020 Pantone Color of the Year.

You won’t be shocked to see a traditional red like Cranberry leading the charge. But take particular note of the gorgeous Space Cherry, pulled from a metallic version of the same color in an aforementioned Classic Blue PANTONE color palette.

Prepare for Fiery Red and other blazing colors like it as we head into the Spring 2020 design season; they’re on trend in a big way. If you’re looking for a more sedate red tone to decorate your home this Christmas, we really enjoy working with the reddish-brown Bossa Nova.

6 Trendy Reds for Christmas 2019


PANTONE 2019 Christmas red color Cranberry

Space Cherry

PANTONE 2019 Christmas red color Space Cherry

Fiery Red

PANTONE 2019 Christmas red color Fiery Red


PANTONE 2019 Christmas red color Rhubarb

Valiant Poppy

PANTONE 2019 Christmas red color Valiant Poppy

Bossa Nova

PANTONE 2019 Christmas red color Bossa Nova

Trending Red + Blue Tones For 4th of July Design

Trending Red + Blue Tones For 4th of July Design

The 4th of July is all about expressing your American patriotism – so make sure you’re doing so in the most stylish way possible!

The freedom of expression is one of the great liberties Americans possess. Within that right is the ability to create, express and design your lifestyle in ways you find beautiful. Independence Day is a perfect occasion to blend your personal style with the colors that represent American pride.

4th of July Pantone color palette Peter Salerno Inc.

Red and blue color tones take center stage on the 4th of July, with re-imaginations of the American flag everywhere you look. From classic, traditional salutes to the flag to trendy takes on red and blue shades, patriotic color design extends from clothing to furniture, accessories to decor, and residential to commercial expressions.

So, how can you set yourself apart this 4th of July if everyone’s working with the same two colors?

Our trusted advisors at PANTONE – the world’s foremost authority on color – have their finger on the pulse of color, design and application. Consistently ahead of the curve on color theory and intelligence, PANTONE provides informative articles as well as the world’s finest color matching system.

Smart design experts understand what a valuable resource PANTONE can be. We’ve taken their expertise and applied it to the 4th of July, searching their latest articles, trend forecasts and color palettes for our favorite red and blue hues to inspire your Independence Day style.

We’ve developed a palette of 8 colors – 4 reds and 4 blues – upon which to build our 4th of July color design. A series of versatile blues spans from light and airy to rich and stable. The four red tones sizzle with all the pizzazz of 4th of July fireworks.

We’d love to know which red and blue tones you like best – Happy 4th of July, and make sure to leave us a comment!

4th of July Color Palette | PANTONE Reds + Blues

Fruit Dove

4th of July Pantone color palette Fruit Dove


4th of July Pantone color palette Fiesta

Valiant Poppy

4th of July Pantone color palette Valiant Poppy

Chili Pepper

4th of July Pantone color palette Chili Pepper


4th of July Pantone color palette Eclipse

Galaxy Blue

4th of July Pantone color palette Galaxy Blue

Princess Blue

4th of July Pantone color palette Princess Blue

Sky Blue

4th of July Pantone color palette Sky Blue

Christmas 2018 Decor: Six Beautiful Shades of PANTONE Red

The Perfect Shades of Red For Christmas 2018 Decor

Christmas 2018 is right around the corner! One of the most beautiful times of the year for decor and design, the holiday season is full of festive, inviting colors – not the least of which is red!

The warmth and beauty of red makes it a wonderful choice one of the “official-unofficial” colors of Christmas (green being the other). From Santa’s suit to poinsettia petals, holiday gift bows to Rudolph’s shiny red nose, the color red is everywhere you turn during the holidays.

Pantone, the world’s foremost color matching system, has put names and coding to every shade of red you could possibly imagine. But which of these red shades are right for your 2018 Christmas decor and designs?

2018’s color design trends taught us that our warm colors need to be bright, cheerful and optimistic. As such, we’ve focused on six perfect shades of Pantone red to add color to your 2018 holiday decorations.

Each of these six red hues embodies one of these core descriptions of 2018 color and style:

  1. A vibrant, lighter shade of red that beckons the eye;
  2. A deeper red based in an earth-toned brown that serves as a more “rustic” shade;
  3. A rich, jewel-tone red that spices up your surroundings.

No matter your taste, here are six fantastic shades of Pantone holiday red (along with their color codes) that are sure to please as core color elements of your 2018 Christmas decor and design!

Christmas Design 2018: Our Six Favorite Pantone Shades of Red

1. Poinsettia (17-1654 TCX)

Poinsettia Pantone color, Christmas 2016 red Pantone colors

2. Poppy Red (17-1664 TCX)

Poppy Red Pantone color, Christmas 2016 red Pantone colors

3. Goji Berry (18-1659 TCX)

Goji Berry Pantone color, Christmas 2016 red Pantone colors

4. Cranberry (17-1545 TCX)

Cranberry Pantone color, Thanksgiving party Pantone colors

5. Red Ochre (18-1442 TCX)

Red Ochre Pantone color, Christmas 2016 red Pantone colors

6. Crimson (19-1762 TCX)

Crimson Pantone color, Christmas 2016 red Pantone colors

Pantone Spring 2018 Colors | The Bright Tones

Pantone Spring 2018 Colors | The Bright Tones

Color design lovers, prepare for an explosion of color in Spring 2018! Pantone has released its Spring 2018 color palette that offers 12 bold color choices, as well as a “Classic color palette” that presents another 4 selections.

It’s a huge leap forward for Pantone, the world’s foremost authority on color design and color matching. In recent years, Pantone has released seasonal collections of 10 colors, offering plenty of selection and inspiration for color design enthusiasts.

Pantone’s Spring 2018 color palette delivers a knockout punch of bright colors, floral blooms, and vibrant tones. It’s interesting to note that the neutral tones selected for the Spring 2018 collection are a departure from grays and off-blacks of past seasons. Instead, Pantone focuses its neutral tones on woodsy, earthy browns and gentle off-whites.

In this article, we’ll focus in on the 3 brightest colors in the Pantone Spring 2018 color palette, and what makes them valuable to your design palette this season. From a knockout green to a bright red-orange to a versatile yellow, these 3 Pantone colors will liven up your Spring 2018 designs in a big way!

Lime Punch (Pantone 13-0550)

There might not be a more aptly named color in the Pantone palette than Lime Punch. An absolutely knockout neon shade of green, Lime Punch is the most in-your-face, unapologetic color in the Spring 2018 collection… and we love it.

Pantone Spring 2018 color Lime Punch

Many people will look at Lime Punch and instantly dismiss it as a “fashion design color only”. While that may be the case in a lot of circumstances, Lime Punch certainly has utility in home design as well. A splash of this hot green into a living space, beach home, or even a bath design can jazz up a design in no time.

Cherry Tomato (Pantone 17-1563)

Pantone’s Cherry Tomato is the color of… well, a cherry tomato. Much like Lime Punch, it’s a perfectly labeled shade, a bright red hue bordering ever-so-slightly on orange. It’s a zesty shade, and a definite departure from more conservative red shades in past Pantone seasonal palettes.

Pantone Spring 2018 color Cherry Tomato

Cherry Tomato is naturally a dominating color in any design, so use it sparingly and wisely. More of a complementary shade than a primary design element, Cherry Tomato (when used properly) can be a fantastic way to spice up a kitchen design or living area redecoration.

Meadowlark (Pantone 13-0646)

We’re not sure if the name of this yellow is a tip of the cap to Meadowlark Lemon, renowned member of the Harlem Globetrotters. Perhaps it’s just reflective of the bright yellow breast of the Meadowlark itself. Either way, this sun-lit shade of yellow certainly captures the essence of lemon in its tone, and officially leads the charge of bright colors in the Pantone Spring 2018 color palette.

Pantone Spring 2018 color Meadowlark

Meadowlark is a versatile yellow – just bold enough to grab your attention, and just subtle enough to pair well with a variety of colors in your home design. A natural winner in kitchen design, bath design and any outdoor space, Meadowlark is a great way to bring some “pop” into the color of your home design without being overbearing.