Your Beach House Bathroom Can Be Sleek + Stylish

Your Beach House Bathroom Can Be Sleek + Stylish

The phrase “beach house bathroom” has conjured up the wrong images for far too long. Ratty throws, sandy floors, and outdated showers and tubs once dominated the bathrooms of summer homes, as homeowners were preoccupied with all the things that could go wrong with its design.

Instead, why not focus on what can go right? The start of summer is the perfect opportunity to update your beach home’s bathroom to a sleek, stylish appearance that reflects the pride and presentation that you’ve built into the rest of your space.

Update your beach house bathroom to be sleek, stylish and inviting.
Update your beach house bathroom to be sleek, stylish and inviting. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

Many of the questions that beach house owners have about updating their bathroom designs seem logical.

“Why should I invest in the bathroom; it’s just going to get dirty!” “What happens when family and guests track sand all over?” “Shouldn’t I just consider my beach home’s bathroom as a glorified mud room?”

The answer to all these concerns is a simple one. Your family, friends and guests will inherently assign the same value to any room in your home that you do – bathroom included. If you invest the time, focus and proper design elements towards making your beach house bathroom sleek, stylish and beautiful, its users will treat it with the same care and respect.

Great views and open floor plans can maximize your beach house bathroom's space.
Great views and open floor plans can maximize your beach house bathroom’s space. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

Great views and open floor plans can maximize the space in your beach house bathroom. As Ren Miller, editor-in-chief of Design New Jersey magazine, stated in our Summer interview, “Views are important – get some big windows in your vacation home!” Make sure the designer handling your bathroom space values clean, functional design.

Also, don’t be afraid to trade in those ratty rugs and throws for tile floors. They’re much easier to clean and maintain, and once again – if you present a beautiful space, it is bound to be respected by your guests.

Finally, if you are dealing with an interior or narrow bathroom space, and space is at a premium, there are still creative design solutions! In our photo example at the top of the article, note the use of floor-to-ceiling mirrors to present the illusion of a larger space. Also, our design team was sure to stack as much functional storage as possible within the beautiful vanity and mirror combination on the far wall.

A great designer or design firm can make the most of any beach house bathroom, large or small. For more information on how Peter Salerno and his team can be of service, please visit their website.

Design Your Lifestyle Turns 5: A Look Back!

Design Your Lifestyle Turns 5: A Look Back!

This month, we celebrate our fifth anniversary at Design Your Lifestyle. We’re so grateful to our readership, contributors and especially our parent company, Peter Salerno Inc. Without everyone’s support, this ‘little vision’ of ours wouldn’t have become as well-read as it is today!

Our first article was a simple-yet-delicious recipe for Rosemary Lemonade (which you can still find here). We followed that up with an exclusive interview that’s still one of our favorites to date – with Ren Miller, editor-in-chief of Design NJ Magazine.

NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012, Peter Salerno Inc. - one of our site's first features!
NKBA Best Kitchen of 2012, Peter Salerno Inc. – one of our site’s first features!

Since then, we’ve published over 450 articles about topics ranging from kitchen design to coffee makers, bath design to backsplash tile, classic Italian recipes to modern transitional design. We’ve benefited from the travels and experiences of Peter Salerno, CMKBD, as he drew design inspiration from travels to the French countryside, Moscow, and a myriad of world destinations. It was also quite a privilege to get Peter’s VIP “insider access” to renowned home design trade shows and conventions like KBIS (the Kitchen & Bath Industry Showcase, hosted by the NKBA) and the Architectural Digest Design Show.

Peter Salerno with the Miele family at KBIS 2018.
Peter Salerno with the Miele family at KBIS 2018.

We’ve also gotten exclusive information from some of the most reliable sub-contractors, specialists, designers and vendors in the custom interior, home and kitchen design industries, as well as some of Peter Salerno Inc.’s most trusted business partners. In the past, we’ve leaned heavily on the expertise and experience of people like Craig Kmiecik of Purcell Murray, Mary A. Moulds of Miele USA, and members of Peter’s staff.

Larissa Taboryski of Purcell Murray and La Cornue hosts a cooking class at Peter Salerno Inc.'s showroom.
Larissa Taboryski of Purcell Murray and La Cornue hosts a cooking class at Peter Salerno Inc.’s showroom.

And then there’s the stunning kitchen design, bath design, wine cellar and showroom photography, much of which is attributable to Peter Rymwid – one of the finest photographers of interiors in the world.

All this has been interlaced with fun recipes, tips and tricks for purchasing cutlery, appliances and range hoods, and exclusive looks at Peter Salerno Inc.’s world-class, award-winning design showroom.

A custom RangeCraft range hood dazzles in this Moscow kitchen design by Peter Salerno Inc.
A custom RangeCraft range hood dazzles in this Moscow kitchen design by Peter Salerno Inc.

We hope you’ve had half as much fun following Design Your Lifestyle over the last five years as we’ve had creating content for you – now, let’s get back to business. On to the next five years!

Design NJ Magazine Heats Up With Summer 2016 Design Trends

Follow Design NJ Magazine For Hottest Design Trends

For over 3 years, our blog has been raving about Design New Jersey Magazine (and their social media outlet, Design NJ) as a “must read” source of hot design trend information, exclusive interviews, and expert coverage of the design industry.

During the summer 2016 season, Design New Jersey is at it again, giving us some of the hottest looks, designs, trends and color/accessory statements available. The great thing about following Design New Jersey (especially on Facebook) is having a constant source of fresh, unique design trends and topics at your fingertips.

Pick up the latest August/September 2016 issue of Design NJ Magazine. (Cover photo: Peter Rymwid)
Pick up the latest August/September 2016 issue of Design NJ Magazine. (Cover photo: Peter Rymwid)

Ren Miller, Editor-in-Chief of Design NJ, has his finger on the pulse of design that is both timeless and contemporary, ensuring that your style and design needs are met – whether your tastes are classic or contemporary, traditional or transitional. When the “Design Your Lifestyle” team needs an extra source of outside design inspiration, we know we can always count on Ren and his staff!

Here are some great recent items from Design New Jersey online (both their website and social media) that you need to check out during the design season of Summer 2016!

Summer 2016 Design Tips & Trends from Design NJ Magazine

A Return to Historic Homes

“In our disposable age when the “new” is almost always considered good and many historic houses have been lost to the wrecking ball, antiques can play an ever more important role in our homes,” Design NJ writer Robin Amster explains in the latest issue of Design New Jersey.

Robin’s point is astute and hits on a touch point for Summer 2016 style and design – sometimes, a return to historic home design is the best option. We know – the old cliche goes, “Nothing gold can stay”. But if you own something gold, why not hold it that way for as long as possible?

Don’t be afraid to keep your historic or classic home (or rooms within your home) as they are if you love them. There are always design options to modernize the space without innately changing what it is, through accessories, color scheme, etc.

Clean White Kitchen Design with Wood Accents

Design New Jersey Magazine features the very best in award-winning kitchen, bath and whole home design from just about everywhere – but primarily from in and around the New Jersey area. As such, it’s pretty common to see award-winning designers like Peter Salerno Inc. pop up in their pages and on their social media.

Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design 2016, as featured by Design NJ. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)
Peter Salerno Inc. kitchen design 2016, as featured by Design NJ. (Photo: Peter Rymwid)

The latest Peter Salerno Inc. design featured by Design New Jersey is a gorgeous clean white kitchen with rich wood accents, achieved through their proprietary custom Maestro Rosolino cabinetry line.

The kitchen design also features a custom range hood designed by Peter Salerno Inc. and created by Rangecraft, as well as bold statement lighting above the expansive kitchen island area.

Be sure to pick up the August/September 2016 issue of Design New Jersey Magazine, “A Sense of Place”, available now!

Interview: Ren Miller, Design NJ Magazine

Ren Miller, editor-in-chief of Design New Jersey magazine.
Ren Miller, editor-in-chief of Design New Jersey magazine.

For 13 years, knowledgeable and sophisticated homeowners, designers and home decor enthusiasts have turned to Design New Jersey magazine to provide beautiful design, quality information and fantastic imagery. The staff at Design New Jersey is comprised of New Jersey natives, who are intimately connected with the tastes, trends and desires that dictate New Jersey home design.

Over the last 8 years, the guiding hand of Design New Jersey has been its editor-in-chief, Ren Miller. With an impressive background in both design and editorial management, Ren has proven his worth by leading his magazine into the present (and often beyond). His taste for classic design and sophistication is well-known, but we at Peter Salerno Inc. also value Ren’s ability to look into the future of home design.

We sat down with the talented Ren Miller for our Summer 2013 blog cycle to discuss Design New Jersey, the relationship between himself and Peter Salerno, and the very latest trends in beach house and vacation home design.

Peter Salerno Blog: So, Design New Jersey is celebrating 13 years in print.

Ren Miller: Our 13th year is coming to a close, and Year 14 will begin with our February/March 2014 issue. We have great readers. It’s a smaller niche, but a loyal niche.

PSB: Not to jinx you, but a lot of magazines – especially niche ones – fold rather quickly. How have you managed to build 13 years of success?

RM: We try to change with the times; as a result, we re-designed the magazine two years ago. We started with highly traditional homes, but in the last few years we’ve expanded to showcase condos, apartments, and transitional design homes. Baby boomers are “downsizing” in non-traditional fashions – owning two homes in different locations, and so on – so we’ve felt as though our magazine should cater to its readers, not vice versa.

PSB: So it wouldn’t be our blog if we didn’t ask – how have you come to view Peter Salerno?

RM: Peter’s projects usually come through photographer Peter Rymwid, who will submit the project to the magazine. Peter’s very approachable but not always on our backs – he’s not one to blow his own horn. And he’s a very nice person, very easy to work with. He’s a quiet giant in the industry. He’s not big on self-promotion; he’s big on promoting good design.

His design sense and the quality of what he does is something we think our readers want. Beyond focusing on looking good and working well – from a business and personal standpoint, he’s always accessible to us, always has the details ready. He’s excited to talk about what he’s done, even after the projects have been completed. The fact that he’s excited about the homeowners’ use of their new space shows me that he really cares about the design and its function.

PSB: So our Summer 2013 theme is “The Beautiful Beach Life”. You’ve probably seen many changes in beach home design in the past few years.

RM: Oh, absolutely. After the 1980s when there was so much dated furniture and decorations, people are trying to get away from that. As a result, the designs are becoming cleaner and becoming more sophisticated. People are trying to make their beach homes more like their regular homes, just with a bit more color.

PSB: So color is making its way into beach homes?

RM: Absolutely. Navy blue and white is a popular combination, but rather traditional; in the past few years we’ve seen combinations of two shades of blue – navy blue and aqua, for example. It provides freshness. Navy and orange is a bold combination as well. Be creative with patterns and colors – area rugs, throw pillows.

PSB: Peter Salerno and his staff are renowned for beautiful kitchen designs. How does that play into the modern beach or vacation home?

RM: Even if entails taking down a wall, it’s important to have an open kitchen. It’s important for the cook or people utilizing the kitchen to be involved with the rest of the house. Also, your kitchen should accommodate a large group. What good is a family vacation home if you can’t share it with a big group of family and friends? If it’s a small kitchen, I’d take an adjacent room and incorporate it in the kitchen.

PSB: What about vacation homes in general? Any tips to fully realize those spaces?

RM: Views, views, views. Views are important – get some big windows in your vacation home! Also, you need to make the most of your space.  Every vacation home should have a sizeable entertainment center and/or chest to store games, media, etc. There will be rainy days, and you need to stay entertained!

PSB: What about some tips for vacation or beach home owners who want to “spruce up” their space without spending a bundle?

RM: A not-too-expensive item I think is a great option for vacation homes are throws – especially in the mountains or lakes. Also, look into weather-resistant fabrics;  they look and feel like regular indoor fabrics now, so why not use them indoors? Especially recovering a chair or sofa.

PSB: What about flooring for a vacation home?

RM: In a vacation home, any shore houses in particular, you don’t want wall-to-wall carpeting because you’ll never get all the junk out of it. Tile or wood makes more sense, and then soften that look with smaller area rugs.

PSB: Overall, what is your message to designers of beach/vacation homes – and to their owners?

RM: Don’t be afraid of color, and don’t be afraid to have a little fun. Because it’s a vacation home, you can definitely be more free with design spirit.

Ren Miller is the editor-in-chief of Design New Jersey magazine. For more about Peter Salerno and his award-winning design firm, please visit our website.