Pantone During A Pandemic | Trendy Optimistic Colors

Pantone During A Pandemic | Trendy Optimistic Colors

It’s hard to feel that ‘creative spark’ during “shelter in place” sometimes. For artists and designers, social distancing often means feeling a disconnect from the collaborators and teammates with whom we love to work. It’s important that we find new ways to ignite our inspiration, and new approaches to the creative process.

Color has always been a motivating factor and constant source of energy in our creative process. Thanks to Pantone, color now has ‘a language’ – a worldwide color matching system that allows you to seamlessly transition between graphic, textile, online and home design. Need that exact shade of blue to translate from your screen to your kitchen design? Pantone has you covered.

We love turning to Pantone (especially during this pandemic) to keep us connected to creative energy, trending colors and artistic design inspiration.

In the “Pantone During A Pandemic” series, we will highlight some of Pantone’s color trend report selections and group them into categories. From optimistic to calming, bold to reliable, we hope these Pantone color collections will help you reconnect with your muse and “flex that creative muscle”!

Pantone Color Trends | Optimistic Colors for 2020

This article will focus on some of the ‘sunnier’, more optimistic colors from Pantone’s 2020 color trend reports. Between the New York and London collections for both Spring 2020 and Fall 2020, there are a lot of wonderful warm tones from which to choose.

Beetroot Purple

Pantone 18-2143

Collection: Pantone London Spring 2020

Pantone Beetroot Purple 2020

We lead out this collection with Beetroot Purple, a zesty fuschia shade that’s just as pink as it is purple. If you dare to dazzle with magenta tones in your design, you’re not going to find a more upbeat, optimistic option than this one!

Mandarin Red

Pantone 17-1562

Collection: Pantone London Autumn 2020

Pantone Mandarin Red 2020

Mandarin Red is, as a very funny film might say, red “turned up to 11”. Bordering between red and orange, Mandarin Red brings fire and zest that is difficult to ignore. We think it can be used to dramatic effect!


Pantone 14-1064

Collection: Pantone New York Spring 2020

Pantone Saffron 2020

Gosh, there aren’t many trendy Pantone colors more FUN than Saffron this year. Citrus, sunshine, sweet flavors and warm energy all rolled into one, Saffron is an amazing choice to brighten up your design palette.

Green Sheen

Pantone 13-0648

Collection: Pantone New York Autumn 2020

Pantone Green Sheen 2020

This yellow-green shade isn’t to be mistaken for a “natural tone”. Green Sheen is here to stand out, not blend in – so use it wisely!

Tanager Turquoise

Pantone 13-4720

Collection: Pantone London Spring 2020

Pantone Tanager Turquoise 2020

We’ll be featuring an entire series of blue colors during the Pantone During a Pandemic series, but we couldn’t leave Tanager Turquoise out of this collection of bright, optimistic colors. At once light and bold, this turquoise blue tone from the London Spring 2020 collection is one of our favorites.