Amazing Home Bar Design: ‘The Eclectic Pub’ Photos + Specs

Amazing Home Bar Design: ‘The Eclectic Pub’ Photos + Specs

Stone. Reclaimed tin. Gorgeous wood. Statement lighting. Spiral staircase. Hold on tight; this home bar design is a jaw-dropper.

‘The Eclectic Pub’ is a world-class custom home bar design from Peter Salerno Inc. – the most award-winning North American custom kitchen and bath design firm of the 21st century. Complete with custom stonework, one-of-a-kind tin panels and feature shelving you must see to believe, this home bar is the stuff of which dreams are made.

Home bar design by Peter Salerno Inc.
Home bar design by Peter Salerno Inc.

It all starts with the woodwork. Beautifully rich and finished to a radiant ‘nutty’ glow, the wood elements of this home pub are the foundation and backbone of the design. From the flooring to the door trim, the cabinetry to the ceiling to the perimeter of the glass feature wall component, wood provides the feeling of being ‘at home’ that every great bar (even the most luxurious ones) exudes.

And let’s talk about the feature wall. Recessed lighting radiates out from behind an opaque pane of glass, drawing your focus to the glass shelving suspended between the ceiling and counter. It’s a stunning set of glass design elements that seem to hang in mid-air away from the structure of the bar’s wood features. If the wood and stone of this home bar are the skeleton and body, then the feature wall is certainly the jewelry.

A recurring theme in some of Peter Salerno’s best kitchen and bar designs is the used of reclaimed tin. From former bars and speakeasy joints to Route 66 gas stations, Peter sources tin from some of America’s most unique locations for use in his award-winning designs. In this case, reclaimed tin is treated and used in the center panels of the bar and cabinetry elements. Shades of brown, green and gold blend delicately against the woodwork and cabinet handles and finishing hardware.

Home bar design by Peter Salerno Inc.
Home bar design by Peter Salerno Inc.

As if the home bar design itself wasn’t enough, the stonework puts this pub over the top. With recessed sections that act as shelving for premier bottles of wine and liquor, this well-lit stone area also acts as a stairwell for a descending spiral metal staircase.

Cap all these stunning elements off with sturdy brown counters and smart lighting fixtures, and you have a winning ‘Eclectic Pub’ design indeed.

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VIDEO: Designing With Stone (Peter Salerno & Stone Surfaces)

Over the course of September and October 2013, we’ve shared some of Peter Salerno’s design inspirations drawn from his recent trip to France. One of the strongest impressions left on Peter came from the region of Vence and the beautiful stone work in their kitchens (and homes in general).

Incorporating custom stone design into your living space in a great way to add an earthy, natural feel that exudes class – when it’s done right, of course. How can you be sure that you’re utilizing superior stone craftsmanship while creating the new kitchen or bath of your dreams?

In this video, Peter Salerno and his trusted stone yard and countertop vendors at Stone Surfaces give you a look at the beautiful, highly customizable, and intensely personal world of designing with stone.

Our friends at Stone Surfaces are listed on Houzz much like we are, which is a testament to their dedication to superior craftsmanship and customer service. Check out their profile for more of their outstanding work – and if you’d like to design an award-winning custom kitchen or bath of your very own utilizing the very best in stonework, contact Peter Salerno Inc. for a consultation and showroom appointment today.