Why We Trust, Support and Work With La Cornue

Why We Trust, Support and Work With La Cornue

Peter Salerno (of our parent company, Peter Salerno Inc.) has a simple explanation of his custom kitchen and bath design business: “It’s all about the extraordinary”. That simple phrase explains, in a nutshell, why Peter Salerno Inc. works with La Cornue.

A peek inside Peter Salerno Inc.'s 2015 Most Innovative Showroom.
A peek inside Peter Salerno Inc.’s 2015 Most Innovative Showroom.

Since Albert Dupuy founded La Cornue in Paris in 1908, the brand has become synonymous with world-class kitchen innovation and design. From ranges to rotisseries to ovens to cooktops, La Cornue has been at the forefront of luxury and ingenuity for 110 years.

It only takes one step inside the award-winning Peter Salerno Inc. showroom to note La Cornue’s presence and influence. The cornerstone kitchen design in Peter’s flagship showroom features multiple La Cornue appliances, including a Chateau Grand Palais 180 and Flamberge Rotisserie. In a display bedazzled by Swarovski crystal and adorned with gorgeous accessories, the Grand Palais 180 in particular is the crown jewel of the design.

But La Cornue is about more than its incredible CornuFe and Chateau ranges and its rich history. The main reason we trust, support and work with La Cornue is its people.

La Cornue range and custom tin range hood from Peter Salerno Inc. (Credit Peter Rymwid)
La Cornue range and custom tin range hood from Peter Salerno Inc. (Credit Peter Rymwid)

Peter Salerno Inc.’s relationship with Craig Kmiecik is a tremendous balance of honesty and work ethic. Craig and Peter have grown their relationship (and their support of the La Cornue brand) into one of the foremost representation of La Cornue in the United States.

Peter Salerno’s client-centric approach to business and kitchen design mirrors La Cornue’s dedication to each owner of its appliances. That’s why La Cornue offers an unparalleled amount of customization options for its appliances, ranges and rotisseries – from varying cooktops and burner setups, to colors, to fixture materials, to heat and convection options.

From the La Cornue USA website:

La Cornue ranges are as unique as each owner, and therefore, we believe, something quite extraordinary.

Our ranges are cherished by our clients as a commissioned piece of art. Not only used to create masterpieces in the kitchen, the ranges themselves are considered by most to be a masterpiece in the kitchen.

La Cornue leads the industry in this regard, but has never lost sight of its own storied heritage. Grounded, yet forward-thinking. Traditional, yet cutting-edge. Culinary-focused, fueled by creativity, and beaming with paternal pride over every elegant range we produce.

Take a look back at some of most insightful La Cornue articles and features, and find out for yourself why Peter Salerno Inc. trusts La Cornue in all its finest kitchen designs.

Discover the La Cornue Chateau Range Series

Discover the La Cornue Chateau Range Series

Welcome to another installment of the La Cornue Experience courtesy of our parent company, Peter Salerno Inc..

When one thinks of the finest cooking ranges in the world, one brand should immediately come to mind: the La Cornue Chateau Series. Referred to as the “crown jewel” of La Cornue, the Chateau is available in over 8,000 configurations, all hand-made to order based on your individual requirements, personal cooking needs and design specifications.

Today we present the luxurious and stunning La Cornue Chateau Series. (Credit La Cornue USA)
Today we present the luxurious and stunning La Cornue Chateau Series. (Credit La Cornue USA)

Based on the patented vaulted oven designed by Albert Dupuy in 1908, the Chateau Series provides an elite cooking experience customized to every owner. Utilizing the very best in oven design and a virtually limitless array of design modifications, you can be certain that your Chateau Series cooking range and oven is not only the best money can buy, but also your very own.

The Chateau Series: Your Personalized Luxury Cooking Experience

The Chateau Series is available in six sizes, from the compact Chateau 75 to the expansive, six-foot Grand Palais 180. The Chateau 75 and Chateau 90 each offer one oven in either gas or electric as well as a variety of cooktop options to meet the needs of any chef. The Chateau 120 and 150 feature two standard vaulted ovens in either gas or electric, while the Chateau 165 offers one standard and one grand vaulted oven. Finally, the Grand Palais 180 offers the very best in oven design, with one grand vaulted gas oven and one grand vaulted electric oven.

Each Chateau Series oven offers a minimum of six cooktop configurations (there are up to 11 configurations in the Chateau 150), ensuring that any Chateau can be personalized to the specific needs of your kitchen. From gas burners to French plaques, power burners to electric plates, gas lava-rock grills to electric griddles, the La Cornue Chateau Series offers versatile, world-class cooktop solutions.

The beautiful Grand Palais 180 in one of its limitless design configurations. (Credit La Cornue USA)
The beautiful Grand Palais 180 in one of its limitless design configurations. (Credit La Cornue USA)

The Grand Palais 180 is not only the most luxurious La Cornue cooking range and oven, it is also one of La Cornue’s most customizable pieces. The grand vaulted and vaulted ovens boast a powerful 22,000 BTU, and the Grand Palais is available as a full oven piece or as a Table Grand Palais for cooktop features only, providing maximum luxury in minimal space.

From brushed black to French blue, British racing green to antique white with flowers, the Chateau Series can be created in a virtually limitless combination of colors and accents. Since each Chateau Series range and oven is hand-made for you in La Cornue’s atelier outside Paris, you can be confident your personal design tastes will be catered to in meticulous fashion. And whether you prefer brass, steel or copper, your Chateau will come with the finest accent pieces.

Another view of the La Cornue Chateau Grand Palais 180. (Credit La Cornue USA)
Another view of the La Cornue Chateau Grand Palais 180. (Credit La Cornue USA)

If you wish to see the luxurious La Cornue Chateau Series for yourself, schedule an appointment to see Peter Salerno Inc.’s showroom at 511 Goffle Road, Wyckoff, NJ. The Chateau is the centerpiece of their showroom’s main display, and they couldn’t be prouder of the company’s fine relationship with La Cornue, Purcell Murray, and Purcell Murray representative Craig Kmiecik.

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