Pantone During A Pandemic | Beautiful Blue Tones

Pantone During A Pandemic | Beautiful Blue Tones

It’s hard to feel that ‘creative spark’ during “shelter in place” sometimes. For artists and designers, social distancing often means feeling a disconnect from the collaborators and teammates with whom we love to work. It’s important that we find new ways to ignite our inspiration, and new approaches to the creative process.

Color has always been a motivating factor and constant source of energy in our creative process. Thanks to Pantone, color now has ‘a language’ – a worldwide color matching system that allows you to seamlessly transition between graphic, textile, online and home design. Need that exact shade of blue to translate from your screen to your kitchen design? Pantone has you covered.

We love turning to Pantone (especially during this pandemic) to keep us connected to creative energy, trending colors and artistic design inspiration.

In the “Pantone During A Pandemic” series, we will highlight some of Pantone’s color trend report selections and group them into categories. From optimistic to calming, bold to reliable, we hope these Pantone color collections will help you reconnect with your muse and “flex that creative muscle”!

Pantone Color Trends | Blue Colors for 2020

Sometimes, the way to “beat the blues” is by using blue to¬†your advantage! One of the most popular kitchen design colors of the last year, blue has transcended its classic use as a “steady” shade and become a versatile, dazzling tone in modern design. Here are some of the blue tones that Pantone features as trendy for 2020.

Classic Blue

Pantone 19-4052

Collection: Pantone New York Spring 2020, New York Autumn 2020, London Spring 2020

Pantone Classic Blue 2020

The Pantone 2020 Color of the Year is omnipresent, listed in 3 out of 4 of Pantone’s 2020 color trend reports. Sturdy, friendly and reliable, Classic Blue can serve you beautifully in the foreground or background of a design.

Strong Blue

Pantone 18-4051

Collection: Pantone London Autumn 2020

Pantone Strong Blue 2020

Pantone’s Laurie Pressman describes Strong Blue as a “confident blue shade” with an injection of “vibrancy”. Sometimes, the experts just say it better than you ever could. Strong Blue is astonishingly warm for a blue tone, and definitely doesn’t shy away from view.

Heritage Blue

Pantone 16-4127

Collection: Pantone London Spring 2020

Pantone Heritage Blue 2020

The aptly named Heritage Blue speaks to tradition, balance and familiarity. One of the more versatile trending Pantone colors of 2020, experiment confidently with Heritage Blue – it’s a beautiful option!

Mosaic Blue

Pantone 18-4528

Collection: Pantone New York Spring 2020

Pantone Mosaic Blue 2020

Mosaic Blue is an intriguing shade of teal that verges slightly on green, making it a bit more selective in terms of colors with which it pairs than your ‘average blue’. This makes Mosaic Blue an interesting option for different color palettes than a more conventional blue.

Blue Depths

Pantone 19-3940

Collection: Pantone New York Autumn 2020

Pantone Blue Depths 2020

One of our favorite dark blue tones of 2020, Blue Depths is the “anchor blue” of the New York Autumn 2020 collection. Blue Depths manages to be a dark blue shade without becoming navy, and retains some of the richness of a lighter blue shade.